Solar Return for the Onset of Diabetes

I came across a video on YouTube in which a young man known as “Dalas” talks about how he was diagnosed with diabetes.  Apparently early in 2007 while still a student he began to urinate frequently and to lose a significant amount weight, which ultimately resulted in hospitalization.  After visiting doctors for 6 months, he was finally diagnosed with diabetes.  (This is a bit strange because frequent urination and weight loss signal the need to screen immediately for diabetes in the mind of any competent health professional.)

Apparently Dalas is a regular YouTuber in Spain. He gives his birth data as October 31, 1993 in Tenerife (time unknown).  The diabetes was diagnosed when he was living in Barcelona. His YouTube profile states:

Daniel Azahar Blanco. Mejor conocido en YouTube como DalasReview o simplemente Dalas, es un actor, escritor, diseñador y youtuber español. Nació en Tenerife, pero se mudó a Barcelona, lugar donde actualmente sigue viviendo. Sufre de diabetes desde 2007.”  (He is a Spanish actor, writer, designer and YouTuber born in Tenerife.  He moved to Barcelona where he currently resides and was diagnosed with diabetes in 2007.)

I wondered whether his Solar Return for the year 2007 would should significant health problems and potential hospitalization.  Not having an actual time of birth, I used the sunrise birth chart for the birth location, which often provides a useful perspective.  Here is his sunrise birth chart (Placidus houses) with the solar return in effect during 2007 calculated for Barcelona superimposed.


The natal chart is the inner wheel.  He has four planets in Scorpio: the Sun at the beginning of the sign plus a Mercury-Mars-Pluto conjunction, suggesting a person of intense emotions with a sharp wit and strongly held opinions.  Venus and Jupiter in Libra indicate a great deal of personal charm, refined tastes, artistic and creative interests, a strong need to be in a relationship, and a well developed sense of fairness and justice. The Moon exalted in Taurus (ruled by Venus) also suggests a highly creative individual.

The Solar Return (SR) in effect for the time he suffered the first symptoms of diabetes and was diagnosed with the illness is superimposed around the sunrise natal chart.  SR Mars, which rules his natal 6th of physical infirmity, comes to the natal ASC.  SR Venus, which rules his 12th of hospitalization and chronic illness, also comes the the natal ASC.  Both SR Mars and SR Venus conjoin the Sun.  This configuration is a clear indication of possible illness and confinement during the year 2007.

In addition, transiting Saturn in the Solar Return almost exactly squares his natal Mars, ruler of the 6th of infirmity.  This SR Saturn square natal Mars is especially important because Saturn rules the SR Ascendant in Barcelona.  This is another strong indicator of the potential for a serious illness during the year.  (The SR Ascendant for his birthplace, Tenerife, has 26 Sagittarius rising, so that SR Pluto lies on the ASC, suggesting a year of major life-altering change.)

If we look just at the Solar Return of the sunrise birth chart for Barcelona, we see further confirmation of the events of 2007.

Dalas sr.jpg

In the SR chart, Capricorn rises and its ruler Saturn lies in the 8th house (mortality, major medical interventions).  Furthermore SR Saturn closely squares SR Jupiter (ruler of the 12th of chronic illness and hospitalization).  SR Mercury, which rules the SR 6th of illness, closely conjoins SR Jupiter and squares SR Saturn in the 8th.  This pattern is a clear warning of the potential for a health crisis in 2007.

It is always fascinating to see how astrological symbolism plays out in real life.  My thanks to Dalas for making available his birth data and publishing the video account of his onset of diabetes.   I wish him the best of health and success in his endeavors.

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My Interview on Biddy Tarot


Biddy Tarot Interview

Biddy wrote:

Many would have you believe that Tarot is a complex, mysterious tool that can only be accessed by a select group of ‘gifted’ people, and only after years and years of study and practice.

But in this Biddy Tarot Podcast episode, I want to throw that idea out the window.

That’s why I invited the author of the best-selling book, Tarot Plain and Simple, Tony Louis, to join me to talk about how to simplify the Tarot and use this powerful tool in our everyday lives.

Tony is a down-to-earth Tarot reader, astrologer and psychiatrist (yes – you read that right!) who has decades of experience helping people connect to their inner wisdom and subconscious mind.

In this episode, Tony and I discuss:

  • How Tony found deep meaning from his own life in the Tarot cards, and learned to read with his heart
  • The origins of Tarot and how it has evolved through time
  • The sacred simplicity of the symbols in the Tarot cards
  • The little-known connection between Tarot and Astrology
  • Tony’s tips for starting out with your very first Tarot deck
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Autistic boy goes missing on New Year’s Eve

Autistic boy goes missing on New Year's Eve

Autistic boy goes missing on New Year’s Eve

Around 11 pm on New Year’s Eve an autistic 5-year-old boy wandered away form a party in Allentown, PA.  On Saturday, 2 January 2016, his body was found in a canal about a quarter mile from the home from which he had wandered.  Most news reports say he was last seen around 11 pm, although one gives the time he was last seen at 10:30 pm.  The above is a chart for an 11 pm disappearance.

Virgo rises, making Mercury the ruler of the missing child.  The Moon is a general signifier of missing persons.  The Ascendant (the missing child) in a nodal degree is often regarded as a fateful sign because eclipses, traditionally malefic omens, occur in the degrees of the Moon’s nodes.

Mars rules the 8th cusp of death. Mercury (the missing child) is closely square to Mars, an ominous sign.  The Moon, a signifier of wandering persons, is fairly exactly semi-sextile Mars, another ominous aspect.  Finally, Uranus (sudden unexpected events) conjoins the traditional Part of Death near the cusp of the 8th house.

All-in-all, the symbolism of the chart for when the boy was last seen accurately depicts the course of events.



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Eagles of Death Metal and the Paris Attacks — some preliminary astrological observations

The recent terrorist events in Paris have shocked the world. The theater where the American band Eagles of Death Metal was a prime target. I wondered if the horrific events would show up in the charts of the band members.  According to wikipedia, “Eagles of Death Metal is a rock band from Palm Desert, California, United States, formed in 1998 by Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme, who are the only permanent members of the band.”

According to, Josh Homme was born 17 May 1973 at 13:18 in Joshua Tree (Palm Springs), California (data rating AA).  Jesse Hughes was born 24 September 1972 in Greenville, SC, time unknown.

Here is Homme’s natal chart (AA) with his birthplace Solar Return superimposed.

Homme na-sr

Note the angular placements of the solar return planets Saturn on the IC, Neptune on the DSC and Mars on the MC.  This solar return T-square activates his natal Mars (ruler of the 8th), suggesting a stressful year with the risk of danger of death. In addition, the recent solar eclipse of 13 September at 20 Virgo 10 closely squared his natal Saturn.

If we superimpose the natal chart on the birthplace solar return, this interpretation is further highlighted:

Homme sr-naHere the emphasis is overwhelmingly on the 8th house of the danger of death. The Sun occupies the 8th as does the Solar Return Ascendant ruler Venus.  The natal Ascendant ruler Mercury closely conjoins the 8th cusp.  The natal MC (career matters) conjoins Solar Return Mars (ruler of the natal 8th) in the solar return 8th.

Here are the 2015 direct primary directions for Josh Homme, calculated by the method of Regiomontanus with the key of the midpoint between the Ptolemaic and Naibod keys (which I find to be more accurate for timing).

Homme primaries 2015

Among Josh Homme’s Regiomontanus primaries (mundane and zodiacal) for this year are Pluto square Mercury in June followed by Sun oppose Uranus in October and Mars square Uranus with Sun semisquare Mars in November around the time of the Paris attacks.


Jesse Hughes time of birth is not known, so here is his natal chart for Noon with solar sign houses.  Superimposed is a chart for 11 pm in Paris when the theater was under siege.

hughes eventHere is it noteworthy that transiting Uranus closely opposes natal Uranus, an indicator of a midlife crisis. In addition, transiting Mars (aggression) conjoins his natal Sun/Pluto conjunction, which was recently activated by a total lunar eclipse with the Moon at 4 Aries 40. In addition, the recent solar eclipse of September 13th at 20 Virgo 10 closely squared his natal Saturn. These two band members, though born in different years, have almost identical zodiacal positions of their natal Saturn.

In Peter Stockinger’s blog post about the 13 September Solar Eclipse, posted on 20 August, he wrote that, according to astrologer William Lilly, this eclipse “produces murder and banishment”. Peter also predicted that one of the locations most likely to be affected could be “France, especially Paris”.   See Peter Stockinger’s blog.

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Lamar Odom hospitalized

According to ESPN:

“Former NBA and reality TV star Lamar Odom was hospitalized Tuesday after he was found unconscious…  authorities were called at about 3:15 p.m. to Love Ranch in Crystal, Nevada, about 70 miles outside of Las Vegas, for a report of an unresponsive man needing an ambulance.”

Are there indications in his birth chart of these events?

Lamar Odom was born in NYC on November 6, 1979, time unknown.  I cast a sunrise chart with Placidus houses to get a sense of his natal chart and placed the transits for time time the authorities were called to attend to him in Nevada on Tuesday, October 15, 2015:

Ambulance called (outside) to attend to unconscious Lamar Odom (inside whee natal chart, sunrise, time unknown).

Ambulance called (outside) to attend to unconscious Lamar Odom (inside whee natal chart, sunrise, time unknown).

Striking in this chart is the transiting Sun exactly conjunct his natal Pluto which lies opposite transiting Uranus along the cusps of the Placidus 12th (hospitalization)/6th (bodily ailments) axis in the sunrise chart.

In addition, transiting Saturn almost exactly conjoins his natal Venus (ruler of all things venereal) which is conjunct natal Mercury, ruler of the sunrise 8th house (danger of death).  Venus rules the sunrise 12th of confinement.

Here is his natal sunrise chart surrounded by the solar return for this year at this birthplace:

Inside chart: Lamar Odom natal sunrise (time unknown). Outside: Birthplace Solar Return in effect at this time.

Inside chart: Lamar Odom natal sunrise (time unknown).
Outside: Birthplace Solar Return in effect at this time.

The Ascendant of the Solar Return conjoins his natal sunrise 8th house cusp, warning of serious medical problems.  Solar Return Mercury, which rules the SR Ascendant lies in the 12th of hospitalization.  Solar Return Neptune (drugs) lies exactly on his natal South Lunar Node.  Solar Return Uranus in the sunrise 5th (brothels) lies almost exactly quincunx is natal Sun.  His natal Uranus in the 1st lies on the midpoint of the Solar Return Venus/Saturn conjunction.

Also notable are:

  • The Solar Eclipse at 20 Virgo 10 on September 13th. This Solar Eclipse conjoined his natal Saturn and squared his natal Neptune, thus activating his natal Saturn/Neptune square.
  • Transiting Chiron squared natal Neptune on September 18th, marking a period of intense confusion, disillusionment and sometimes painful soul-searching
  • Transiting Pluto stationed direct at 12 Capricorn 58 on September 25th.  Pluto stationed in very close square to SR Uranus. The Uranus/Pluto square symbolizes sudden change, upheaval and disruption.
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An interesting horary chart on renting an apartment

Recently I was browsing through the Skyscript Astrology Forum and came across and interesting horary question: “Will I be able to rent my downstairs studio at my asking price in 4 weeks?  Question asked April 12, 2011, 7:06 PM, Kinnelon, NJ. I had been having a lot of trouble renting this out and needed to rent it out soon.”

The querent explains that several people expressed interest but none of the potential renters came through by the time the 4 weeks was up (May 10, 2013). Finally, during the 5th week a 31-year-old mechanic agreed to rent the studio and finalized the deal on May 19th.  She had to reduce the rent to make the deal, and the new tenant moved in on June 1, 2011.

He turned out to be a good tenant but in July of 2013 he complained of mouse droppings around the apartment, and the querent had to get an exterminator to resolve the problem. Mice can be really disgusting.  In late July he also said that a female friend would be moving in with him for a while, which was against the terms of the lease.  The tenant agree that if his friend needed to stay longer than a month, he would vacate the apartment so she could rent it to someone else.

Here is the chart with Whole Sign Houses and the seven traditional planets, as Hellenistic horary astrologers would have viewed it:


It is a Mars day during a Moon hour. The Ascendant lies in the via combusta, a debilitating area from 15 Libra to 15 Scorpio where the malefics are free to do their mischief. Retrograde Saturn rising in the 1st is an indication that matters may not work out as the querent desires.

The Ascendant is at 18 Libra 07, making Venus the significator of the querent.  Venus in the 6th house of tenants is fitting because the querent asked about finding a tenant within 4 weeks.

Saturn is almuten of the Ascendant and also occupies the 1st house, so Saturn is a potential co-ruler of the querent. The Moon also co-rules the querent. Interestingly, the Moon opposes the Arabic Part of Servants (which are shown by the 6th house as are tenants), suggesting that she may have difficulty finding a tenant within the 4-week deadline.

Potential tenants would be shown by the 7th house of people who would contract with the querent to rent the apartment. Mars rules the cusp of the 7th, and is a significator of a potential tenant.  The Sun is almuten of the 7th and also occupies the 7th, so the Sun is a co-ruler of the potential tenant. Mercury and Jupiter in the 7th could also show interest in renting the  apartment.

The studio for rent is shown by the 4th house ruled by Saturn. In addition,  Saturn Rx could also show the rental space moving backward toward the querent rather forward toward a renter.

The price for the rent would be shown by the 10th house, ruled by the Moon. The Moon is peregrine (without essential dignity), so the querent may not get the amount of rent she is hoping for.

The primary ruler of the querent, Venus, lies in the cadent 6th and is “falling away” from the 7th house of potential tenants.  There are no aspects forming between Venus and the signifiers of the potential tenants, suggesting that she will have difficulty renting the apartment within 4 weeks.

The querent’s co-ruler Saturn (almuten and occupant of the 1st) lies opposite the 7th house planets.  Oppositions show separations rather than coming together, another indication that she will have a hard time renting her space within 4 weeks.

Mercury in the 7th is apply to oppose Saturn in the 1st. This opposition will perfect in 4 degrees or in about 9 days in the ephemeris. Most likely this Mercury/Saturn opposition means that someone will show interest but will not complete the deal, perhaps in 4 days or in 9 days time.

The Moon (querent’s co-ruler) is peregrine and in a succedent house and a fixed sign. Moon will trine the 7th house planets Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun, but the earliest trine (to Mercury) will perfect in 5 degrees from a succedent house and fixed sign, so the first opportunity for a tenant who signs a 7th house lease will be in about 5 weeks, which is around May 17th.

So the answer would be that she is unlikely to rent the studio apartment within 4 weeks (by May 10th) but she might sign a lease with a new tenant at 5 weeks, that is, around May 17th.  In fact, the lease was finalized on May 19th.

The property and its quality are shown by the 4th house with Capricorn on its cusp. Saturn thus rules the studio apartment. Interestingly, Lilly attributes mice to Saturn, which lies in the via combusta where the mice are free to do their mischief, especially with Saturn retrograde and opposite the lesser malefic Mars.

Table of Dignities for this Horary Chart.

Table of Dignities for this Horary Chart.

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The Quincunx, Chiron and a Broken Leg

In sports news the weekend a major story was the broken leg of Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada. The Associated Press published the following on Saturday evening:

LOS ANGELES — Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada broke his right leg when a takeout slide by Chase Utley flipped the shortstop during a four-run rally in the seventh inning, and the Los Angeles Dodgers went on to beat New York 5-2 Saturday night to tie their NL Division Series at one game apiece.

I was curious to see what symbolism was active in the shortstop’s chart at the time of the accident.

Ruben Tejada was born on 27 October 1989 in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama (08N06, 080W58), time unknown. I used an approximate time of 9:30 pm in Los Angeles for the accident (based on the Associated Press report) and put the transits for October 10th 2015 around the outside of a natal chart set for Noon (actual time unknown) with equal houses from the Sun on the 1st house cusp.

Natal chart for Noon with Accident chart superimposed.

Natal chart for Noon with Accident chart superimposed.

I was expecting Uranus (sudden disruptive events), Mars (forceful injuries) and Saturn (gravity, bones) to be active.

Transiting Uranus almost exactly opposes the transiting Sun and at the same time squares his natal Chiron (wounds to the leg). In the myth, Heracles accidentally shot Chiron in the leg with a poisoned arrow, causing a wound that would not heal. Transiting Chiron trines Tejada’s natal Chiron, but at the same time mutually applies to a stressful quincunx with transiting Sun. The quincunx involves signs that are either 6 or 8 signs apart and has a 6th and 8th house significance — illness, bodily ailments, the need for medical or surgical intervention.

Transiting Saturn squares transiting Venus but does not appear to be particularly involved with the natal chart by transit.

Transiting Mars in Virgo trines his natal Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn.

Here are the transits and progressions for the month before and after the accident.

Tejada transits

Quite striking in this list is the lunar eclipse of September 27th which occurred almost exactly quincunx Tejada’s natal Sun from a 6th house distance, symbolizing risk of illness and bodily injury.

Also significant is the fact that the day of the leg injury (10 Oct 2015) is sandwiched between transiting Saturn sesqui-square natal Chiron on October 7th and secondary progressed Venus opposing natal Chiron on October 17th.

Venus is prominent both by transit (square transiting Saturn) and progression (opposite natal Chiron), so I suspect that Venus plays a significant role in Tejada’s natal chart.  In the Sun Sign chart (which is generic for someone born on this date), Venus rules his 12th house of illness and confinement; and it is certainly true that a leg injury led to a period of confinement (progressed Venus opposite natal Chiron).

Some things I learned or confirmed from this chart are:

  • The importance of the quincunx in bodily ailments and injuries.
  • The symbolism of Chiron as injuries to the legs.
  • The validity of Uranus as a symbol of sudden unexpected events.
  • The role of eclipses as harbingers of stressful events when they closely involve natal planets.
  • The name Tejada comes from the Spanish verb tejar, meaning to tile a roof.
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