Murderer Vester Flanagan aka Bryce Williams

This week a deranged man murdered two young journalists on live TV.  News stories reveal that the killer, Vester Flanagan, had a long history of paranoid and narcissistic behavior.  In his 20s he apparently worked as a ‘high-paid companion‘ who posted online photos of himself posing and flexing for the camera.  His bosses recommended that he seek medical treatment for his frequent threatening and aggressive behavior.  He felt that co-workers were constantly harassing him without any evidence to substantiate his claims.

News sources give his birth data as October 8, 1973 in Oakland, California, time unknown.  Here is a chart set for Noon with Solar Sign Houses.

Noon chart (time unknown), Solar Sign houses.

Noon chart (time unknown), Solar Sign houses.

An outstanding feature of this chart in Mercury in Scorpio opposite Mars Rx in Taurus.  Mercury is without essential dignity in Scorpio, and Mars is in detriment in Taurus. Scorpio at its worst is a vengeful sign.  Mars opposing Mercury indicates an aggressive style of communication and a tendency both to offend and to take offence easily.

The Moon, which represents one’s emotions, lies in square to Neptune.  This aspect can indicate moodiness, emotional confusion and extreme sensitivity.  Saturn in Cancer can also indicate emotional difficulties, especially with Saturn closely square Pluto and also quincunx Neptune.  This configuration suggests someone who has difficulty accepting his own faults with a tendency to blame others for his problems.

Recently I’ve been looking at dodecatemoria or twelfth-parts.  The idea is that each sign is divided into twelve 2.5-degree segments with each segment assigned to a zodiac sign. For example, his Sun lies at 15 Libra 21 (Noon position).  Thus, the Sun lies in the 7th 2.5-degree segment.  Counting the first segment in Libra as Libra itself, the 7th segment belongs to Aries.  Proportionally 15 Libra 21′ has its dodecatemorion at 4 Aries 12′  [(21/150) x 30 deg. per sign] .  This means that the difficult and very close Saturn (4 Cancer 41) square Pluto (4 Libra 42) is intimately connected with the twelfth-part of his Sun (4 Aries 12).

Robert Pelletier says of the natal Saturn/Pluto square:

“With this aspect, it is likely that you will feel quite restricted by social and environmental constraints, and that the influence of the society in which you live will have considerable impact upon your life, often appearing to be a negative one. Frustration appears to be inevitable  … There is a form of linking between your personal unfoldment and growth and the struggles of mass humanity, one which you may experience or interpret in a peculiarly masochistic manner, or use as an excuse for personal failings. …This can lead to a pattern of personal disappointments and lack of essential trust in life and the world, leaving you emotionally marked and feeling insecure in your own abilities and talents. You tend to be searching for status, power and the opportunity to influence people’s lives, much in the same way that you feel your own life has been affected by nameless unknown others who make socially influential decisions.”

With Saturn square Pluto so closely tied to his natal Sun whose twelfth-part in Aries completes a very close T-square involving Pluto in Libra and Saturn in Cancer, it is not surprising that he blames his difficulties and his decision to kill on being a member of oppressed minorities: “Flanagan says he was a gay man and appears to claim he was a victim of homophobia from his co-workers, including “black men and white females.”

The twelfth-part of the natal Sun in Aries opposing natal Pluto can be interpreted as (to again quote Pelletier): “Your temperament can be assertive, aggressive and extremist, tending to use your powerful will like a sledgehammer to achieve objectives. You prefer to force situations so that you are ready to take the advantage before anyone else can, or will act through impulse without fully considering the consequences of following your desires and aims.”

If we look at his Solar Return for the year and superimpose it on his natal chart, we see the following.

Current Solar Return on Natal Planets

Current Solar Return on Natal Planets

In the Solar Return, a return Moon/Uranus in aggressive Aries conjunction opposes his natal Sun/Uranus conjunction.  Return Neptune conjoins his natal Moon, indicating unrealistic thinking and emotional confusion during the year.  Return Pluto forms a T-square with the natal Sun/Uranus and the return Moon/Uranus conjunctions.

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Horary – Why do I keep hiring the wrong astrologers?

Why browsing online recently, I came across the following horary question posted by ‘athenian200’ on “Why do I keep hiring the wrong astrologers?”

The querent complained in the post that:

“I’ve found that every time I try to pay for a chart reading of some kind, I don’t get anything out of it except a lighter wallet. What keeps happening is that I pay for a reading, and then the Astrologer gives me very vague hints about what they think is important.
They also have a tendency to act as though reading the chart is mentally draining for them, and takes them a long time. They always want to stretch the readings out as long as possible in order to get me to pay for multiple hours and sessions. It feels like they are deliberately giving me as little for my money as possible in some cases. … If I ask them their opinion about chart factors like planets being in sect, fixed stars, dodecatemoria, sabian symbols, or Arabic parts, they tend to dismiss those things as unimportant and say they only use the 9 planets.”

The querent used Placidus houses.  Here is the horary chart:

Horary question by athenian200: Why do I keep hiring the wrong Astrologers?

Horary question by athenian200:
Why do I keep hiring the wrong Astrologers?

It is a Mars day during a Mars hour.  The querent sounds somewhat angry about the situation, fitting the symbolism of Mars.  The sign Virgo rises, so Mercury rules the querent.  Consultants are shown by the 7th house with its Pisces cusp, so Jupiter rules the consulting astrologer whom the querent would hire.

Note that Neptune on the cusp of the 7th (the consultant) opposes Mercury (the querent) in the 1st.  It may be that the querent is not thinking clearly, is acting on fantasy and wishful desire rather than facts, or is being actively deceived (all Neptune significations) by the potential consultant.

Jupiter (the consultant) lies exactly on the cusp of the 12th of secret enemies.  The people the querent consults are not helpful friends but rather secret enemies.  What are they after?  Jupiter conjoins Venus (ruler of the 2nd of the querent’s income) in the 12th of deception.

Frankly, I think that this kind of question is better answered from the natal chart, which is not provided.  There may be natal traits or current transits, progressions, etc., which would provide more clarity about the situation.

Since we only have the horary to go with, I decided to look at an old horary technique which is written about by some Hellensitic astrologers: the use of dodecatamoria which consists of dividing each sign into 12 equal parts.  I’m not sure how valuable this technique is because it seems that ancient astrologers resorted to its use when they could not get the answers they wanted from a standard horoscope chart.  Unfortunately, the history of astrology is replete with ‘refined’ techniques whose purpose seems to have been to provide a fudge factor to help astrologers out of a jam when they gave wrong information to their clients.  The 17th century French astrologer Morinus regarded many of these techniques as superstitious nonsense.

Nonetheless, here is the same chart with Whole Sign houses and the dodecatemoria positions around the outside of the wheel.

Horary with dodecatemoria outside.

Horary with dodecatemoria outside.

Presumably in consultation astrology the dodecatemoria (twelfth parts) give insight into the mindset and cognition of the querent. The the twelfth part of the ASC (the Querent) lies in the 3rd house in the terms of Mercury, together with the twelfth part of Venus (money & income) and horary Mars and Saturn.  The querent is angry about the loss of money to incompetent astrologers.

The strong emphasis on the 3rd house in this horary suggests that the problem may lie in the querent’s failure to investigate carefully the credentials of potential consultants by gathering sufficient detailed information and examining it carefully (the combination of Mercury, Mars and Saturn in the 3rd of communication, Jupiter square Mars/Saturn). On the other hand, the querent may wish to gather in-depth information (Mercury / Scorpio) which is unavailable from an astrological chart.

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The Passing of Julian Bond

I woke this morning (16 Aug 2015) to the news that the civil rights leader Julian Bond had died yesterday and it occurred to me to look at his natal chart to see if this event had been foreshadowed in the stars of his birth. Fortunately, we have a reliable record of his birth with data from his birth certificate: 14 Jan 1940, 12:30 pm CST, Nashville, TN, Rodden rating AA.  Here is the birth chart.

Julian Bond natal chart

Julian Bond natal chart

The houses related to the death of the native are the 8th of death and the 4th of final endings and the grave.  The 8th is ruled by Jupiter and the 4th by the Sun, with Pluto closely conjunct the 4th cusp.  Since he died at age 75, I wondered whether Pluto on the 4th cusp would have reached the ASC by primary direction at age 75.

Using the Janus 4.3 program, I calculated his primary directions for 2015 (Placidus semi-arc without latitude, both the Ptolemy and Naibod keys):

Direct primary directions for 2015, Placidus semi-arc, without latitude, Ptolemy and Naibod rates.

Direct primary directions for 2015, Placidus semi-arc, without latitude, Ptolemy and Naibod rates.

One can see from the above table that during 2015, by direct primary direction the 4th cusp (endings) comes to the ASC and natal Pluto also comes to the ASC. These directions are within orb at the time of his demise.

We can also look at this Solar Return for the year for further indications. Here is his natal chart with the 2015 SR superimposed:

Bond SR

Most notable is that the ASC of the solar return lies on the natal 4th cusp of endings and very closely conjoins natal Pluto. In addition, SR Jupiter (ruler of his natal 8th of death) lies in the 4th of endings and squares the natal ASC and natal Uranus.

If we swap charts and place his natal planets around his 2015 SR chart, we get:

Bond sr2

Here we see natal Pluto on the SR ASC.  In addition, natal ASC-ruler Venus closely conjoins the 8th cusp (Placidus) of the SR chart.

If we superimpose his natal chart around the lunar return in effect on August 15, 2015, we see the following:

bond lunar

In the above chart, his natal Pluto/MC opposition lies exactly on the cusp of the 8th house of death of the lunar return chart.

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Relocating the Solar Return

A perennial question in predictive astrology is whether or not to relocate the Solar Return. Some astrologers insist on using only the Solar Return for the birth place while others argue that the more appropriate chart is the one cast for the location of the native at the time of the return. My own practice is to look at both charts because they give valuable information from different points of view.

Recently I watched a lecture about Solar Returns given by the Spanish astrologer Antonio Villalba. In it he mentions the chart of the Spanish naturalist and broadcaster Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente who was born in Spain but who died in Alaska on this 52nd birthday. This obviously is a case example which could shed light on the question of relocation.

According to family sources, Felix Rodriguez de la Fuenta was born in Burgos, Spain on 14 March 1928 at 1 pm. He died around 12:30 pm on 14 March 1980 in Shaktoolik, Alaska as the result of a plane accident. It was his 52nd birthday. Here is the natal chart:

Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente natal chart, Placiuds houses.

Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente natal chart, Placiuds houses.

In the natal chart, the Moon rules the Cancer Ascendant and Saturn rules the 8th house of death. Mars conjunction the 8th cusp is traditionally a sign of a sudden violent death. Mars rules the Midheaven, suggesting that his death might be linked to a professional activity. He had flown to Alaska with his crew to film the Ititarod Dog Sled Race, a career-related activity.

Let’s look at his Solar Return, first for his birth place and next for the location of the accident in Alaska.  Here is the birthplace return for Burgos, Spain, with his natal planets superimposed:

Solar Return of 14 March 1980 for Burgos Spain with natal chart outside.

Solar Return of 14 March 1980 for Burgos Spain with natal chart outside.

Capricorn rises, making Saturn the ruler of the birthplace SR Ascendant. SR Saturn in the SR 8th house of death suggests that his mortality will be an issue during the solar return year.  The ASC rules the body and its integrity.  SR ASC-ruler Saturn in the 8th of death closely opposes his Sun.

SR Mars on the cusp of the SR 8th conjunct natal Neptune warns of a forcible injury due to carelessness or malfunction. SR Uranus in the 10th of professional activities squares the SR Mars/natal Neptune conjunction on the cusp of the 8th of death.

His natal Venus/Mercury conjunction in Aquarius in the natal 8th closely opposes SR Mars on the cusp of the SR 8th of death and completes a T-Square with SR Uranus in Scorpio in the 10th. In the SR chart, Venus rules the 9th of plane travel and Mercury rules the 8th of death.

Finally, natal Pluto on the horizon opposing the SR ASC isof concern, especially because Pluto is placed in the natal 12th house of misfortune.

The symbolism for the birthplace Solar Return clearly warns of a plane accident which could result in serious injury or death.

Now let’s look at the Solar Return calculated for Alaska:

14 March 1980 Solar Return set for Shaktoolik, Alaska, the site of the fatal crash.

14 March 1980 Solar Return set for Shaktoolik, Alaska, the site of the fatal crash.

In the relocated Solar Return Virgo rises making Mercury the ASC-ruler. SR Mars rules the SR 8th house of death as well as the SR 9th house of plane travel. SR Mars in the 12th of misfortune opposes natal Mercury (ASC-ruler) in the 6th.  SR Uranus in the 3rd of local travel squares this SR Mars/natal Mercury opposition.

His natal MC/Uranus conjunction lies on the cusp of the SR 8th of death, suggesting the possibility of sudden or unexpected (Uranus) death related to professional matters (MC).

Saturn Rx and rising in the first closely opposes the Sun.

More could be said about each of the above Solar Return charts. The bottom line is that each one tells the story of what happened but from a different perspective.

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Karl Ernst Krafft predicts attempt on Hitler’s life

One of the famous predictions in astrology was made by Karl Ernst Krafft, a Swiss astrologer born in Basel  (10 May 1900 – 8 January 1945).  In November 1939 he  predicted that the Führer’s life would be in danger between 7 and 10 November.  On November 2nd Kraft wrote a note to a friend Heinrich Fesel, who worked for Himmler, warning of an attempt on Hitler’s life which might involve the use of explosive.  Fesel did not pass on the information, apparently out of fear of becoming involved in such a matter.

On the evening of November 8, 1939, Hitler gave a speech at a Munich beer hall.  Eight minutes after Hitter left, a time bomb exploded on stage. Kraft was, of course, suspected of being involved in the plot to kill Hitler but he apparently managed to convince the SS of his innocence.  Exactly how he made his prediction is not known. What we do know is that Kraft used Wulff’s rectified chart for Hitler with a birth time of 6:03:55 pm instead of the 6:30 pm time given by official sources.

In this post I will experiment with some standard predictive techniques to see if we can see a potential attempt on Hitler’s life with the use of explosives by using this rectified time of birth. Astrological symbols associated with explosions include Mars (fire, weapons), Uranus (sudden disruptive events) and Pluto (powerful forces, volcanic eruptions).  Here is the rectified chart:

Adolf Hitler birth chart rectified by Wolf. The original chart has 26 Libra 41 rising and an MC of 4 Leo 10.

Adolf Hitler birth chart rectified by Wulff. The original chart has 26 Libra 41 rising and an MC of 4 Leo 10.

A standard method to predict major trends for the year ahead is by means of a solar return. Here is Hitler’s natal chart (rectified) with the Solar Return for 1939 superimposed.

Hitler natal chart (rectified) with Solar Return for 1939 superimposed.

Hitler natal chart (rectified) with Solar Return for 1939 superimposed.

The most powerful planets in Solar Return are those that conjoin the angles of either the SR or the natal chart. In this case, SR Saturn very closely opposes Hitler’s natal ASC, and SR Pluto closely conjoins his natal MC. In addition, Saturn (the grim reaper, ruler of his 4th of final endings) also opposes natal Uranus in the 12th (secret enemies) and squares SR Pluto at the MC.

SR Uranus (sudden disruption) conjoins natal Mars (explosive force) and natal Venus (ruler of the 8th house) at the cusp of the natal 8th house of death. Furthermore, SR Mars (fire power) squares natal Uranus, a further signature of a potential explosive event.

All-in-all the Solar Return for 1939 shows the potential for an explosive event which could affect Hitler’s mortality.  Most likely Krafft warned that the period from Nov 7 to Nov 10 was the most dangerous because the transiting Moon passed through Libra during this period.  During its stay in Libra, the Moon conjoined the October 12th eclipse, conjoined the natal ASC, conjoined natal Uranus and opposed SR Saturn in Aries, and also squared SR Mars. Finally the transiting Moon squared SR Pluto just before exiting Libra.  This pattern is also seen clearly when we superimpose the natal chart on the 1939 Solar Return:

Hilter 1939 Solar Return with natal rectified chart superimposed.

Hilter 1939 Solar Return with natal rectified chart superimposed.

Hitler’s 1939 Solar Return has Scorpio rising, making Mars the ASC ruler with Pluto as the modern co-ruler. His SR Uranus conjoins natal Mars on the horizon and closely opposes the SR ASC (his body and physical integrity). This is a clear warning of a threat to life due to an explosive Mars/Uranus event.

A standard method to time when such an event will occur is to progress the SR ASC to determine when it will conjoin the SR Mars, thus activating the red planet in the Solar Return and triggering the SR Uranus/natal Mars conjunction which opposes the SR ASC. The rate used for solar returns is the so-called Mean Quotidian rate. Here are the results of this progress for the first two weeks of November 1939:

Hitler's progressed 1939 Solar Return for first two weeks in November, mean quotidian rate.

Hitler’s progressed 1939 Solar Return for first two weeks in November, mean quotidian rate.

Note that on November 8th, the day of the bombing, the progressed ASC of his 1939 Solar Return exactly opposed his SR Mars, indicating that the effects attributable to Mars in the solar return year could be expected to manifest during the few days surrounding November 8th.

Some astrologers have suggested that the total solar eclipse of October 12, 1939 set the stage for the assassination attempt because it had close connections with Hitler’s natal chart. Here is the eclipse chart superimposed on his natal chart (rectified by Wolf):

October 12 solar eclipsed superimposed on natal chart.

October 12 solar eclipsed superimposed on natal chart.

Note that the eclipse falls on Hitler’s natal ASC and his natal Uranus. In addition, eclipse Venus (which rules his natal 1st and the 8th of death) closely opposes eclipse Saturn.

Even though we don’t know exactly how Krafft predicted the attempt on Hitler’s life, what is clear is that there is plenty of astrological symbolism to back it up.

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The Missing Hearing Aid

Today a woman for whom I had done horary charts in the past telephoned around 1 pm to say that she was missing a hearing aid and was unable to find it.  She asked me to do a horary chart.  The question was asked at 1:01 pm EDT.

She had gone to the gym and from there went to her office to work.  After a while at the office, she noticed that one of her hearing aids was missing.  She looked in her car and retraced her steps from the parking lot to the office.  She called the gym, but they could not find the missing hearing aid.  Finally, at the end of  her lunch break, after not finding the missing item, she called me to consult the stars.  Here is the horary chart with Placidus houses:

Horary for missing hearing aid: 29 July 2015, 1:01 pm, Connecticut, USA.

Horary for missing hearing aid: 29 July 2015, 1:01 pm, Connecticut, USA.

It is a Mercury day during a Venus hour. According to Dorotheus, Venus is the day-ruler of the water triplicity. The Scorpio ASC belongs to the watery triplicity. In addition, Venus is closely sextile the ASC.

Mars rules the Scorpio Ascendant and signifies the querent.  Mars is also almuten of the 1st house.

Mars rules the 2nd cusp of possessions and thus also signifies the missing hearing aid. Mars is also almunten of the 2nd house.  The fact that Mars rules both the querent and the missing item suggests that she will find it.

Sagittarius is intercepted (Placidus houses) in the 2nd house, making Jupiter a co-ruler of the hearing aid. Jupiter in the public 10th, an angular house, suggests that the hearing aid may be near or at her office and easy to find.

Saturn in Scorpio on the cusp of the 2nd house suggests that Saturn is also a co-ruler of the hearing aid.  Saturn is disposed by Mars, and Mars and Saturn are mutually applying to  a favorable trine, suggesting that she will recover the missing item.  Since Saturn rules the 3rd (vehicles, local travel) and Mars rules the 6th (hygiene), I suggested that she look carefully in her car (3rd house) and in the bathroom of her office (a 6th house association).  Since Mars occupies the 9th (a travel house), the car seemed the more likely possibility. Furthermore, Mars in Cancer in the 9th is disposed by the Moon which is applying to Pluto in the 3rd of local travel.

The Moon co-rules the querent, and the Moon and Pluto are applying mutually to a conjunction in the 3rd house of cars.  In modern astrology Pluto is a co-ruler of Scorpio and so could potentially rule both the ASC and the 2nd cusp.  This is another suggestion that she will find the missing hearing aid in her car.

A few hours later the querent telephoned to say that she had gone out to her car during her afternoon break  and found the missing item on the driver’s seat.  She hadn’t seen it the first time she looked in her car during her lunch break.

The chart was a bit difficult to interpret but the preponderance of indications suggested she would find it in the car, which turned out to be the case.

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The Amazing Randi’s Natal Chart

James Randi is one of my favorite skeptics.  He has done much to debunk ridiculous claims by so-called psychics like Uri Geller who are simply clever stage magicians who are able to dupe a gullible public. Randi has also been a sharp critic of astrology which he views (accurately) as a pseudoscience. His criticism was not helped when an astrologer published a video on YouTube about Randi’s chart based on the wrong birth date! This video has subsequently been revised, using the correct date of birth.

According to, Randi was born 7 August 1928 in Toronto, Canada. Randi responded to a request by Isaac Starkman for his time of birth and gave it as 1:20 AM. Even though the time comes directly from Randi, he is known to provide false data to confound his critics. For the time being, let’s assume that Randi was telling the truth and use data from his biography to test the validity of the birth chart which Randi has provided us.

Perhaps the most striking event of his childhood was a bicycle accident at age 13. He was hit by a car while riding his bike and needed to remain in a body cast for more than a year. Such an event should show up clearly in his birth chart. I was unable to find the date of the accident but all sources agree that Randi was 13 years old at the time, so it occurred between August of 1941 and August of 1942. Randi says of this accident: “… it took over two years to recover from a back injury. It was quite serious and it still bothers me to a certain extent.”

In looking for such a serious accident in a chart, I would look to hard aspects involving Saturn (gravity accidents, confronting hard reality), Mars (force, iron, motor vehicles) and Uranus (accidents and sudden happenings.  Confinement is ruled by the 12th house. Major life changes and dramatic medical treatments are an 8th house matter. The 6th house governs infirmities of all kinds. The ASC rules the body and one’s vitality. These factors should be prominent in his transits, progressions and directions at age 13. Here is the natal chart, using the birth time provided by Randi.

Randi natal chart.

Randi natal chart.

At this time of birth, the most angular planet is Saturn in Sagittarius in the 7th. This is fitting, as Saturn is the planet of hard reality and quite related symbolically to skepticism as well as to the type of car accident he suffered at age 13.  Here are his essential dignities calculated with the Morinus program:

Essential dignities

Essential dignities

As one might expect, the most essentially dignified planets are Mercury (intellect) and Saturn (the reality principle). The least dignified planet is the Moon, a symbol of emotionality and sentimentality. Here is his natal chart with the Solar Return for age 13 superimposed:

Age 13 Solar Return superimposed on natal chart.

Age 13 Solar Return superimposed on natal chart.

At age 13, natal Uranus (accidents, unexpected events) rises to prominence as it conjoins the solar return MC. In addition, the SR Saturn/Uranus conjunction in the natal 12th conjoins natal Mars, which is trapped between these two SR planets. In fact, natal Mars lies exactly at the midpoint of the Saturn/Uranus conjunction!  The conjunction of Saturn, Mars and Uranus in the 12th house of confinement is emblematic of a serious accident involving a crash which leaves one confined to bed. SR Pluto (intense force) conjoins natal Mercury (ruler of the ASC and the body) in the natal 3rd of local travel. The SR ASC conjoins the cusp of the natal 3rd making matters of local transport a major issue for the year. Here is the same SR chart with the natal chart around it:

SR for age 13 with natal chart superimposed

SR for age 13 with natal chart superimposed

This view of the two charts shows that Cancer rules the SR ASC with the Moon (Caner’s ruler) conjunct the SR 8th cusp (major medical procedures).  The SR 8th house is also emphasized by its close conjunction with the natal MC, suggesting a confrontation with mortality. The SR Pluto conjunction natal Mercury rises to the 1st house of the return, giving this aspect special prominence during the year. Finally, let’s look at his primary directions based on the birth time Randi provided. These are Placidus semiarc directions, using latitude, with the natal equatorial arc as the unit of measure.

Primary directions 1941-1942, Placidus semiarc, with latitude.

Primary directions 1941-1942, Placidus semiarc, with latitude.

What stands out in this list is the opposition of Mars and Saturn summer of 1941. Saturn rules his 8th house (death, major medical interventions) and Mars rules the 12th (confinement) and co-rules the 6th (infirmity) because Scorpio is intetcepted in the 6th. These are the types of aspects which we predicted would be in effect during the year of the accident; and since primary directions characterize an extended period of time, the hypothesis appears to be verified by the facts. The astrological data suggests that Randi was not lying about his birth time. If it turns out that the time was inaccurate, we will need to re-analyze the data to determine whether it has astrological validity.

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