Astrology and the BP Oil Disaster

On 20 April 2010 an explosion and fire on a British Petroleum drilling rig left 11 workers missing and presumed dead.  Since then the oil spill has become a disaster for the lands bordering the Gulf of Mexico.  According to its website, BP was incorporated in London on 14 April 1909.  Here is the BP Incorporation Chart set for about 12 Noon with the Sun on the MC: BP Inc London

BP’s secondary progressed Saturn has moved up to the same degree as its natal Sun (23 deg Aries) and will remain there for some time.  On 24 December 2009 secondary progressed Saturn opposed the secondary progressed Ascendant, presaging difficulties for the company.

A solar eclipse on 15 January 2010 fell on BP’s natal Uranus (sudden accidents) in the natal 6th house.  This eclipse at 25 Capricorn squared the natal Sun and the progressed Saturn.

BP’s 2010 Solar Return occurred on 13 April 2010 with SR Saturn in the last degree of Virgo, conjunct the SR Midheaven and opposite the SR Uranus, thus highlighting the stress of the prior solar eclipse on the natal BP chart.  Saturn crossing the Midheaven always warns of the need to take one’s responsibilities seriously and not cut corners.  Saturn is the great taskmaster, which always makes us face the consequences of our actions.  In this case it appears that BP had cut corners and would suddenly (opposition from Uranus) have to own up to its responsibilities.

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