Pulitzer Prize winner Jose Antonio Vargas reveals he is an undocumented immigrant. What does his horoscope say?

Jose Antonio Vargas was born in the Philippines on Feb 3, 1981, time unknown.  At the age of 12 his family sent him (illegally) to the USA.  Based on a sunrise horoscope (the actual birth time would give more accurate results), in August of 1993 Solar Arc directed Venus crossed over his natal Sun and in October of 1993 secondary progressed Sun conjoined his natal Mars.   In his sunrise chart Venus rules his 9th house of long-distance travel and his 4th house of home and childhood environment.  Mars rules his 10th house of public standing and his 3rd house of local travel and early education.  Both these aspects at age 12 (summer-fall of 1993) would herald a possible change of residence and a trip abroad.

Jose Antonio Vargas with transits for June 22, 2011

Two transits are particularly striking at the time of his announcement: transiting Neptune aligning with natal Mars and Mercury in this 1st house, and transiting Saturn conjoining natal Jupiter and Saturn in this 8th house.

During 2010 and into 2011 transiting Neptune conjoined natal Mars in his first house of personal identify, putting great pressure on him to define himself clearly.  Neptune also made a station during this period, which strongly reinforces its influence.  In addition, transiting Neptune squared his natal Uranus in the 10th house of career and public standing.  Solar Fire delineates this aspect as indicating a sense of lack of freedom, a feeling of the erosion of one’s individual rights, and uncertainty about how to regain a sense of individuality.

The Saturn transit is the most striking astrological factor during this period.  In October of 2010 he underwent his Saturn Return, which occurs around age 29 and indicates a period of achieving full adulthood and becoming one’s own person.  It is a time of reassessing one’s goals in life and renewing one’s sense of purpose.  Saturn also became stationary during the past year, making this influence even more powerful.  At the same time transiting Saturn conjoined his natal Jupiter (they are conjunct in his natal chart).  This is a transit of personal conflict in which one must confront harsh reality to attain a sense of freedom and forward movement.  Jupiter expands but Saturn contracts.

The person undergoing this transit feels pushed and pulled in opposite directions at the same time.  Solar Fire interprets this transit as:  “Doors that once seemed to swing open now ominously stay shut.  It may be that an authority figure or an external event is now limiting your options, or simply that you are going through self-imposed hardship.”   The Saturn stations began on Jan 13 of 2010 and finished on June 13 of 2011.  It is likely that he has been struggling with the issue of coming clean about his immigration status during this entire period, which culminated on June 22 of 2011 with the publication of the article in the NY Times.  Had I been counseling him astrologically, I would have said that June (especially mid-June of 2011) was a time that a major event in this regard was likely to occur.

Transiting Saturn is headed into his 9th house of legal and foreign affairs where it will conjoin his natal Pluto on November 18, 2011.  These Saturn/Pluto contacts often involve legal complications and hassles with government bureaucracy.  It is typically a frustrating time of clearing out old baggage to make room for something new.  Solar Fire interprets it as: “Areas of your life which you thought were stable and reliable start to change, putting everything in a new light.”  Since Pluto rules his sunrise 10th house of career and public status, this Saturn transit is likely to bring major shake-ups in those areas.  I hope this talented young man does not get deported, but he should begin working now with his lawyers to prepare for November’s legal complications.

2010-2011 transits for Jose Antonio Vargas

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  1. Simona says:

    Really interesting post I must say! Actully I had to read it twice so I did’nt miss out on any of the facts you wrote about 🙂
    I run a couple of blogs myself where I tip my readers about talented astrologers, tarot readers and many other helpful and interesting men and women out on the web.
    Looking forward to your next post!

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