Roger Clemens Case Ends in Mistrial

The prosecution in the Roger Clemens case was simply incompetent.  The judge declared a mistrial on July 14, 2011, because the prosecutors showed the jury evidence that the judge has ruled inadmissible  Clemens must have some favorable and important aspects going on in his chart just now.

Sure enough, the mistrial was declared on the day of Clemens’ Mercury return, which became exact at 9:56 AM EDT on July 14th.  Transiting Mercury was rapidly advancing toward a favorable sextile with natal Mars at 2:42 PM the same day.  This is significant because Clemens is heading toward his Mars return on July 16, 2011, the same day that transiting Mars sextiles his natal Mercury.  Hence, in the space of two days Clemens experiences both a Mercury and a Mars return.  His natal Mercury and Mars form a favorable sextile that is repeated by the same transiting planets.  A basic tenet of astrology is that when natal aspects repeat in the heavens, the natal potential of the birthchart manifests in the life of the native.  In Clemens’ case Mercury sextile Mars indicates his great manual dexterity as well as good fortune with verbal conflict (like a trial).

I do not have an exact time of birth, so I used a sunrise chart.  For the outer chart I used the exact time of the Mercury sextile Mars aspect on July 14th at 2:42 PM for his birthplace.  In the overlaid charts one can see that transiting Jupiter (good fortune) forms a favorable trine with Clemens’ natal Pluto as well as with transiting Pluto.  This is an extremely favorable aspect and can be interpreted as extreme good luck at this time in his life.  The trine from transiting Jupiter to his natal Pluto becomes exact on July 30th.

Mistrial declared in Clemens trial

Mistrial declared in Clemens trial July 14, 2011

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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