Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, what do the stars say?

The marriage and quick divorce of Kim and Kris has filled the yellow press recently.  Can astrology throw any light on their relationship?  Kim’s chart is from her birth certificate.  Kris’s time of birth is unknown, so I used a sunrise chart.


Kim Kardashian natal chart with Kris Humphries superimposed

Kim Kardashian with Kris Humphries superimposed

A few things stand out immediately.  Kim’s 7th house of marriage has a Gemini cusp.  Gemini is a dual sign and often indicates more than one marriage.  Mercury rules Gemini and is conjunct her natal Uranus, the planet of divorce, so there is an astrological tendency in her birth chart toward more than one marriage and a marriage ending in divorce.  Mercury conjoins her 12th house cusp (Placidus system), which ties her marriage to the house of illusion and self-undoing.  She will need to work harder than most to maintain a realistic view of marriage and partnership because in this area of her life she is prone to 12th house self-deception.

Kris’ natal Sun is square to Kim’s natal Mercury/Uranus conjunction at the cusp of her 12th house, bringing conflict into the marriage union.  In addition,  Kris’s natal Uranus lies on Kim’s natal Ascendant, opposing her cusp of marriage.  Such Uranus contacts indicate sudden attractions and whirlwind romances that often terminate as abruptly as they start.  With Kim’s 12th house Mars sextile Kris’s Mars/Venus conjunction, there is tremendous sexual attraction and excitement in the relationship.  The fact that Mars rules Kim’s 12th house suggests a strong element of unreality in her intimate relationships.

Kris’ Mars/Venus conjunction is closely square his Neptune, adding an element of unreality and escapism to his personality and relationships.  I frequently find this aspect in charts of individuals who focus almost exclusively on externals such as good looks, fun times, and partying, which can lead to problematic recreational use of drugs or alcohol.   Kim’s Sun lies on Kris’ Pluto which indicates a powerful connection but also power struggles in the relationship.  Kim’s Sun lies in her 11th house of hopes and wishes and is square to Kris’s Jupiter (in her 2nd house of money) so the power issues are likely to center on different philosophies of life and differences in the use of money and resources.

Much more can be gleaned from a comparison of the two charts.  These are the factors that strike me immediately as relevant to their current situation.  For those who view the Moon’s Nodes as representing fate, Khris’s South Node conjoins and Kim’s Uranus and Kim’s South Node conjoins Khris’ Sun, which lies in square aspect to Kim’s Uranus, the planet of divorce.

It is also noteworthy that Kim’s Solar Return chart (Oct 21, 2011) for Los Angeles has Uranus on the Midheaven.  Thus her public life in 2011 is dominated by Uranus, the planet of divorce and sudden changes.

Kim Kardashian Solar Return of Oct 2011 with Uranus on Midheaven

Kim’s Solar Return (Oct 2011) is dominated by Uranus, the planet of divorce

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