Major leaguer Wilson Ramos kidnapped and rescued

On November 9, 2011 at about 6:45 pm local time, major league player Wilson Ramos was approached by four armed men near his home in Valencia, Venezuela, and was abducted and taken away in an SUV.  The kidnapping occurred when transiting Pluto was almost exactly conjunct his natal Neptune.  Here is what Solar Fire says about this aspect:

“During this time you may feel disoriented as you feel impelled to deeply queston long-held beliefs.  You may find yourself suddenly exploring the deeper meaning of life as never before.  It is possible that your life will change in ways which could not have been foreseen. Perhaps you will experience the death of someone close to your heart, or it may be simply that you feel that something has metaphorically died in your life.   A near-death experience, either your own or someone else’s, may deeply affect you.  Either way you may start to question life after death, and other spiritual matters.  You may also have psychic experiences.  It is possible for you to find both creative and spiritual avenues to satisfy your yearning for greater meaning.  This will help you avoid the feelings of confusion which seem to arise from deep within.  Ultimately this transit will help you discover inner resources which you did not realise existed.”

Ramos’ birth time is unknown so I used a sunrise chart.  Here is his birth chart with the abduction chart superimposed.


Ramos Kidnapped

Note the tight conjunction of transiting Pluto to natal Neptune.  Note also that transiting Neptune was almost exactly on the MC at the time of the kidnapping and was conjunct the natal Moon which rules the sunrise 12th house of kidnapping.  Transiting Mars opposes the natal Moon as well as the MC of the kidnapping chart.  In addition, transiting Sun is almost exactly square natal Sun, marking this as a particularly stressful day.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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