Horary Astrology: Keeping it simple

A couple months ago I received an email from a woman who had asked a horary question, “Will my husband get the job?”  She was both the querent and the astrologer.  She found the chart puzzling and asked my opinion.  I have changed some non-essential details for the sake of confidentiality.  Here is the chart and the description of her puzzlement:

Will my husband get the job?

Her email:


“My question was, “will my husband get the job?” (he just interviewed for a job out of state).  I used the 7th house cusp (Aries) for the ascendant since the question is about my husband. I used the derived 10th house cusp (Capricorn) to represent the job, since it is a career-type position. The chart appears radical – it’s a creative position and both Mars and Moon are in Leo (and Leo rules the 5th house), Cancer rules the 4th (the job would mean a change of home), Sun in Libra (the job involves art, beauty, balance), hubby has Libra rising, the Sun is in 6th house of work… I’m also wondering about the significance of the Sun being on the equinox point.

My first instinct was that my husband would be Mars, although I read in your book that the Sun represents men 35-45 (hubby is 39), so perhaps the Sun would be a better choice. I feel confident the job would be Saturn. What I found interesting (and I’m not sure if any if
this means anything) is that both my husband and the job share some of the same possible rulers.  Mars rules the ascendant and is the almuten of the midheaven, and Jupiter is both located in the 1st house and is the planet the Moon will next aspect (“Bonatus used the planet which the Moon will next aspect as a co-ruler of the quesited.”)  It seems to me this might have some relevancy.

But I digress… here is the part I am struggling with at the moment –
there are no aspects between Mars and Saturn, however (and this may be a stretch), the Moon has just passed Mars and is sextiling Venus which will soon conjoin Saturn…. could this fall into the category of translation of light between Mars and Saturn? And if the Sun is the more suitable ruler for my husband, could Venus be transferring light from Sun to Saturn?  This question also comes up when looking at the Moon as co-ruler of my husband – again we have the sextile with Venus which is conjunct Saturn.

Here are some other observations about the chart…

– The last aspect the Moon makes while in Leo is an opposition to

Neptune. However, the Moon will be on the part of fortune degree when this takes place (and conjunct Regulus).

– Saturn falls on the nodal degree, suggesting the ‘workings of fate’.”

============= (End of Email)

She certainly included a lot of detail, and I could see why she was having difficulty figuring out how to read the chart.  Following her lead that the Aries 7th was her husband and the Capricorn 4th (the 10th of the 7th) was the job, it seemed that a favorable aspect between Mars and Saturn would mean a positive response.  In the chart Mars will eventually sextile Saturn but the aspect in not in orb. In an email she had pointed out that the Moon separates from Mars and applies to Saturn, so a translation of light was in effect.  The only problem with it seemed to be that the Moon would square Jupiter before it could sextile Saturn, but a square to benefic Jupiter did not seem so bad.  I also noticed that the almuten of the 7th (the Sun) and the almuten of the 4th (Mars) were applying to a sextile, which seemed a favorable indicator.  Based on all this, I thought there was a good chance he would get the job.  I was wrong.

She wrote to me a while later that her husband did not get the job.  This bothered me, so I went back and studied the chart more carefully, asking myself how I would have proceeded if she had simply asked me the horary question instead of sending her horary chart for me to comment on.  Then things got much clearer and more simple too.  If she had asked me directly, I would have taken the 1st cusp for her (the querent), the 7th cusp for her husband, and the 10th cusp for the job.  From her perspective as the querent, the job was signified by the 10th cusp and not the 4th.  The Moon rules the 10th and Mars rules the 7th, and the Moon is separating from Mars and applying to square Jupiter in the 7th (another signifier of her husband).  The aspects in this case indicated that he would not get the job.

It also occurred to me that the horary astrologer is represented by the 7th house.  In the chart she sent me, she was the 7th house horary astrologer and I was consultant to her (in her capacity as horary astrologer).  Thus, I was represented by the 1st house (7th of the 7th).  Saturn occupies the 1st house (using the 5-degree rule) and hence a consideration before judgment applies.   My judgment is impaired by Saturn in the 1st conjunct the Ascendant.  Saturn also conjoins the Ascendant-ruler Venus which also represents me as consultant to the 7th house astrologer.   Venus also lies in my 12th house in her chart, which is also a debility.

My difficulty in reading her horary chart became clearer, and the simplicity of choosing the most parsimonious significators also became evident.  I learned a lot by consulting on her horary, getting a wrong answer, and then figuring out why I made my mistakes.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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3 Responses to Horary Astrology: Keeping it simple

  1. I am currently learning horary (largely through the use of your book). My opinion is that regardless of if you use the 10th or the 4th (10th from the 7th) as the job, the 10th is still of great import because it is the 4th from the 7th. In either case the moon translating light from Mars to Saturn signifies that he will get the job so in both cases the reading would be incorrect. However, on page 67 of your book you quote Lilly in saying that if Saturn be in the Ascendant the matter seldom or never comes to good. Saturn conjunct the Ascendant answers the questions by itself correct? No matter what else is signified by the chart Saturn is in the Asc. and such a matter will seldom or never have a good outcome.

    • Nothing in astrology is absolute. Saturn in the Ascendant can indicate obstacles and delays, but it has to be interpreted in the context of the entire chart. Saturn retrograde in the Ascendant is especially problematic in a horary chart. In Hellenistic astrology, Saturn is less harmful if the Sun is above the horizon (a day chart) and more harmful when the Sun is below the horizon (a night chart).

  2. Livia says:

    With both Saturn or Moon as 10th house rulers the answer is no…cause mars L7, nor moon as cosignificator are not in orb of making an applying aspect with saturn (turned 10th house ruler) and in second case moon (L10) is separating from mars (L7).

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