Johannes Kepler’s Original Birth Chart

There is a disagreement in the astrological literature about the time of birth of Johannes Kepler, the famous astronomer.   Kepler himself referred to two different birth times: one around 1 PM and the other around 2:47 PM.  AstroDatabank gives Kepler’s birth data as 6 Jan 1572 (Gregorian) at 14:37 in Weil der Stadt, Germany.  This gives an ASC of 24 Gemini 25.

On the other hand, Juan Revilla refers to a photocopy of Kepler’s chart drawn by Kepler himself with a 1 PM birth time and an ASC in very late Taurus.  Apparently Kepler “rectified” his actual birth chart to come up with 2:47 PM to make it consistent with Ptolemy’s theoretical notion of the “prenatal epoch,” which has no scientific validation in empirical reality.  I am grateful to German astrologer Andreas Schmitt for providing me with a link to Kepler’s original birth chart, drawn in his own hand.  It is reproduced below:

Kepler's birth chart drawn in his own hand

Kepler's original birth chart, drawn by Kepler himself

Here is a modern approximation to Kepler’s original birth chart:

Modern Approximation of Kepler's Birth Chart


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