Mitt Romney’s Birth Time, Natal Chart, Grand Trines, and Frequent Shifts in Positions

With the upcoming presidential elections, I’ve been curious to study the charts of the various candidates.  Astrologer’s need accurate birth times to do predictive work, but unfortunately such data is hard to come by.  The best source is an official record like a birth certificate or hospital note that has a recorded birth time.   The next best source is some kind of family record that mentions the time of birth.

In Mitt Romney’s case there is a note from his father mentioning a 10 AM time.   According to Neil Swidey and Michael Paulson of The Boston Glode: “On March 13, 1947, George Romney, a rising star in the auto industry who was often described as a man in a hurry, took time out to write to the relatives and colleagues he’d missed during the previous day’s blizzard of telegrams and phone calls.”

“Dear Folks,” Romney wrote on the letterhead of the Automobile Manufacturers Association, where he served as general manager, “Well, by now most of you have heard the really big news, but for those who haven’t, Willard Mitt Romney arrived at Ten AM March 12.”

Mitt Romney Natal Chart, 10 AM birth time (Regiomontanus Houses because I've been reading Morinus' Book 21 in the original Latin recently)

There is another time of 9:51 AM being circulated whose source is the late astrologer Francis McEvoy who apparently quotes Romney as the source.  Unfortunately, McEvoy was known to rectify times she was told without mentioning that she had done so.  (See Chris Brennan’s essay “Mrs. McEvoy and the Case of the Secret Birth Data.“) Given Romney’s well-known reverence for his father, it seems likely that he  told Ms. McEvoy that he was born at 10 AM and that she then rectified this time to 9 minutes earlier.

What data would McEvoy have used to rectify the 10 AM birth time?  The most notable “accident” Romney suffered was his tragic car accident on the afternoon of 16 June 1968 in which people were killed.  There is a suggestion in his birth chart that he could suffer such an accident.  Saturn rules his 9th house of foreign travel and religious affairs as well as his 8th house of brushes with death.  Natal Saturn is quite debilitated, being retrograde in Leo (a sign of its detriment), in the 3rd house of local travel.  From this chart it is not surprising that he would suffer a near-fatal car accident while traveling by car on church business in a foreign country.  The car that struck Romney was driven by an allegedly inebriated parish priest, which would be consistent with a debilitated Saturn ruling the 9th cusp of the clergy.  Saturn is opposed by Venus in the 9th, and Venus rules the 12th among whose meanings are the ill effects of intoxication.

Commonly with vehicular accidents one finds a current stressful aspect between Mercury (god of local travel) and Uranus (sudden accidents), which happens to occur natally in his chart.  In Romney’s case, his converse secondary progressed chart for the time of the accident has progressed Mercury in the unfortunate 12th house square progressed Uranus.  This square is almost exact, given the 10 AM birth time, but becomes exact to the second if he were born at 9:51 AM.  These facts lead me to believe that McEvoy started with Romney’s father’s 10 AM time and rectified it to 9:51 AM using the technique of secondary progressions.  The chart below, based on a 10 AM birth time, shows the converse secondary progressed chart for the accident:

Converse Secondary Progressed Chart for Car Accident 16 June 1968

Given the fact that the father’s written record states “10 AM” and that the 9:51 AM time is just too exact (too good to be true and probably rectified based on a single event), I suggest that astrologers stick with the 10 AM time for Mitt Romney’s birth.

In any case, it appears that Romney has Gemini rising, which makes Mercury his Ascendant ruler.  Unfortunately, Mercury is quite afflicted, being combust the Sun, retrograde, and in its fall in nebulous Pisces.  This can indicate someone who overvalues his own ideas and whose word is not always a reliable indicator of what he really thinks.  (Columnist Paul Krugman believes that Romney routinely tells lies.)  ASC-ruler Mercury also happens to conjoin the fixed star Achernar, which gives it special prominence in his life.  Here are a couple quotes about this star from the literature:


It gives success in public office, beneficence, and religion. (Robson).

High offices in the church. Success by giving good morals, faithful adherence to one’s religious beliefs or philosophical inclinations. Happiness and success. (Ebertin).”

Achernar means “the mouth of the river” represented by the constellation Eridanus.  Presumably this river follows the same wildly meandering path that Phaeton drove along when he was unable to control the chariot of his father, the god Helios, who carried the Sun through the heavens.  Phaeton drove so erratically, scorching the earth and the heavens, that Zeus had to stop him with a thunderbolt. Because of this mythological connection to Phaeton’s ride, Eridanus is associated with travel accidents.  Let’s hope that if Romney becomes president, he can steer the ship of state better than Phaeton did his father’s chariot.  In Romney’s frequent shifts in his stated positions, we may be seeing the water coming out of the mouth of the river after having taken such a wild course with its rapid and frequent changes of direction.

Romney’s wealth is probably shown by Venus and Pars Fortuna closely conjunct the MC as well as by Jupiter conjunct the Moon, which rules his 2nd house of money and income.  In addition, Romney has two Grand Trines in his chart: 1) Moon/Jupiter in Scorpio trine Sun in Pisces trine Saturn at the start of Leo, and 2) ASC/MNN in Gemini trine Neptune in Libra trine Venus/MC in Aquarius.

C.E.O. Carter says that grand trines “tend toward seeking the easy way, avoidance of difficulties, and dependence on others.  It is an appeaser.  Certainly it does not appear often in the nativities of “strong” men.  Those who do reach important positions by reason of, or in spite of, this formation will usually be found to have been promoted by circumstance rather than by great merit.” (Foundations of Astrology, p. 96)

David R. Roell gives a brief delineation of Romney’s entire birth chart (9:51 AM version) starting on page 2 of his newsletter.   I prefer the 10 AM time because it is directly from his father and I also prefer the Regiomontanus houses that give a Cancer 2nd cusp.  With the Moon ruling his money conjunct Jupiter, it is no surprise that he has become so rich.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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14 Responses to Mitt Romney’s Birth Time, Natal Chart, Grand Trines, and Frequent Shifts in Positions

  1. Elaine Douglass says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how these astrologers–I take it Anthony Lewis is an astrologer–hardly ever give us any astrology. Here Mr. Lewis has taken the time to post Mitt Romney’s chart of birth and give us a discussion of the hour of birth, but where is the analysis of the chart of birth? We get a couple of preliminary remarks about Mercury in Pisces, and followed by a useless digression about “achernar.” If you are an astrologer Mr Lewis, then where is the analysis of the chart of birth of Mitt Romney? (If you lack one, I’ll mail you mine.)

    • Hi Elaine,
      Thanks for your post. My intention was to look at the issue of Romney’s birth time because there is a disagreement in the literature about the accurate time. This is a matter of utmost importance because an astrologer must begin with a correct time to do an adequate analysis of the birth chart. Since this is such an important issue, I decided to look more carefully into it – hence this post. My intent was not to do a natal chart delineation, which is a major undertaking that requires hours of work to complete.

  2. Thanks very much for posting Anthony. Although my preferred astrological techniques differ from yours, the 10:00 AM time suits me better too. There are so many different astrology techniques & “interpretations” of natal charts etc, nice to see some confluence though, well done. I am not a fan of Robson, think most of it is duff, & don’t relate to that Achernar, by my technique its in 12th House & Aspected by Saturn. Romney’s Rising Stars would include the Pleiades that can account for the Achernar attributes & also great beauty & fortune. You can find me on Twitter @astrologerthe

    • Thanks for posting. Can you say more about your use of fixed stars? I was only commenting on the conjunction with Mercury because it rules his ASC and did not mention which stars were rising or setting. I’d love to learn more about your approach and what you see in Romney’s chart from your use of fixed stars.

  3. The “fixed stars” aren’t fixed you know! Mitt’s Moon although weak, is in deep conjunction with Jupiter & Star Unukalhai: climbs to great successful heights, charming & loved. He’s a partnership guru, bringing people together for a greater good, compromiser. But he lost in the end to John McCain (Top Sun) last time round. Maybe I will write more blogs this year, I Tweet mostly on the 27 mansions (that is more to do with the moon & stars) and not tropical Sun Signs.

  4. pozycjonowanie krakow says:

    Wow, superb blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is great, let alone the content!

  5. pozycjonowanie stron says:

    I can’t say that I completely agree, but of course I’ve never really thought of it that way before. Thanks for giving me something to occupy my mind when I’m supposed to have a blank mind while trying to fall asleep tonight lol..

  6. Willie Spatafore says:

    I truly enjoy examining on this site, it has excellent blog posts. “I have a new philosophy. I’m only going to dread one day at a time.” by Charles M. Schulz.

  7. Good interpretation. What do you think his chances are for grabbing the primaries. At this point he is the prime contender but there is valid threat from Rick Santorum. Will it change in near future? Per my Jyotish calculation he should be only valid contender after May 1st. He should sweep almost all the primaries after May 1st. If this happens only than he will be able to present a real competition to Obama. Otherwise he is just able to win primaries then there will be no good chances in Nov 2012

    • Thanks for the comment. I haven’t studied his chart with regard to winning the nomination, partly because I just expect that he will, given the other contenders. I posted a horary regarding Gingrich, which indicated he was not a serious contender. That left only Romney and Santorum, and I haven’t yet compared the two charts with regard to their prospects for winning the nomination..Having looked at Santorum’s birth chart and listened to his positions, I thought he was much too fundamentalist to become a credible Republican candidate, and that left Romney as the only reasonable alternative. If I have time, I’ll look at the two charts and post something. One of these days I’d also like to learn more about Jyotish as well.

  8. Pingback: Gingrich to Withdraw from the Presidential Race in Early May, 2012 | Anthony Louis – Astrology & Tarot Blog

  9. jrkarra says:

    Using 9:51AM as his birth time, I could get Mitt’s chart based on Vedic Astrology. The current period is Sun/Mercury starting 2012-4-5 and ending 2013-2-31. If u notice, both his strong opponents withdrew during this period. Sun a Bebefic and Mercury Benefic too. Mercury is Lord of 2nd & 5th houses and Sun is Lord of 4ht House. Sun+Mercury+Mars all cojoined in 10th House (Profession). I am trying to write a detailed analysis of his Natal Chart based on Vedic Astrology and post in my blogs by next week.

    My gut feeling is that Mitt will give hard-time to the current president, but he won’t make it.

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