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I’m a great fan of the great French astrologer J.B. Morin de Villefranche because he has one of the most rational approaches to astrology one can find.  Unfortunately, his writing is often dense and he can be hard to understand.  There are now several translations in English of several chapters of his 17th century Latin textbook.  Even in translation it can be hard to know exactly what Morin means, so I decided to read his key text, Book 21, in the original Latin.

Fortunately, I took 4 years of Latin in high school and with a dictionary can read it, albeit slowly.  To brush up on my Latin, I checked the internet and found some good sites that I will post here for others who may be interested:

1) On YouTube by latinguy2009

2) learnlatinonlinefree.com

3) Beginners Latin at nationalarchieves.gov.uk

Morin doesn’t mince words, so an understanding of Latin grammar is very helpful in reading the original.  Seeing how Morin worded things in Latin has been very helpful in understanding what the various translators have tried to convey.  If I get ambitious, maybe someday I’ll publish my translation of Book 21.

J.B. Morin de Villefranche (1583 - 1656)

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