Jupiter acting as a malefic in a horoscope

In a previous post I looked at Mitt Romney’s chart in which Saturn in detriment in Leo in the 3rd house presaged his near-fatal car accident while traveling as a Mormon missionary in France in 1968.  Saturn in his chart rules his 8th house of death and 9th house of religion and foreign travel.  Fortunately a trine from Jupiter to Saturn is a protective influence, and Romney survived the accident.

In Romney’s chart Mercury is also afflicted being in its fall in Pisces and combust the Sun.  Mercury is a natural ruler of travel and is conjunct the fixed star Achernar, the mouth of a very winding river that represents the dangerous path traveled by Phaeton who scorched the earth with the Sun’s chariot.  Romney’s accident occurred on an extremely winding road, so the symbolism is apt.

Romney’s chart got me thinking about the role of debilitated planets as well as combustion.  Morin plays close attention to a planet’s dignity but he does not consider combustion as relevant.  He is especially contemptuous of the old Arabic notion of “cazimi” – a planet lying in the heart of the Sun.

As I was thinking about these issues, I happened to hear an NPR broadcast about Jacob Zuma, the  scandal-ridden president of South Africa who has been accused of corruption and rape and who has been quoted as saying that taking a shower after having unprotected sex with an HIV-infected partner will prevent AIDS.  Zuma is also noted for his polygamy, having five wives in addition to his other occasional sexual partners (at least one of whom accused him or rape) and at least 20 children.  Because he appears to be a man of wanton excess, I wondered whether Zuma has an afflicted Jupiter in his chart.  I could not find a birth time for Zuma, so I used a sunrise chart:

President Jacob Zuma, sunrise birth chart (time unknown)

In Zuma’s chart Jupiter in Gemini is in its detriment.  Jupiter’s nature is to expand, being afflicted it tends to expand in a potentially harmful way.  Here Jupiter conjoins Mars, Zuma’s assertiveness and sex drive, which underwent expansion to the tune of 20 children and charges of rape.   Zuma’s afflicted Jupiter conjoining Mars and sextiling his Sun contributes to his arrogance.  Unlike Romney, Zuma’s Mercury escapes combustion being 8 degrees 46 minutes away from the Sun, but Mercury is “under the sun’s beams” which is considered mildly debilitating in medieval astrology.  Mercury lies in the 12th house of the sunrise chart and sextiles the afflicted Jupiter, which may be an astrological correlate of his bizarre ideas about HIV transmission, especially with Jupiter in Gemini, the sign of one’s thought process.  In the tarot, Jupiter in Gemini refers to the Eight of Swords, a somewhat stressful card to receive in a reading since in the Waite-Smith deck it shows a blindfolded and bound woman hemmed in by 8 swords.

Waite-Smith Eight of Swords, Jupiter decan of Gemini

As I was studying the chart of Zuma, another notorious character of this era with Jupiter in Gemini came to mind: Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber.  I recalled that when the authorities were still searching for the Unabomber some astrologers had speculated that he might have been born in 1942 when Jupiter was in Gemini, the sign of writing, because of his penchant for publishing his long-winded manifesto.

Kaczynski has a remarkable chart.  His afflicted Jupiter in Gemini conjoins Mercury, so his unfortunate excesses are directed into ideas and words.  His Jupiter/Mercury conjunction is square Neptune, the planet of fantasy and delusion.  I don’t have a birth time for Kaczynski so I used a sunrise chart.  The most striking feature of this chart is an almost exact Sun/Uranus conjunction with Saturn in verbal Gemini.  Uranus here would be considered “cazimi” by the ancient Arab astrologers and thus extremely fortified and emphasized.  Uranus is a planet of sudden explosive events.  For example, it was directly overhead Hiroshima when the USA dropped the first atom bomb.  The Unabomber’s Uranus/Sun/Saturn conjunction is closely semi-square to his Mars, a particularly dangerous combination whose consequences we are all aware of.

Unabomber Ted Kaczynski natal sunrise chart, time unknown

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2 Responses to Jupiter acting as a malefic in a horoscope

  1. Vicente Crapanzano says:

    Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

  2. Pet says:

    Ted’s birth time on another webpage is 10:45am. The tv series is now on and this is interesting.

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