Pat Roberston claims he speaks to God, and God told him who the next US president will be.

Preacher Pat Robertson has made many outrageous and often offensive claims over the years.  Recently he said that God told him who the next president of the USA would be, but he’s not going to tell the rest of us.  It occurred to me that someone who claims to have a direct line to God must have a prominent Neptune (spirituality, otherworldliness, illusion, deception) in his chart, so let’s take a look.  I could not find a birth time, so I used a sunrise chart.

Pat Robertson Sunrise Chart

Sure enough, Robertson’s Neptune is very closely connected to his Aries Sun (by quincunx) and is also trine his Moon/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, opposite his Mars in Pisces, and square his Jupiter in Gemini.

Classical astrologers did not consider the quincunx (150 degrees) to be a true aspect because it joins two signs with little in common.  It is like a dissonant note in a musical composition.  Robertson’s Sun in Aries (a hot dry Fire sign) is linked by quincunx to his Neptune in Virgo (a cold dry Earth sign).  What they have in common is the elemental quality of dryness, producing “scorched earth.”  Excessive dryness tends to shrink things and make them brittle like a dry bone; thus too much dryness is a symbol of the type of rigid thinking and small-mindedness we see in religious fundamentalism. says the following about people who have this aspect in the birth horoscope:

“The creative essence of the Sun combined with Neptune’s abundant imagination can make the subject strive for idol status. They have huge dreams of being up there with the stars for all eternity, a way to merge with the source. The quincunx can also add a surprising spark of temper and electricity. But like a slippery eel they are able to slither out of their misdemeanors unscathed.”

The Sun is the brightest object in the sky and generally shows where we shine or achieve prominence.  In Robertson’s chart, the closest aspect to the Sun is the quincunx to Neptune.  He will achieve fame in the realm of his ideas about spirituality, but there is a discordant aspect (quincunx) to these ideas.

I’ve been reading a lot of Morinus lately, and he stresses the crucial importance of considering the celestial state of the planets in a birth chart.  In Robertson’s chart Neptune is quite afflicted, being in detriment in Virgo (the sign opposite Pisces which Neptune rules by modern standards).  The negative side of Virgo is very critical and nitpicking.   Neptune is square an afflicted Jupiter in Gemini (the sign of Juptier’s detriment), which we saw in an earlier post in the charts of the Unabomber and the corrupt South African president Jacob Zuma.  This square from Jupiter suggests that Robertson has a tendency to tap into the deceitful negative side of Neptune.  Like Kaczynski he uses words to spread his message of bigotry based on his false illusions about reality.  The opposition from Mars to Neptune is also troubling because it suggests he can become aggressive in his efforts to spread his hateful befuddled claptrap.

The wikipedia entry on Robertson documents his history of lies and deception.  In fact, the wikipedia bio of Roberston makes him sound a lot like Jacob Zuma, whose astrological chart is very similar to Robertson’s.  One of his most notable deceptions was engineered to hide the fact that he allegedly conceived his first son out of wedlock, a no-no for a fire and brimstone televangelist.  His son was born just a couple of months after the date on his real marriage certificate.  With sensual Venus square powerful Pluto and phallic Mars square expansive Jupiter in his natal chart, it is hard to see how he could have abstained from sex before marriage.  The close Venus/Uranus conjunction suggests something unusual or perhaps kinky about his sex life.  Frequently individuals who are rabidly anti-gay in their public life are defending against their latent homosexual feelings.  Apparently Robertson believes that legalizing gay marriage will lead to the rape of angels as it did in the story of Sodom in the Bible.  Thank God the angels have Robertson here on earth to defend them.

“For decades the Robertsons maintained that March 22, 1954 was their wedding date and the date remained unchallenged until reporters discovered the couple’s marriage certificate in 1987.”  Source: David John Marley. Pat Robertson: an American Life. 2007. pg. 7.   They were married on Aug 27 and their son was born on Nov 6 of the same year.  According to

Robertson’s Wife: Adelia Elmer Robertson (“Dede”, married 27-Aug-1954, two sons, two daughters)
Firstborn Child: Timothy Bryan Robertson (television executive, born 6-Nov-1954)

Other notable figures with Sun quincunx Neptune in their natal charts include Susan Boyle and David Beckham.  They are fortunate in that Neptune in not in detriment in their charts and is fortified by other planets.  Boyle expressed her Neptune in song and Beckham in his career as a sports idol and glamorous model.

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