Can an astrologer predict his own death?

Astrologers are often asked whether they can predict death from a person’s horoscope.   Most astrologers are reluctant to do this for ethical reasons.  On the other hand, there is nothing to stop an astrologer from looking for death in his own natal chart.  Astrologer John Addey noted in C.E.O. Carter’s obituary that the astrologer had predicted his own death in a private letter in which Carter wrote:

“I confess I’d like to live to hear about man’s first trip to the Moon but this seems rather improbable.  In 1968 my p.Moon is conj. P.Sun and p.Mars, near rad. Moon and oppos. rad. Jupiter, which seems to indicate a heavy strain; also at this time…the whole family joins in with typical ‘bereavement’ directions!  We shall see; but as a good astrologer I feel I ought to place on record my own forecast on this point!  Uranus is also at this time on p.MC and the commonest sign of death seems to be a malefic on an angle, though of course this often happens without much effect on health.”

Charles Ernest Owen Carter was one of the great astrologers of the 20th century.  He wrote that he was born on 31 January 1887 at 10:55 PM in Parkstone, Dorsetshire, England. 50N43 02W00 (from a written record of his birth).  The chart he published for his own nativity has 17 Libra 15 rising and 22 Cancer 27 on the Midheaven.   Carter’s published chart differs slightly from one calculated by a modern computer.  One of the issues is that GMT only went into effect in 1884, so that his birth time may have been recorded in LMT instead.

Based on the birth coordinates given by Carter, I looked at a map of Parkstone and found that he was born at the site that currently houses two hospitals (The Harbor Hospital and Poole Hospital), so it is likely that the 10:55 PM time comes from the hospital record.  The Harbor Hospital (50 N 43′ 21″,  01 W 58′ 31″) is the location most consistent with Carter’s data.  The chart cast for this data is only slightly different from Carter’s published chart, which was calculated by hand using tables of houses.

Here is Carter’s chart for 10:55 PM LMT (not GMT) at The Harbor Hospital in Parkstone, 31 January 1887:

C.E.O Carter natal chart for the Harbor Hospital, Parkstone, at 10:55 PM LMT

In his letter predicting death, Carter focuses on the secondary progressed New Moon that will take place in 1968.  Progressed New Moons are major events that herald a new phase of life (in this case death).   Carter’s progressed New Moon occurred on 30 June 1968, so I cast a chart comparing his secondary progressions on that date with his natal chart:

Carter's Progressed New Moon 30 June 1968 compared to natal chart

As Carter states in his letter, “In 1968 my p.Moon is conj. P.Sun and p.Mars, near rad. Moon and oppos. rad. Jupiter, which seems to indicate a heavy strain…”

His progressed New Moon at 2 Taurus 52 is close to progressed Mars and opposite progressed Jupiter.  Actually, it closely opposes the midpoint of his progressed and natal Jupiters, which is at 3 Scorpio 02.   (Because most of the secondary progressed planets move very slowly, I find that the midpoints of the same natal and progressed planet are very sensitive points in doing predictive work.)  Mars in Taurus is in detriment and opposes the progressed/natal Jupiter midpoint in the 1st house of vitality, suggesting illness and markedly lowered vitality.

In the progressed chart, Sagittarius rises and the Moon rules the 8th house of death.  Leo is intercepted in the 8th of the progressed chart, so the Sun also rules the house of death.  Thus, the progressed New Moon is a conjunction of the two rulers of the progressed chart’s 8th house, and they oppose Jupiter which rules the progressed ASC.  The progressed Moon/Sun/Mars conjunction takes place in the progressed 4th house of the end of life with its Aries cusp, which is ruled by Mars.

The progressed Midheaven (by solar arc in right ascension) will exactly conjoin natal Uranus in the unfortunate 12th house of illness and confinement by the end of 1968.  The progressed Ascendant at the time of the progressed New Moon is exactly sextile the natal Uranus, emphasizing the importance of Uranus in 1968.   The progressed New Moon is almost exactly semi-sextile (a stressful aspect) progressed Pluto in the 8th house of death.  His progressed and natal Pluto are ruled by Mercury, which by progression is in the 6th house of illness where it is almost exactly sextile the progressed Venus, ruler of the 8th, in the 8th of death.

It is not surprising that Carter thought he might die in 1968.  His death occurred on 4 Oct 1968.  His progressed MC (for the 10:55 LMT birth time) exactly conjoined natal Uranus in the 12th house on 8 Dec 1968.  Below is the chart of Carter’s 1968 progressed New Moon on which he probably based the conclusions of his letter predicting his own death in 1968.

C.E.O. Carter's 1968 Progressed New Moon Chart

I assume Carter would have looked at eclipses in 1968, and there was a total lunar eclipse on 6 Oct 1968 that triggered sensitive points in both in natal and progressed charts having to do with death.  Here is the chart for the Oct 6 lunar eclipse at his birthplace:

Total Lunar Eclipse 6 Oct 1968, two days after Carter's death

In his letter Carter comments that “Uranus is also at this time on p.MC and the commonest sign of death seems to be a malefic on an angle.”  If he were born 40 seconds after his recorded time, that is, if he had a birth time of 10:55:40 PM LMT, then the progressed MC would conjoin natal Uranus on 4 October 1968, the date of his death.  This rectified chart would have an ASC of 17 Libra 36 and an MC of 22 Cancer 56.  The following chart is Carter’s birth chart rectified by the date of this death:

C.E.O. Carter rectified to 10:50:40 PM LMT based on the date of his death

I don’t know whether Carter also used primary directions; but if he had, he would have found in this rectified chart that primary directed Venus (ruler of the 8th) opposed natal Pluto in the 8th of death on 10 October 1968 (Regiomontanus primaries without latitude and with Ptolemy’s key of one degree = 1 year).

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5 Responses to Can an astrologer predict his own death?

  1. Ed Peterson says:

    Didn’t Reinhold Ebertin’s mother know her time or date of death too? I know she knew the cause of death and was correct.

  2. Pingback: Quora

    • My own view is that astrology is not a science and cannot be proved or disproved by the scientific method. Modern science has a particular worldview and set of assumptions about what constitutes reality. Astrology is a divinatory art. It has its own world view and set of assumptions about what constitutes reality. One of these view is that the universe is essentially symbolic and that these symbols can be read by means of divination. This view is rooted in the Hermetic notion of “as above, so below” and in Plato’s allegory of the cave and the “world of ideas,” which modern astrologers usually call “archetypes.” When astrologers accurately read the archetypal significance of the symbols in a chart, they can make accurate predictions. There is no foolproof way to read the achetypes accurately every time.

  3. Bob says:

    I studied life and death on 400 cases and I see the consistency of people’s death. Carter’s problem is, he injected negativity upon himself after we went into a confusion state (Neptune opposing nNeptune), otherwise he can live a bit longer if he wished, because only Pluto opposing Pluto then one cannot survive (natural) death, a few can, depends on the physical region of your natal. There are all types of deaths. Self-inflicting death, drug and illness death etc. All of these are displayed in a chart, if you got the right tool. That is 0.946 degree per life year progression.

    On the other hand, I shall say that we all are pre-destined. Carter is pre-destined as well, mathematically by God’s design. It is known as system of filtering out imperfection (to come back to redo, or to move forward to next life). Like in math, you borrow and carry over, to complete your calculation.

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