More on Morin’s approach to serial killer Landru’s chart

In my own experience the writings of J.B. Morin de Villefranche provide the most useful and reliable method for interpreting a birth chart.  Book 21 of his Astrologia Gallica has become my astrological bible.  Morin used Regiomontanus houses, so I will also use them in these posts about Morin.

Morin states in Chapter 12 of Book 21 that planets in the 1st and 10th houses of a natal chart have the most important influence on the character and life of the native.  Whether a horoscope is fortunate or unfortunate can be determined from a study of planets in the 1st or 10th houses and their rulers.  Let’s apply Morin’s idea about the priority of the 1st and 10th houses to the chart of Henri Landru, which we have been discussing in the previous two posts.

Birth Chart of Swindler & Serial Killer Henri Landru

First House (Taurus cusp):

Pluto in Taurus in 1st – debilitated by being in detriment, square Mars the lesser malefic, and quincunx (within 1 degree) the Greater Malefic Saturn.  Pluto corresponds to Hades, lord of the underworld, and is a natural signifier of death.  It is noteworthy that Pluto square Mars also occurs in the natal chart of Jack Kavorkian, Doctor Death.  In Landru’s chart, the square of his 1st house Pluto is cast to Mars in Leo in the 5th of love affairs.  His basic identity is tied up with the desire to dominate or slay (Pluto/Mars) the women he has sex with (5th house) for egotistical reasons (Mars in Leo).  C.E.O. Carter attributes to individualistic, self-assertive Mars an “incapacity to enter into others’ feelings,” impatience, and a ready resort to force.

Venus, ruler of the 1st, in the unfortunate 12th, in detriment in Aries, conjunct Neptune (? malefic), and trine both the greater and lesser malefics, Saturn and Mars.  Venus is ruled by feral Mercury in Aries in the 12th.  Venus is also square Uranus in his 3rd house of close kin, which probably symbolizes his sexual relationship with his cousin that produced a child.

10th House (Capricorn cusp):

There are no planets in the  10th.  The 10th house ruler is Saturn, retrograde in Sagittarius in the unfortunate 8th of death.  As mentioned above, Saturn and Pluto are stressfully connected by a quincunx from the 8th to the 1st houses.  His death (8th house) is linked to his incorporation of Pluto energies (domination, control) into his personality (1st house).  Because Saturn is a natural signifier of death and occupies the house of death, it has a strongly negative connotation in this chart.  Morin called this the principle of “analogy,” that is, when a planet and a house have analogous meanings, the planet powerfully signifies that meaning of the house.  Even a trine or sextile from the malefic lord of death is not so favorable.

Saturn’s trines primarily go to planets in the unfortunate 12th house of underhanded dealings.  Saturn will help him accomplish his 12th house activities that will lead to his death (12th/8th connection) but after a long delay (Saturn).  Basically the trine from Saturn will help him “get away with murder” for quite a long time.  If Morin were alive today, he would probably compare a trine from Saturn in the 8th house of death to Darth Vader’s receiving help from the dark side to further his nefarious ambitions.

Landru murdered eleven victims between January 1915 and January 1919.  In terms of his firdaria (not used by Morin), he committed these murders during his Saturn subperiods from Saturn/Sun through Saturn/Moon (that is, the Saturn subperiods ruled by the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Moon).  Saturn occupies his 8th house of death, which is the 4th house of endings and the grave of his 5th house of lovers.  His killing spree began during the Sun subperiod of his Saturn firdar.  The Sun rules his 5th house of love.  Symbolically he began sending his lovers to their graves during this Saturn/Sun subperiod.

He entered his Jupiter firdar on 12 April 1920 and was tried and found guilty during this Jupiter period.  One might think that Jupiter should be benefic, but in this chart it rules unfortunate houses and is determined toward things he would rather avoid.

Landru entered his Jupiter/Mars subperiod on 29 December 1921 and was executed during this Jupiter/Mars period on 25 February 1922.  Jupiter rules his 8th house of death and his 12th house of imprisonment and self-undoing. It is fitting that he got caught and was tried and convicted during a Jupiter firdar.  He was executed in the Jupiter/Mars subperiod.  Mars rules all the planets in his 12th house and is a co-ruler of that house because Aries in intercepted therein.  Mars is also posited in his 5th house of love affairs that connected him to the women he murdered.  This was a strongly 12th house/8th house period, and these are considered the two most unfortunate houses in traditional astrology.

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