Are Grand Trines an Evil Influence?

In studying the chart of the notorious French serial killer Henri Landru, I was struck by his impressive grand trine in Fire signs involving the trine of Mars in Leo to Saturn in Sagittarius, both trine to a stellium in Aries consisting of Venus, Neptune, Sun, Moon, and Jupiter within a 10 degree orb.  I found a number of quotes about grand trines and put the keywords in bold.

The great British astrologer C.E.O. Carter commented that medieval astrologers regarded the Grand Trine as evil.  He writes: “It sometimes happens that two bodies are in trine and a third body is in trine with each. Such a configuration was considered very evil by medieval writers and unfortunately this view appears to be often correct. Often there seems to be too great dependency upon others” (The Principles of Astrology, pg. 32).  I suppose we might say that Landru was too dependent on the women he seduced and murdered for their money.

Marc Edmund Jones (in Essentials of Astrological Analysis, p. 221) stated a similar view when he wrote that the grand trine was considered unfavorable by medieval astrologers because it encouraged a self-diffusion in much the same way as the Grand Square.”   Jones added: “Unless some planet is brought to HIGH FOCUS in a chart containing a GRAND TRINE with its subjective emphasis, the SCOPE OF EXPERIENCE frequently is narrowed through an unrealized self-pampering.

The modern psychological astrologer/mythologist Liz Greene writes: “A triangle can be like a grand trine in a chart. The energy circles around and around; it flows back on itself and does not nourish anything else in one’€™s life. Within triangles, all three people tend to project elements of themselves on each other. The triangle holds these projections in place, and there may be enormous resistance to change.”

Carl Woebcke of says the following about the Grand Trine:  “the grand trine can symbolize too much stability leading to inertia, passivity or inactivity owing to a lack of obstacles and the compensatory effort in one’s life.”  He says that one needs a planet in hard aspect to the grand trine to tap into its potential and overcome its inertia.  He adds: “For these reasons medieval and Renaissance astrologers considered the grand trine an unfortunate aspect, the native doomed to a life of indolence, stagnation and missed opportunities.”  When the good things in life come too easily, the character development of the person is likely to suffer.  As Woebcke summarizes, “grand trines do not accomplish as much as they could in life because the easy flow of events does not stimulate achievement and ambition.”

Like most modern astrologers, John Halloran interprets a Grand Trine in Water in the chart of the unlikely celebrity singer Susan Boyle in a fairly positive manner: “You have an uplifting, soothing personality. You like to make people smile and laugh.”  No doubt Landru utilized such sociable personality traits to seduce his female victims into marrying him so he could kill them and steal their money.

The site jbuss Astrology states: “The downside of a Grand Trine is arrogance – the danger that we’ll think God is on Our Side, rather than being Grateful for the Gifts.”  There may be a certain NFL quarterback who believes that God is on his side.

Looking back over the charts discussied lately on this blog, I find that serial killer Henri Landru, presidential hopeful Mitt Romeny, and football wunderkind Tim Tebow all have grand trines in their nativities.  I leave it to the reader to decide to what extent the above comments apply.

If anyone has a reference to a medieval astrologer regarding grand trines, please post it here.  It would be great to read an original source about these ideas.

For a lighthearted view of the astrology of serial killers, take a look at this site:

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