Grand Trines and Serial Killers, continued

The last post got me thinking more about Grand Trines, which seem to make life too easy so that the native wants a relatively effortless way to achieve wealth, status, and the good things in life without putting in the usual effort required.  As I thought about Henri Landru from a century ago, I wondered if there was a modern equivalent of a swindling serial killer who murdered victims to get their worldly goods.  Sante Kimes came to mind, and I was curious to see whether she also had a grand trine in her chart.

Sure enough, Sante Kimes has a grand trine in Earth in her nativity.  Earth, of course, symbolizes possessions, money, and material resources.  Her Moon in early Capricorn trines Uranus in early Taurus, which trines Neptune in early Virgo.  Moon in Capricorn is in its detriment (opposite Cancer), as is Neptune in Virgo (opposite Pisces), so here we have a grand trine involving two afflicted planets.  Sante Kimes’ birth time is not known.  Her sunrise chart is shown below:

Serial killer, swindler Sante Kimes

The sunrise Moon is at 2 Capricorn and the Noon Moon is at about 6 Capricorn, so that the Moon in this chart opposes the Venus/Mars conjunction is Cancer.  The Moon squares Jupiter if she was born later in the day.  Mars in Cancer is in its fall.  The Sun is closely square Uranus, and the Sun is conjunct Pluto.

Without a birth time, it’s hard to know how the various planets are determined in this chart.  Kimes was quite a criminal who dabbled in forgery, con games, slavery, and murder to live the life of ease promised by her grand trine.  Her son Kenneth, whose birth time is known, was her apprentice and partner in crime.

The two closest aspects in this chart are Sun square Uranus (a major aspect) and Sun semisextile Venus (a minor aspect). says of the Sun/Uranus square: “These people may have been born into circumstances that were unpredictable, unstable or even violent. They have a pent up energy that needs to be expressed physically and mentally in a positive way, but they often find themselves expressing negatively instead. Sudden blow ups may surprise and shock people, and actions or words may be outrageous or shocking to most people around them.”

Another site,, writes “Sun Square Uranus: You’re self-willed, rebellious and apt to be abrupt and rude. Until you self-will is controlled, you’ll have unexpected and sudden upsets. You can be erratic and eccentric and you must guard against hasty, impulsive and/or unwise actions. You may often destroy what you worked for by irrational behavior caused by nervous tension, and this is more evident in men. You have strong personal magnetism but your friends are more like followers. You have a tremendous pride and desire for freedom so you often ignore advice. You may even take extreme measures to impose your religious or moral views on others and must learn to respect others’ opinions. Your ideas are original but often impractical. A real or imagined injustice will make you a terrible enemy and you may be unprincipled if your self-will is too strong. You’re accident-prone and your health will suffer if unable to release nervous tension.” (italics mine)

With the Sun in Leo, its domicile, Sante Kimes’ self-will is quite strong.  The square of Sun and Uranus, her most dominant aspect, occurs in fixed signs, making her even more willful.  Uranus in Taurus is disposed by Venus (in Cancer), which in turn is very closely semisextile the Sun.  We can get another perspective on Sun Square Uranus in her chart by laying out the associated tarot cards:

Sun SQ Uranus in fixed signs: extreme willfulness

The images on the cards suggest that her fear of poverty was at the root of her nefarious behavior.  On the Five of Pentacles one can see Sante, distressed by her material troubles, being comforted by her son Kenneth with his bloodstained hand.  Uranus is part of the Grand Trine, so her desire for material comfort without the required effort is acted out through this Sun Square Uranus aspect.

The closest aspect in her chart may be Sun semisextile (30 degrees) Venus.  Although some authors regard the semisextile as “mildly harmonious,” I find it to be a troublesome aspect on a par with the quincunx (150 degrees).  In this chart Venus bears a 12th house relationship to the Sun.  In addition, Venus is stressed by a conjunction with an afflicted Mars and an opposition from an afflicted Moon.  This aspect may account for her love of ease and luxury at other people’s expense.  The Moon in Capricorn has a calculating nature, and its opposition to the Venus/Mars conjunction may be one indicator of her sociopathy.

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