Tomlinson: Jets locker room is “as bad as I’ve ever been around” – the Sanchez/Holmes love-hate relationship

Football fans will be aware of the feud between Jets players Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes, which has received a lot of press recently.  The New York Post quoted “respected running back LaDainian Tomlinson, who said the relationship between quarterback Mark Sanchez and wide receiver Santonio Holmes and the Jets locker room as a whole was “as bad as I’ve ever been around.”  He also referred to Mark Sanchez as “pampered.”   Tomlinson’s remarks were in response to a question about the relationship between quarterback Sanchez and wide receiver Holmes, “who was benched for the final offensive series of the season after an argument with teammates in the huddle.”

I was able to find the birth dates and locations but not the times of birth of these two men in order to compare their two birth charts.  I cast both charts for sunrise on their dates of birth.

Mark Sanchez superimposed on Santonio Holmes

Holmes’ Mars in right on top of Sanchez’ Mercury, which could indicate some heated communications.  Holmes’ Venus in Aquarius is square Sanchez’ Sun/Mercury conjunction in Pisces, indicating a difference in values and viewpoints.  Holmes’ Saturn sits on Sanchez’s Sun, so Mark feels rather restricted by Santonio.  The main culprit seems to be a close Mars square Mars between the two charts.  Here is the Solar Fire interpretation for this aspect:

“Arguments and tension are rife in this relationship. Both Mark and Santonio have a strong drive to spend time together, but have difficulty heading off disagreements. The problem is that their desires are in conflict. This is true for friends and work colleagues, and also for lovers where the tension can adversely affect sexual relations. At times Mark and Santonio feel as though they are competing against each other. They view each other as egotistical and arrogant, whereas in fact they are both exhibiting these traits in the relationship. The trouble is that both Mark and Santonio are acting as if they are on opposing sides rather than working in harmony. The challenge is to try to join forces if they want a long-term relationship. A joint activity into which they can direct intense energy could prove helpful. Another tactic may be to give each other plenty of time to pursue separate interests.”

There are many positive factors, however.  Holmes’ Sun/Moon conjunction in Pisces is trine Sanchez’ Sun/Mercury conjunction in Scorpio, aspects of compatibility.  Sanchez’ Jupiter lies on Santonio’s Mercury and Sun, so Holmes benefits greatly by the relationship with Sanchez.  Both men have Moon in Pisces, so there is a close emotional understanding.  Holmes’ Sun conjoins Sanchez’s Moon, which is a marker of compatibility often found in the charts of marriage partners.  Finally, Sanchez’ Mars lies on top of Holmes’ Venus, which is an astrological marker of strong sexual attraction.  For the sake of their team, these Jets players ought to kiss and make up.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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