Chart of a Religious Fanatic

A friend recently mentioned Astrodynes, which prompted me to get out Ken Stone’s 1981 90-page booklet on the topic (which I think was an update of his briefer 1971 booklet on the topic).  For those unfamiliar with Astrodynes (aka Cosmodynes), it is a method to assign weights to the planets, signs, ASC, MC, and the houses of the chart to compare their strength, harmony, and disharmony in charts cast in the Placidus house system.  It also assigns exaltations to the modern planets and assigns Mercury’s exaltation to Aquarius rather than the traditional Virgo.

The method was popularized by the Church of Light.  Allan Edwall’s site has a good explanation of cosmodynes and presents almost everything that appears in the Ken Stone booklet  in a series of free articles.  Proponents of the system rely heavily on the exact numeric values calculated for each sign, house, and planet.  A difference of a few minutes in the birth time can alter these values dramatically.  I don’t particularly use astrodynes in my astrological work, but it is interesting to see how the system gives weight to the various chart factors.

As I was reviewing Ken Stone’s booklet, a particular chart caught my eye.  He entitles it “the chart of a religious fanatic” and goes on to say that this woman “had a perverted love of bad odors” and a religious conviction that she was “being hounded by the spirit of Ezekiel” (p. 48).  I wondered what in a chart would show these features, so I reconstructed the chart from the data in his book.  My reconstruction, done by modern computer, is slightly different from the original in the text.

Woman persecuted by Ezekiel

Mr. Stone begins by pointing out that this woman’s ASC and MC are the more powerful than any of the planets (in terms of astrodynes), which he takes to mean that she has a “negative and receptive nature.”  I’m not sure of the reasoning behind this statement.  Perhaps someone who uses the system can explain why a strong ASC and MC is negative and receptive.

Mr. Stone also points out that the woman’s sisters and daughters are “sexually perverted” (I think that is a pre-1970s way of saying they were gay), and he attributes this “perversion” to the strong but afflicted Saturn (Neptune in 5th quincunx Saturn in 10th) as well as the square from Uranus to Pluto. It’s amazing how far society and astrology have come since 1971.  (In the USA, homosexuality was officially classified as a mental disorder until 1973.  Despite this fact, today if a gay man presents at the clinic run by Michele Bachmann’s husband, he will be told that “God ‘designed’ men’s eyes to be attracted to women’s breasts.”  I wonder what part of the male anatomy God designed women’s eyes to stare at.)

Where can we find the following in the chart: 1) religious fanaticism and paranoia, 2) love of bad odors, and 3) gay sisters and daughters?

Let’s start with the ASC, since it represents her physical body, her vitality, and her sense of life purpose.  The ASC is ruled by Mercury and conjoined by the Moon.  These are both planets connected with perception of the environment.  The Moon (her emotions) is square Neptune in Virgo in the 5th.  Neptune (gases) in Virgo (attention to detail) is in detriment (opposite Pisces), and Virgo indicates bodily awareness and sensitivity to even small changes.  The 5th is the house of pleasures and enjoyment.  So the symbolism seems to fit.  She enjoys (5th house) bad odors (debilitated Neptune in Virgo).

Mercury in Sagittarius is in detriment (opposite Gemini), and Mercury is almost exactly quincunx Pluto in Cancer in the 3rd (siblings).  Pluto rules Scorpio, which is intercepted in the unfortunate 6th of illness.  No doubt ASC-ruler Mercury quincunx Pluto (co-ruler of the 6th) signifies her mental illness characterized by religious ideas of persecution.  Jupiter (the planet of religion) disposes Mercury (ASC-ruler) and also square Pluto and opposes Uranus.

In fact, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto form a stressful T-square.  Pluto, is turn, is disposed by the Moon, which conjoins her ASC.  Thus the T-square is closely tied to her ASC by Jupiter disposing Mercury and Moon disposing Pluto.  Those who know this woman think of her as an eccentric (Uranus) religious (Jupiter) fanatic (Pluto).

What about the gay sisters and daughters?  Sisters are shown by the 3rd house (Cancer cusp with Pluto in Cancer conjunct the cusp) and daughters by the 5th house (Virgo cusp with Neptune in Virgo conjunct the cusp).  The Moon rules the 3rd of siblings and Mercury rules the 5th of children, so we are back again to the T-square.  In addition, Pluto in the 3rd square Uranus, so there is something unusual about her sisters; they were probably born in the 30s and feel uncomfortable with their homosexuality as reflected in the square aspect.  Mercury rules the 5th and trines Uranus, so there is something unsual about the daughters too, but they are less conflicted (trine) about it.

Let me stop here.  This is a fascinating chart and I welcome comments and insights from readers about how this woman’s life story is reflected in the astrological symbolism.  Any ideas about where Ezekiel falls in the chart?  Could he be Pluto in the 3rd of wheeled vehicles?  Pluto does lie in Cancer, which the Golden Dawn attributes to the Chariot trump.  In addition, Pluto lies almost exactly on the ASC/Neptune midpoint.

Chariot card from the Thoth Tarot

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5 Responses to Chart of a Religious Fanatic

  1. james says:

    i would be looking at what you articulated in this paragraph >>In fact, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto form a stressful T-square. Pluto, is turn, is disposed by the Moon, which conjoins her ASC. Thus the T-square is closely tied to her ASC by Jupiter disposing Mercury and Moon disposing Pluto. Those who know this woman think of her as an eccentric (Uranus) religious (Jupiter) fanatic (Pluto).<<
    i work with the 45/135 degree aspects and midpoints as well… i guess one could lable me a uranian type astrologer.. jupiter/uranus opposition midpoint is 22 cancer/capricorn 45/135 from her ascendant at 7 gemini. pluto at the top of the t square defines a fanatic… pluto is also at the sun/midheaven midpoint too, so you get to to pluto a few ways with a tie in to the ascendant degree.. moon/ascendant midpoint to jupiter 135 is another way to look at.. granted there are many ways to read a chart and we all have to do it in our own way..

    i was looking at martin luthers chart just earlier… nov 10 1483… sun in scorpio, but with a 45 to pluto… granted most wouldn't consider him a fanatic, but i think the church might have as they excommunicated him..

    • James,

      Thanks for bringing in the midpoints. I did look at a midpoint sort (modulus 360) for this chart within a 1 degree orb, and there is only one of them: Pluto = Neptune/ASC. Given this woman’s history, one could interpret it as matters related to Pluto being closely tied to the meanings of Neptune and ASC in this chart. Here Pluto co-rules the 6th of illness (Scorpio intercepted in the 6th) and Pluto occupies the 3rd (how she thinks and communicates). I also connect Pluto with powerful emotions and paranoia. Neptune signifies illusion, fantasy, and spiritual ideas. I’m not sure what to make of its rulership of the 11th and occupation of the 5th in this context. The ASC, of course, is her core identity and central motivations in life.

      On a gut level, Pluto = Neptune/ASC feels right for this woman. Ebertin defines Pluto as “invisible forces or powers,” Neptune/ASC as “an impressionable person,” and he delineates this midpoint as “the suffering of harm or damage through deceit, libel, or malice coming from other people.” Using these key words, we might interpret this midpoint as: invisible forces or powers (Pluto) are a core aspect of (=) how she defines herself and presents herself to others (ASC) in terms of her fantasies, illusions, and spiritual beliefs (Neptune).

      I haven’t studied Martin Luther’s chart, but I strongly suspect that the people in the Vatican considered him a fanatic. The Roman Church excommunicated him and declared him a heretic. I read Erik Erickson’s book “Young Man Luther” many years ago and I recall his discussion that Luther had a particular fascination with human excrement. Not surprising since Pluto rules Scorpio and thus the organs of elimination of human feces. Perhaps Luther’s Sun (a symbol of the Pope?) in Scorpio with a 45 to Pluto is reflected in the Pope’s reaction to Luther translating the Bible into vernacular German: “Holy shit!”

  2. james says:

    the modulus 360 will hold you back from seeing what i mentioned… change the modulus to 90 and you will see what i was talking about.. if you ever study up on the way ebertin used them, maybe you have? – you will note he is not lookinat at the 360 modulus sort to get a handle on midpoints.. one really needs to use a 90 degree dial to get a good handle on midpoints as i see it..i like how you translated that last part in your comments to me, lol..

  3. James,

    I also looked at the 90 degree sort. I mentioned the modulus 360 sort because the only midpoint to appear in that framework is Pluto = Neptune/ASC, which I thought was striking.

    Thanks for your feedback,


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