Did Morinus use the idea of combustion by the Sun?

While reading various sites about Morin’s astrology on the internet, I recall a comment that Morin did not use the idea of combustion in his work.  Unfortunately, I can’t recall where I read that.  As I thought about the remark, I could not recall instances in Morin’s delineations of this charts where he made use of combustion.  Being “combust” the Sun is an old idea, perhaps introduced by the ancient Arabic astrologers, who felt that when a planet gets close to the Sun, it is damaged or “burnt” by the intense heat that surrounds the Sun.

I happened to be looking over Morin’s Book 18 of Astrologia Gallica and came across his comment in Chapter XII that “the ruler of the MC in detriment or fall, when combust the Sun, afflicts the native’s actions and honor.”  To be certain that the translation was accurate, I looked up Morin’s original Latin text, which reads as follows: “Dominus medii Coeli combustus a Sole exule, vel cadente, acciones & honores infortunat.”  (Literally: “The Lord of the mid-Heaven burnt by the Sun, in exile or falling, actions and honors makes unfortunate.”)  Exile is a synonym for “detriment,”, that is, the sign opposite the home sign of a planet.   “Fall” refers to the sign opposite the planet’s exaltation.

So finally I had found the evidence that Morin did consider the role of combustion in his interpretations of the actions of planets in conjunction with the Sun.  Here he has in mind that because the Sun is a natural symbol of honors, the combustion of the MC-ruler by the Sun is quite unfortunate.

Morin does not elaborate about combustion in this section, so it is unclear whether he thinks that combustion is unfortunate only when the Sun is in exile or fall, that is, only when the Sun is in Aquarius or Libra.  He may have not emphasized the role of combustion in this work because it is a prominent factor in his own chart.  Morin was an extremely narcissistic man (Sun rules ASC by exaltation and closely conjoins Jupiter) who might not have wanted to acknowledge the presence of this negative factor in his chart. He has Venus and Jupiter combust his Sun and possibly also Mercury and Saturn.  Since Saturn rules his MC, the difficulty he had getting recognized and honored for his work could be symbolized by Saturn combust the Sun (that is, Saturn less than 8 1/2 degrees from the Sun).  Morin’s Sun is not in exile or in fall, so perhaps this combustion just made him a more wonderful person.

Morin's Birth Chart: Note the planets close to his Sun

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