Speculating about the Pauli Effect

The physicist Wolfgang Pauli collaborated with Carl Jung in developing the now famous theory of synchronicity.  Despite, or perhaps because of, his talent for theoretical physics, Pauli became interested in parapsychology.  He was at a loss to explain the effect that bears his name.  Over time Pauli and his colleagues began to notice a pattern that when Pauli was present in a lab, the experiment went badly because of mechanical failures.  In his presence experimental devices often ceased to function.  One of Pauli’s colleagues, a friend an fellow physicist, went so far as to ban Pauli from his lab.  The effect even invaded his personal life.  On his honeymoon with his second wife, his car broke down for no apparent reason.  Pauli jokingly began to sign his letters “The Scourge of God.”

One internet site (library.ethz.ch) describes the effect as follows:

“Special mention must be made of a phenomenon that was greatly feared among Pauli’s colleagues, particularly the experimental physicists: the “Pauli Effect”.  The latter manifested itself in that technical installations would unexpectedly fail in the presence of Pauli: experiments were unsuccessful, machines gave up the ghost, apparatus was broken.  Otto Stern is said to have forbidden Wolfgang Pauli to enter his institute for fear of such malfunctions.  Pauli himself was conscious of this peculiar talent and was delighted with such comic events.”

Pauli was born in Vienna on 25 April 1900, time unknown.  Here is a chart with the mid-day positions.

Wolfgang Pauli Natal Chart, mid-day positions, time unknown

The most striking feature is a T-Square involving the Moon in Pisces squaring a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius and a Venus/Pluto/South Node conjunction in Gemini.  Such a highly afflicted Moon is consistent with his mother’s suicide in 1927.  One has to wonder whether the extremely stressed Moon in the psychic sign Pisces is also related to the Pauli effect.  Perhaps the tension of the Uranus/Pluto opposition found its outlet through the Pisces Moon and spilled over to Pauli’s environment.

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2 Responses to Speculating about the Pauli Effect

  1. John Gross says:

    In the book by Arthur Miller “137 Jung, Pauoli, and the Pursuit of a Scientific Obsession” a clue is give for a timed chart for Pauli. 1:43 pm
    On Page 224:
    “Pauli did however once have a horoscope drawn up and included it in a letter he wrote to Jung in December 1953. It was not published in the Jung/Pauli correspondence and the two never discussed it in their letters. It is not known who constructed the horoscope and it isunlikely that Pauli attached much signficance to it. Yet it may or may not have had something to do with Pauli’s statement to Jung that equinoxes were times of ‘relative psychic instability, which can manifest both negatively and positively (creatively).’ In Pauli’s horoscope the spring equinox (the boundary between Aries and Pisces) is on the cusp between the seventh house, the ‘house of conjunction,’ and the eighth, the ‘house of the unconscious’ and the autumn equinox isonthe cusp between the first house, the ‘house of the ego, and the second, the house of material things.’ One interpretation of Pauli’s instabilities might be that they reflected the instabilities of these boundarfies between houses.”

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