Costa Cruises has another Accident at Sea

In mid-January, 2012, we all saw photos of the Costa Concordia which hit a reef and overturned just two hours after it set sail on a seven-day cruise.  At least 25 people died.  Today the Costa Allegra (which should mean happy or cheerful) suffered a fire which  immobilized the vessel off the coast of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.  I wondered what might be going on astrologically with the chart of this company.

Costa Cruises of Genoa, Italy, was found in 1854 (exact date unknown) as a cargo ship company.  It introduced passenger services in 1947 with voyages between Italy and South America.  Its first passenger ship was the Maria C, purchased on December 4th 1946 for $445,000 with a first sailing for the Costa company on 24 February 1947.  I cast a chart for the Sun on the MC for the date of the first sailing as a symbolic chart for the start of their passenger services.

This chart is remarkable for Uranus stationary direct in Gemini the 12th house.   I would not have elected a date with a stationary Uranus to launch a first cruise.  This Uranus is trine Mars in Aquarius in the 9th.    Unfortunately, Uranus is semi-square Saturn in Leo in the 2nd and square Mercury in Pisces in the 10th.  Mars is square Jupiter in Scorpio in the 6th, and Mars is sesqui-square Neptune in Libra in the 5th.  Accident-proneness appears to be a foregone conclusion.

In mundane events I usually look at the eclipses leading up to the event.  In this case there was a solar eclipse on 25 Nov 2011 which squared the natal Sun, and there was a lunar eclipse on 10 Dec 2011 which fell directly on natal Uranus.  The lunar eclipse is only 26′ of arc separated from an exact hit with the natal stationary Uranus.  If a client had asked about booking with this company in 2012, I would have advised avoiding travel with Costa Cruises for at least 6 months after the lunar eclipse of 10 Dec 2011, based on the activation of a powerful natal Uranus in the 12th house of loss and undoing.  Here is the chart with the two eclipses superimposed:

Costa Cruises very first passenger cruise with current eclipses superimposed

The stationary Uranus in Gemini is the most powerful planet in the “birth” chart of the very first cruise of Costa’s passenger business.  In Italy Uranus turned stationary direct at 1:30 AM on 25 Feb 1947. Interestingly, Uranus lies in the middle decan of Gemini which the Golden Dawn associates with the Nine of Swords, often interpreted as indicating despair, suffering, and loss.

Nine of Swords from Crowley's Thoth Tarot

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3 Responses to Costa Cruises has another Accident at Sea

  1. Jenny Brown says:

    The only question I’d have about this analysis is this: Given that the company had been operating successfully for the past 64 years, the fundamental chart can’t be all that bad. My guess is that many other companies have come and gone in that period without hitting the media the way this one did recently, but causing their owners painful losses..

    So I’d be looking for an explanation here that explained the change from long term success to the current penchant catastrophe. That would make me wonder about recent changes in management or setbacks to those who own the company leading to a new emphasis on cost cutting at the expense of quality. Then, when I turned to the chart I’d be looking for long-acting outer planet transits, solar arc and secondary progressions that might indicate a change in climate over the past seven years that would have eroded the company’s investment in and commitment to quality to the point where these kinds of events would become predictable rather than unexpected.

    As I see it, (and I’m speaking with my retired business writer hat on here) one accident of the kind they experienced, which was attributed to a lax individual at the helm might be a classic Uranian bolt from the blue, but two such visible failures in a short time is the result of a pattern of poor management choices. It’s the difference between an otherwise healthy person suffering an aneurysm (Uranus) and an elderly smoker getting a “surprise” diagnosis of lung cancer (Pluto?).

  2. Jenny,
    Thanks for your comments. This was the best chart I could find for the start of their passenger business. There may be a better chart that would give more telling results. I was struck by the lunar eclipse almost exactly on the natal Uranus on the 10th of December. Eclipses often have effects for months or longer, so I was speculating that the activated natal Uranus, especially because it is stationary, may be the symbol for the current accidental occurrences. I haven’t gone back through the history of the company to investigate other accidents.

    Your observation that the company’s success over the years is well taken. In this post I was only looking at its potential for accidents. There are a number of positive aspects. The greater benefic Jupiter rules the MC and the Sun. Jupiter is trine Saturn in the 2nd (income) and trine Mercury in the 10th (busness success). Venus, the lesser benefic, is also sextile Mercury in the 10th. The stationary Uranus is the 12th, however, is to my mind the most striking feature of this chart.

    I appreciate your taking the time to post here and add to the discussion. Your comments are always valuable and enlightening.

    Take care,

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