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Gingrich to Withdraw from the Presidential Race in Early May, 2012

With Gingrich planning to withdraw from the race, I did an update to my post about a horary from last December asking whether he would get the nomination.  The original post is at Addendum:  I wanted to add that … Continue reading

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The Walmart Scandal and the Virgin of Guadalupe

Walmart has been in the news recently for paying bribes to Mexican officials to expand its business south of the USA border.  Anyone who has spent time in Mexico will find nothing surprising in this story.  As Reuters accurately reports: … Continue reading

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An Interview with Robert M. Place on the Tarot

Robert Place is one of my favorite tarot authors.  He is a true scholar who knows the history of the tarot in fine detail.  Recently I came across an online interview with Robert done by tarot author Dusty White as … Continue reading

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Astrology: Houses versus Signs

A long time ago (in October of 1950, to be exact) the noted astrologer Dane Rudhyar wrote an essay distinguishing astrological houses from the signs of the zodiac.  Rudhyar’s insight into this matter has been largely ignored by modern astrologers. … Continue reading

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Hilarious Astrology

While reading about the natal chart of founding father Thomas Paine online, I came across a reference to a book by astrologer Steffan Vanel, whose work I did not know. describes him as “an internationally renowned Astrologer and Tarot Reader … Continue reading

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Still Thinking About Triplicity Rulers

I’ve been thinking a lot about triplicity rulers lately and trying to understand what this dignity means.  Morinus rejects the older texts because he feels Ptolemy’s conception of triplcity rulership is logically flawed.  For example, Morinus would question how Mars … Continue reading

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Is the plural form of the term “astrological musing” trademarked?

Today I received an unusual comment that took me by surprise.  It read: “Please don’t use the words “astrological musings” in the title of your posts, I have had a blog by that title since 2005 and I have a … Continue reading

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More on Lilly’s Understanding of Ptolemy’s Triplicities

Chris Brennan, whose scholarship I admire, left an interesting reply to my previous post on whether Lilly correctly understood Ptolemy on triplicities.  I thought Chris’ comments deserved a separate post, so here they are: “I don’t know about this… It … Continue reading

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Santorum Drops Out of Race

Today (April 10, 2012) Rick Santorum announced that he was dropping out of the Republican race for the presidential nomination of the party.  According to, Santorum said that the reason “he was bowing out now had little to do with … Continue reading

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Mars Rising and the Shooting of Trayvon Martin

The killing of an unarmed black youth, Trayvon Martin, in Sanford, Florida on 26 February 2012 at about 7 pm has become a media frenzy.  The killer, George Zimmerman, appears to have been an overzealous member of the neighborhood watch … Continue reading

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