Sage Stallone, eldest son of Sylvester Stallone, dead at 36

Friday the 13th of July, 2012: Sylvester Stallone’s son, Sage Moonblood Stallone, was found dead in his Hollywood apartment.  The cause of death has not yet been determined though early press reports speculated about the involvement of prescription drugs.  Police were called to his Hollywood home at 2:17 p.m. on Friday.   Early reports said that he may have been dead for 3-4 days before his housekeeper found him; however, photos of him at home were apparently posted to his Facebook page 17 hours before he was found, suggesting a time of death some time after 8 or 9 p.m. on Thursday, 12 July 2012.

What was happening in Sylvester’s chart that might correlate with this tragic incident?  Sylvester’s mother is an astrologer who asserts that her famous son was born on 6 July 1946 at 7:20 pm in NYC, so we have a fairly accurate chart to work with:

Sylvester Stallone natal chart

Stallone just experienced a solar return about a week ago, so it makes sense to compare this solar return chart to his natal chart.  I am assuming he spent his return in the Los Angeles area but I am not certain.  In his natal chart Venus rules the 5th house of children and Jupiter rules his natal 12th house of grieving, which is his children’s derived 8th house of death.  Here is Stallone’s SR for Beverly Hills, where he resides, superimposed on his natal chart:

Stallone’s 2012 solar return in Beverly Hills on his natal chart

A few things stand out:

  • SR Saturn almost exactly conjoins his natal Moon just inside the 10th house.  SR Saturn is the only transiting planet on an angle of the natal chart, which gives it special prominence in the Solar Return.  Saturn crossing the Moon can be a very depressing time when one feels frustrated and depleted.  Issues of loss and emotional deprivation often come to the surface and, being in the 10th house, they have the potential for public display.  SR Saturn conjoins the 10th cusp, which is the derived 6th cusp of his children, so that Saturn affects the health of his children.
  • The SR MC at this residence almost exactly conjoins natal Pluto in the natal 8th house of death.  This is a time of radical upheaval regarding 8th house matters (death and goods of the dead).  The MC casts these issues into a public forum
  • SR Venus, ruler of his natal 5th of children, almost exactly opposes his natal 12th cusp of grief, sorrow, undoing and confinement.  This aspect reinforces the significance of SR Saturn conjoining the Moon.  Grief over the loss of a child is a possible interpretation.
  • SR Jupiter conjoins SR Venus, which opposes the natal 12th house cusp.  Jupiter rules his children’s derived 8th house of death, reinforcing the previous interpretation.

The birthplace Solar Return is also quite striking.  Here is his NYC Solar Return chart with his natal chart superimposed:

Stallone birthplace 2012 solar return on natal chart

Striking features of the birthplace solar return include:

  • The ASC of the NYC solar return lies almost exactly on his natal 12th house cusp of mourning, sadness and confinement.
  • The SR Sun (and natal Sun) conjoin the SR 8th house cusp of death and goods of the dead.  He will be dealing with issues related to death during this SR year.
  • SR Venus (which rules his natal 5th house of children) lies very close to the horizon, making matters related to children prominent in the SR year.

These are some of the major features of these SR charts.  Other factors are present but less striking.

Sage Stallone’s Birth Chart:

I was unable to locate a birth time for Sage’s chart, so I cast a sunrise chart as a generic reference to someone born in LA on 5 May 1976.  Here is his sunrise chart:

Sage Stallone Sunrise Chart 5 May 1976 Los Angeles

In this sunrise chart Neptune conjoins the 8th cusp of the house of death, which is ruled by Jupiter.  Neptune suggests the possibility of death through an adverse response to drugs or medications.  Neptune rules drugs, medications, liquids, gases, the oceans, etc.

Neptune is stressed by a sequisquare from Saturn at the cusp of the 4th house of endings, which is ruled by the Moon.  Neptune is also stressed by a quincunx from his Taurus Sun.  If he died on Thursday evening, the transiting Moon was conjoining his natal Sun and activating this natal Sun/Neptune quincunx — again suggesting the possibility of drugs, alcohol or intoxicants in his demise.  Neptune also figures in deaths due to shipwrecks and drowning, but that appears highly improbable in this case except possibly in a very metaphorical sense.

By the time the police were called, the transiting Moon had moved to 22 Taurus 32 and since very early Thursday morning transiting Saturn had had been in partile square with his natal Mars, ruler of his unfortunate 12th house of undoing.  In addition, the transiting Sun was illuminating the three planets in his natal 3rd house of news and communication.

Police called to Sage’s home 2:17 pm Friday 13 July 2012

Addendum 17 July 2012:  Sage’s mother reported she was worried about his recent dental surgery and speculates that the pain killers he was taking post five dental extractions may have contributed to his death.  Her hypothesis is consistent with the astrological symbolism.  Saturn rules bones and teeth.  In his father’s SR Saturn conjoins Sage’s derived 6th cusp of illness and is the most prominent planet in the return this July.  Transiting Saturn squares natal Mars in Sage’s chart and this aspect commonly occurs around the time of significant dental procedures.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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6 Responses to Sage Stallone, eldest son of Sylvester Stallone, dead at 36

  1. james says:

    hi anthony,
    glad to see you back posting and talking astrology!
    stallone is born the same day as gwbush.. the charts are different though.. gw has moon applying to jupiter-4th house area, whereas stallone has moon applying to saturn -8th house/sign.
    i wonder how much of what astrologers read on charts is like doing back fill after the fact? i am not singling you out, as i see all astrologers doing this, including myself. i do wonder how much could be said in advance, verses after the fact when talking astrology.. that said, i think it is a great learning exercise and was happy to see you make this post.
    for me the natal moon-saturn square is a big deal in stallone’s chart with family – moon in midheaven – strong mother figure? ) and saturn in cancer in the 8th sort of speaking to a difficult upbringing and family background – for me anyway.. i see the transit and station of saturn within a degree of natal moon as a biggie here – and what you will also see in the sr chart no matter where you place it.. friday the 13th also has the t sun highlighting this same spot.
    thanks for the astro exercise here in spite of the sad event that must be very hard on stallone and all concerned.

    • James,
      Agreed. It’s always easier in hindsight. When a major event occurs, I like to check the chart to see what I can learn about the astrological symbolism and how it plays out in the current situation.

  2. james says:

    thanks. i think it is helpful to look at a day chart for sage stallone.. sage was born on slyvesters saturn return. actually both the son and father have fairly close mars/saturn aspects – the father a semisquare and the son a conjunction. the mars/saturn conjunction in the sons chart lands on the fathers saturn which i see as very challenging. this area of the chart has been highlighted by the station of saturn at 22/23 libra and highlighted at this time with t sun moving to the square of this from the sign cancer which is where both father and son have saturn natally.. i guess i see this as the pivotal point to what has unfolded here.
    i note your use of the sesquisquare.. that is cool. have you spent any time looking at 16th harmonic aspects? these are built off what is 1/2 of a semisquare – 22.30 degrees.. they have a name for this aspect, which i can never remember.. let me go check. semioctile is an angle of 22.5° (22°30′), one-sixteenth of the circle of the zodiac.
    i have tried to learn more about this aspect by only using quite narrow orbs – less then a degree and preferably exact to up to about 1/2 a degree.. it is interesting if you overlap charts for people that you have an accurate birth time when major events of this nature take place. i suppose the argument to the use of these is that there is already so much going on in a chart, this just adds to the mess.. at any rate, i was intrigued that you use the 135, so i thought i would talk about this without giving any examples!

    • James,
      Thanks for you observations, especially about superimposing the son’s chart on Sylvester’s chart. The patterns are striking.
      Regarding the sequi- and semi-square, I do use them if they are close, though I give them less importance than other aspects. On the other hand, several years ago Bruce Scofield did a reading for a friend of mine who had a very tight sesqui-square in her chart. His interpretation of that as the key aspect opened up a very accurate way of viewing the chart that I would not have seen otherwise.
      I’ve never experimented with the “semi-octile” so I can’t comment on it. Once things get smaller than the semi-sextile (which I view as a weak quincunx) and semi-square, I don’t know how to interpret them.
      I wish we had Sage’s birth time.

  3. An interesting MC natal position for Sly with the most auspicious star called Spica. Almost too perfect! A great “Ecliptic Line Up” also occurred around his birth. Sasha Czack, Sage’s mother, birthday listed as: July 17th 1950 Chester Pen. Current view is an accidental death following dentistry.

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