A Strange Twist of Fate in the “Dark Knight Rises” Killings

My previous post was about James Eagan Holmes, accused of killing and injuring dozens of people in the July 20th Batman slaughter of Aurora, CO.  One of the unsual stories to come out of the incident is that of Jessica Gwahi, a 24-year-old San Antonio woman who, on her blog, “had recently shared a chilling account of how she narrowly avoided the Eaton Centre shooting in Toronto on June 2.”  Tragically, after escaping the shooting in Toronto, Jessica was one of the 12 people who died in Aurora.  Also tragic is that Holmes’ psychiatrist had reported her concerns about his potential for violence to the police six weeks before the shootings.

According to her brother Jordan, Jessica was born on November 27, 1987.  The family’s grief is apparent in Jordan’s remarks.  It is hard to imagine how one copes with such a horrible event and the loss of a child or a sibling.

Because they were born only a couple of weeks apart, Jessica’s chart is similar to that of her killer.  If we superimpose the two charts, Jessica’s Saturn almost exactly conjoins James’ Sun, suggesting a karmic connection.  In astrological synastry, Sun/Saturn connections are often fateful and onerous, as was the case here.

For the sake of argument, let us suppose that these two individuals, Jessica and James, have an exact Sun/Saturn conjunction between them.  Such a configuration would occur if James were born at 3:32 PM in San Diego.  Here is the resulting “rectified” chart for James with the sunrise chart of his victim superimposed (her birth time is unknown):

“Rectified” chart for James Holmes with Jessica Ghawi’s sunrise chart outside

Here is the “rectified” chart of the killer on its own:

Holmes chart “rectified” based on the chart of a fateful victim

Whether this “rectified” chart represents his actual birth time or is merely symbolically valid, it has some striking features.  The Moon now participates closely in a T-square with Chiron opposing the Sun/Saturn/Uranus conjunction.  Pluto is closely semi-square both the Moon and Uranus, which are in a close square themselves.

This configuration suggests an emotionally wounded individual who feels misunderstood and suffers from feelings of rejection, inadequacy, and insecurity.  Moon in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius may indicate excessive shyness despite a desire to mix and mingle with the crowd.  Pluto semi-square both Moon and Uranus can add an explosive element to the mix, with seething feelings of resentment and a desire for vengeance.

All of the above, of course, is pure speculation without accurate birth times for both individuals.  What is clear is that in this case the killer and his victim are linked by an almost exact conjunction of his natal Sun and her natal Saturn — a fateful aspect in any relationship.  The only factor I considered in this “rectification” was the Sun/Saturn connection that exists between these two individuals.  A true rectification would involve many other events and chart comparisons to assure its validity.  Because Saturn moves so slowly, matching the killer’s Sun to his fateful victim’s Saturn is a reasonable place to start.

July 25, 2012: Addendum

There are two birth dates circulating for James Holmes.  He apparently lied on his social network sex site and gave his birthday as Dec 10.  All other sources, including police reports, give Dec 13th.  Mr. Holmes listed his birthdate as Dec 13, 1987 in an application for practice on a rifle range.  A copy of his application was published in the media and is reproduced below:

Holmes lists his DOB as Dec 13, 1987 in rifle range application.

Based on the prevailing evidence, we can be reasonably confident that Dec 13th is his true date of birth and that his sex site entry was a lie.  It must be common that people lie about their personal data on internet sites devoted to seeking sexual partners.

PS: A Vedic astrologer claims to have rectified the chart to have a 27 Pisces 12 ASC (I assume he means sidereal, not tropical).  This ASC would mean a birth time of 1:19 PM (13:19:02 to be exact).  Since I don’t know Vedic astrology, I can’t comment on his arguments.  It is interesting that my argument above and the Vedic argument each give a birth time in the early afternoon.  The Vedic chart would put Holmes’ Sun at 21 Sag 19 (tropical), just 6 minutes of arc away from Jessica’s Saturn at 21 Sag 25 (tropical) — still an extremely close conjunction.  I hope someone can come up with an authenticated time of birth so that we can study the actual chart.

Addendum: Aug 4, 2012 – Kenneth Miller claims to have located James Holmes’ birth certificate and gives his time of birth as 9:04 PM.  This is about 5 1/2 hours later than the time of my estimate above.  Here is the corresponding chart:

James Holmes natal chart. Time reportedly comes from his birth certificate.

Leo rises, increasing the emphasis on the element Fire in the chart.  The warrior planet Mars in its own sign of Scorpio closely conjoins the meridian axis, making it the most prominent body in the chart.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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10 Responses to A Strange Twist of Fate in the “Dark Knight Rises” Killings

  1. james says:

    it is the eaton centre – not easton centre.. apparently she had a premonition at the eaton centre which helped safeguard her. it doesn’t sound like she had one at the aurora movie venue.. mercury/uranus midpoint in her chart is at 8 sag 19 area.. transiting saturn in both shooting events is at 23 libra 16 and 23 libra 10 – 45 degrees this midpoint.. the premonition sounds like possibly jupiter or neptune transit played a role in the eaton shooting but not in the movie theatre shooting. the alternative possibility is her moon is in pisces – which connects to jupiter and neptune – and that for some reason she was protected in the one, but not the other. one notes transiting neptune in the toronto shooting is stationary at 3 pisces 09, while it is retro in the aurora event at 2 pisces 38.. i wonder what degree her moon is actually at? difficult to do this work without an accurate time for her as we are mostly left just scratching our head.


  2. twosides4 says:

    wow! it also crossed my mind about Jessica Ghawi and the fact that she was exposed to violence two times within a month and a half period. How bizarre that she was born just a couple weeks ahead of Holmes and became his victim. thanks for the charts and the analysis.

  3. james says:

    regarding your addendum and the idea of tropical aries rising.. i mentioned aries ising chart in my july 21st posts on holmes.
    “if you put aries rising – the jupiter rising chart i was mentioning – you can get uranus rising opposite mars setting.. the red hair would go with aries rising too.. this will put natal mars/pluto in the 8th..”
    “depending on the time holmes is born, a jupiter rising chart will put holmes moon in a very tight hard aspect to this same mars/pluto..”
    speculative stuff.

  4. FilmEnding says:

    Great analysis! The comment section reads like advanced Calculus to me, but the article provides a good explanation to link the victim and the killer. It is like watching Final Destination 2, as we hear the main character discussing a parent dying in a shooting robbery. One person escapes death, but then meets the same fate in the future. Eerie!

    What if Jessica would have stayed home that night? They mentioned her begging another friend to watch the premiere. An EXIT door can be opened without any alarms sounding? In a smaller city such as Santa Clara, Ca, there were always security guards watching the exit doors at AMC. They’ve began using this security since 2000.

    Can this same analysis be applied to 9/11? There are accounts that people were late to their flight. I believe a few celebrities claimed they were scheduled to fly on a few of the planes. What about the victims on that tragic day?

    Your assessment is very interesting. It takes vast experience to truly understand the charts. Thanks.

  5. Paul Fassa says:

    James Holmes was adopted. I doubt if you have the correct birth data.

  6. Char Fassa says:

    James Holmes was adopted. I doubt if you have the correct birth data. I’d rather see a chart of the actual event in Aurora on July 20th 2012 at midnight.

    • As far as I know from working with adopted clients, the adoptive parents are given a copy of the birth certificate by the court. The name is changed because of the adoption but the data is correct and is needed for official reasons like applying for social security, etc.

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