An unexpected death – Solar Returns for unknown birth times

Today (Thursday Aug 2, 2012) a friend told me some unsettling news.  A family member, a man just slightly older than me, had died unexpectedly on Tuesday evening (July 31, 2012).  He had complained of an upset stomach on Saturday and went to bed early.  He awoke Sunday morning with severe abdominal pain and his wife took him to the hospital.  There he was diagnosed with a perforated colon, due to a sudden event that had cut off circulation to that part of his bowel.  He spent the next two days on life support and died Tuesday evening.  Wednesday would have been his wedding anniversary and Friday, the date of the wake, would have been his 67th birthday (he was born on Aug 3, 1945).

I wondered what might be going on in the chart of this unfortunate man, so I cast a sunrise chart (time of birth unknown) for his birth location.  I used Placidus houses because I have found that the sunrise chart gives useful results with solar returns for Placidus houses.  This technique is discussed further in my book on forecasting with solar returns.  Here is his natal sunrise chart:

Sunrise chart of man who died suddenly

Here is his sunrise natal chart with his solar return for the current year superimposed:

Sunrise chart with current Solar Return Superimposed

His Solar Return ASC lies in the natal 12th house conjunct natal Saturn – a very stressful configuration.  His solar return Neptune (modern ruler of his 8th of death) closely conjoins his natal 8th house of death.   SR Mercury rules the SR 12th of grief and undoing and almost exactly opposes SR Neptune at the cusp of the natal 8th house of death.  (Through its rulership of Virgo Mercury is associated with the human bowels, the source of his undoing.)  The Moon rules the SR ASC and conjoins his natal Jupiter, traditional ruler of the Pisces 8th house of death.  SR Venus, which rules the end of life 4th cusp, conjoins the natal Sun and natal Pluto, which is the modern ruler of Scorpio intercepted in the end of life 4th house.  SR Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio in the end of life 4th house, conjoins natal Venus, ruler of the 4th cusp.

Here is his current Solar Return progressed by secondary progression at the rate of solar arc in right ascension to the date of his death:

Current Solar return (2011 – 2012) progressed to the date of death with natal sunrise chart superimposed

On the day of his death his natal Neptune almost exactly opposes the progressed Solar Return Uranus, which conjoins the SR Midheaven, giving special prominence to this Uranus/Neptune opposition.  If we use the modern rulerships of Aquarius and Pisces, Uranus rules the 8th house of death in the SR chart and Neptune rules the 8th house of death in the natal sunrise chart.  Also, note the natal and progressed Sun closely opposing the SR 8th cusp of death.  The SR 8th cusp is at 11 AQ 20 and the progressed SR 8th cusp is at 11 AQ 56 on the day of death.  The progressed SR Sun lies at 11 Leo 38, very closely opposed to both these points, and in exact opposition to the midpoint of the SR 8th cusp and the progressed SR 8th cusp on the day of death.

Of course, the sunrise chart for the place of birth does not give as much information as the actual birth time; but it does provide a useful perspective on events when a birth time is unavailable.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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2 Responses to An unexpected death – Solar Returns for unknown birth times

  1. Lau says:

    All of this I find really scary! !!. My 2018 solar return has Mars in 12th conjunct Ascendant, only 1 degree apart squaring Uranus in 3rd. Pluto is also in 12th. Saturn in 11th 3 degrees apart from 12th too. SR Ascendant is in 4th. Should I think next year will be the end of my life?? Any sugestions ??? I can’t relocate.

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