Another look at James Eagan Holmes’ Chart

Now that someone has identified the birth time of James Holmes from his birth certificate as 9:04 PM in San Diego, I wanted to take another look at his chart.  If the data is correct, the accurate birth chart is as follows:

Batman Killer James Holmes’ Birth Chart, time allegedly from birth certificate

Given the apparent emotional disturbance of the individual, it seems to me that the Moon is the key factor to consider, especially the Moon’s squares to Chiron, Uranus and Saturn.  Because so much has already been written by astrologers about this chart, I decided to do something different and very modern, so I ran a “midpoint report” from the Janus 4.3 astrology program using orbs up to 1 degree with a little extra allowed for the Moon.  The report is fascinating, and I have reproduced it below:

Midpoint Report for James Eagan Holmes


The Sun describes your sense of personal identity, your creative expression and ability to realize your individual potential and gain recognition.

Sun = Mercury/Uranus (-00 04′ S d)
Original and intuitive thinking. A quick learner with the ability to sum up situations quickly. Intellectual flexibility. Mentally alert and astute. Thinking outside of the box. An interest in reforms and innovations. Open to new and progressive ideas or methods. Restless. Easily distracted. Impulsive and contradictory. Nervous energy.


The Moon describes your emotional nature, instinctual behavior and unconscious response patterns, and sense of home and family.

Moon = Pluto/Ascendant (+00 27′ S )
A magnetic and dynamic personality. Compulsive tendencies; the need to feel in control of personal surroundings. Obsessive about family and domestic concerns. Fixations and dependencies. Sensing potential threats or negative energies in the environment. Emotional manipulation within partnerships. Power struggles within relationships.

Moon = Mars/Ascendant (+01 17′ S )
An ambitious, courageous and protective nature. Strong survival instincts; the ability to sense and respond quickly to threatening situations. Sensitive to disharmony in the environment and personal relationships. Emotionally reactive and defensive when challenged. Confronting others or being confronted. Conflict or drama within the family. Dealing with emotive and contentious issues.


Mercury describes your manner of expression, your powers of communication and intellectual reasoning, your ability to formulate and articulate ideas, and to make decisions.

Mercury = Venus/Pluto (-00 51′ S d)
Expressing passionate views and ideas. The ability to elicit the desired effect and response in others. Discussing relationship dynamics and confronting emotional and sexual issues. Obsessive thinking. Intense communications with others. Jealousy and possessiveness. Emotional and mental manipulation; power struggles in love. Vindictiveness. Creative intensity.

Mercury = Venus/Mars (+00 00′ A d)
An emotionally expressive communicator. Speaking directly from the heart. Intimate dialogues; thinking and talking about love and sex. Discussing relationship issues. Counseling others in affairs of the heart. Passionate about learning and subjects of interest. A creative intellect. Artistic expressions. Romantic and sexual partnerships. Procreative activity.


Venus describes your appreciation of beauty and the arts, your powers of attraction, and your capacity for close personal relationships and love affairs.

Venus = Pluto/Moon’s North Node (-00 14′ S d)
Personal magnetism. Charming others and being charmed. An undeniable force of desire and attraction. Inevitable connections and love unions. Intense and passionate sexual relationships. Obsessive partnerships. Jealousy and manipulation. Power struggles. Ill-fated affairs.

Venus = Mars/Moon’s North Node (+00 37′ A d)
Sex-appeal and magnetism. Attracting and being attracted to others. The desire for physical and sexual connections. The ability to be diplomatic and charming – in order to get what is wanted. An enjoyment of sparring with another. Dynamic and productive partnerships. The desire to be on the winning team. An active social life.


Mars describes the way you act and assert yourself, your basic urges and desires, and your ability to achieve personal goals.

Mars = Moon/Uranus (-00 01′ A d)
An emotional live-wire. Willful and defiant. Defiantly doing what feels right. Refusing to be answerable to anyone. The power of conviction. Emotionally excitable and spontaneous. Impulsive and erratic behavior. Irritability and agitation. Highly responsive and reactive. Unsettling experiences. Conflict within family.


Jupiter describes how you relate to the larger world beyond your personal self, how you expand in life, and experience higher learning, travel or religion.


Saturn describes your experience of reality, your fears and inhibitions, where you are serious, and how you respond to society’s rules.

Saturn = Sun/Uranus (+00 45′ S d)
Conforming under duress. Defiance. Displays of willfulness and inflexibility. Repressive influences. The urge to break free of constraint and restrictive influences. Difficulty controlling reactive or volatile tendencies. Sudden changes to the established order. Fearful of change and the unknown. Agitation. Stress-related illnesses.


Uranus a generational planet – describes areas of personal and peer group uniqueness, your intuitive awareness, and your ability to adapt to the new and sudden.

Uranus = Mercury/Neptune (+00 16′ S d)
Intuitive flashes; imaginative and creative insights. Acute perception. The pursuit of inspirational ideas and idealistic notions. Spiritual and metaphysical interests. Transcendentalism. Psychic activity. Sudden states of disorientation. Irrational thinking and confused behavior. Escapist tendencies.


Neptune a generational planet – describes your personal and peer group experiences of spirituality, your powers of inspired fantasy and areas of illusion.

Neptune = Venus/Saturn (-00 25′ A d)
Unfulfilled longings, yearnings and desires. Unrequited love. ‘Losing your heart to another’. Difficulty attaining and sustaining intimacy and closeness within partnerships. Painful sacrifices in love. Abstinence. Dampened enthusiasm and hopes. Sincere devotion and loyalty to loved ones.


Pluto a generational planet – describes your personal and peer group experience of upheavals, forces beyond individual control, power and irreversible changes.

Pluto = Sun/Moon (-00 48′ A d)
All consuming and intense life experiences. Total commitment to personal or professional causes. Depth of feeling and response. Cyclical personal transformations. Regeneration. Inner crossroads. The recognition of power in self and others – power struggles. Fated partnerships. Compulsive and obsessive tendencies. Extremism. Manipulating others or being manipulated. Conclusive endings and new beginnings to chapters in life.

Pluto = Moon/Saturn (+00 04′ S d)
A solitary lifestyle; periodically being forced ‘to go it alone’. Feeling emotionally distanced from others (or the family). Conclusive breaks from the past – and from significant women. Deep-rooted insecurities and anxieties. Suppressed emotions and passions. Enforced restrictions and separations (eviction).

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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9 Responses to Another look at James Eagan Holmes’ Chart

  1. Mitzi Stone says:

    I have always understood that when the natal moon is VOC it can indicate a sociopathic personality. Moon at 29 degrees 41 min Virgo is also considered in critical degrees.

    • Mitzi,

      I hadn’t heard of an association between the VOC Moon and sociopaths before, and I would tend to distrust it since it is such a sweeping generalization and many people are born with the Moon VOC.


    • Eoin Keith Boyle says:

      Similar to Mitzi’s comment: I keep seeing oppositions to lunar nodes in charts for serial killers & mass murderers as I scroll through various databases. And here we have Moon conjunct South Node… just sayin’

  2. james says:

    hi tony,

    thanks for sharing holmes birth time that has been recently acquired. so, not aries rising, but leo.. this continues with the emphasis on fire, but from a different angle.. mars/pluto are not in the 8th, but the 4th and very close to the angle as well.. on top of this sun/moon midpoint is very close to pluto .

    midpoints are fascinating stuff. for me it has always been a case of which midpoint is more central to the chart given the fact there are so many.. typically astrologers will go with the closest orbs to direct midpoints, but i am not convinced of this being the only way to go about it. michael munkasey who has written a few very good books on midpoints developed a computer model to arrive at the most heavily weighed midpoint in a type of analysis he created which he discusses in his book called ‘midpoints’. i don’t completely understand how it is arrived at, but in holmes chart the ascendant/pluto midpoint which happens to have moon at the midpoint is top billing in his mwa system. this happens to be very close to another midpoint that michael harding and charles harvey discussed thoroughly in their book ‘working with astrology’ which is the ascendant/midheaven midpoint which in holmes case is virtually the same as ascendant/mars and again all happen to point to the moon position. according to these 2 authors viewpoint, the sun/moon and ascendant/midheaven midpoints ought to be given special consideration given the centrality to any chart that these points emphasize. using this as a means of highlighting certain midpoints over others we see how the moon, pluto and mars are brought together in the midpoints of the angles and the sun/moon in such a way to put an emphasis on holmes early home environment and his relationship to one particular parent – probably the father which point to a part of the basis for holmes particular unresolved and painful path that he continues to travel along.

    the sun at the midpoint of mercury/uranus would seem especially fitting considering his strong academic abilities that he displayed from an early age.. that the emotional conflict represented in other parts of the chart where unable to be sorted out in a positive and creative way is especially sad given how he resorted to his wicked actions on the date of the mass murders he is ultimately responsible for.. creating more pain for others is no recipe for resolving your own.. it is most unfortunate his time with the school psychiatrist wasn’t able to take the edge off the intensity of his own suffering which is essentially how i see this.. such a sad thing for all involved.

    • James,

      You were right about a Fire ASC but it turned out to be Leo, not Aries, as you point out. I forgot about Munkasey’s weighting system. His book is somewhere on a shelf, so I’ll need to dig it our and review what he says. I haven’t read the Charles Harvey book you mentioned. It seems to be out of print and the used copies cost a fortune on; maybe I can find it at a different site. Too bad! It looks very interesting. Your summary that “the sun/moon and ascendant/midheaven midpoints ought to be given special consideration given the centrality to any chart that these points emphasize” makes a lot of sense. I appreciate your comments.



  3. Miranda says:

    I’m curious, with the spreading underground doubt of JH’s responsibility or guilt for the crime. Would him somehow being a patsy fit this chart too? It’s very easy to interperate his chart as how the media have portrayed him… I have seen many on line astrologers doing just that. Yet no mention of his fathers place in the libor case or discrepancies in witness statements or evidence? Innocent until proven guilty? I’m curious if a chart really can prove guilt.. Or innocence.

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  5. Ambrosia says:

    well, there is a complete lack of Air in his chart, by sign AND house (3rd placements belong to 4th already) … No Ratio, only emotional chaos (moon on a critical degree in Virgo) in the house of self worth.
    The sole AIR placement is Chiron by house (11th groups, peers) and sign (Gemini), which is a singleton. This maverick is the other end of an opposition to an already complicated Stellium in Sag, which then is squared by an afflicted moon, forming a T-Square to said house of self image.
    There is an emphasis for a search of sense or teacher (guru) with a retro Jupiter in 9th, but with Aries, Jupiter goes for activism more then for meditation. Would have been a benign influence with a trine to his sun.
    Mars/Pluto on the IC points to violence in his upbringing.
    I think this chart, as stellium charts are in general, is very sensitive to transits, especially on the T-square “arms”.

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