The Birth Chart of Paul Ryan & his Primary Directions for the November 2012 Election

Presumably we now have a birth time for Paul Ryan from his birth certificate.  An uncertified copy of Paul Ryan’s birth certificate  from the Wisconsin State Vital Records Office states that he was born on January 29, 1970 at 2:37 AM in Janesville, Wisconsin.  Here is the chart:

Paul Ryan’s Birth Chart, time allegedly from birth certificate

Using the technique of “zodiacal releasing from the Lot of Spirit” described by the 2nd century astrologer Vettius Valens, two gifted astrologers, Patrick Watson and Chris Brennan, concluded that Obama had the edge over Romney in the November 2012 elections.

In another post, astrologer Leisa Schaim in the tradition of the great Grant Lewi’s work on Saturn cycles, concluded that Ryan had a significant Saturn aspect coming up this fall.  Schaim noted the following about Ryan’s Saturn cycle:

  • 1992 – The Waning Saturn Square in Aquarius – graduated college.
  • 1998 – The Saturn Return in Taurus – elected to first term in Congress.
  • 2006 – The Waxing Square in Leo – considered quitting Congress because of Pelosi’s successes in opposition to him.
  • Oct. 27, 2012 – The Saturn Opposition in Scorpio – shortly before the November election.

I wondered what his primary directions showed this year, so I calculated his converse and direct primaries, with and without latitude, using the method of Placidean semi-arc, and the Naibod timing key.  Here are the results for the period 2011-2013 using only hard aspects:

Ryan Primary Directions 2011-2013

Interestingly, Saturn by primary direction is also active around the time of the November 2012 election, and it is opposing the natal MC.  In the natal chart, Saturn is part of a T-square as it opposes Jupiter and squares the Sun/Venus conjunction.  The fact that Saturn crosses the meridian axis by primary direction this year correlates with his selection as Romney’s running mate.  It is clear astrologically that this is a highly significant year for his career.  One has to wonder whether primary directed Saturn opposing the natal MC this fall, together with transiting Saturn opposing his natal Saturn, means that he will not win in the presidential election.  Of course, a single factor cannot be used to make such an important prediction and the charts of all the other candidates would have to be taken into account (which I have not yet had the time to do).

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11 Responses to The Birth Chart of Paul Ryan & his Primary Directions for the November 2012 Election

  1. Sastry Karra says:

    Just a few days ago before Mitt declared him as his VP, I reviewed his Natal Chart.
    My understanding is that:

    1. Paul Ryan might try for US Presidentail Primaries for 2016 but will withdraw on or after 2016-April-02 2. Paul Ryan will bounce back and shine well after 2017-May-6 3. Paul Ryan will have professional issues bewtween 2018-Sep-19 and 2019-April-7

    The detailed article is at:

  2. james says:

    astrologers have too many tools to work with and often don’t know what to do with all the info generated from these same tools/techniques. i speak for myself when i say this, but i have a distinct impression many others fall into the same dilemma, or worse, entertain the idea that they actually know how it all works and can make consistently accurate predictions.

    does saturn work one way in a persons chart, or can it work a number of ways?

    does it matter how saturn is positioned natally and in relation to other planets as to how it might manifest in a similar geometrical position by transit?

    i don’t think the romney/ryan ticket are going to win, but i could be wrong. the more angles i look at it from the more i feel confident enough to voice this.

    just looking at the transits to ryan’s chart for about the time of the announcement of his vp status, i note the mars/saturn conjunction close to his natal moon. generally i think a saturn transit to natal moon is a tough transit.. one can say a few things about the fact it is in libra, the 11th sign/house to the ascendant, assuming the ascendant is bang on, and etc, it is interesting the 951am time that is popular for romney gives exactly the opposite degree rising – well both rising signs within a degree of one another.. if you look at the composite chart for the 2 men aside from the prominence of neptune by transit and neptune on the ascendant of ryans natal chart which will be on the descendant of romneys), one notes the mars/saturn square in the 7/10th houses.. this to me suggests a degree of tension and conflict between the 2 men that is likely to become apparent over the course of the election.. maybe if romney keeps referring to ryan as the next president it might help, lol, but overall i think it is a challenging composite chart for the 2 of them. i don’t get the impression of a win for these 2 here, but as i said – i could be wrong and i have been wrong before.

    as for saturn by transit or direction and etc. – i think much depends on how it is set up natally. i think saturn can bring reward or disappointment. it is never a sure thing one way or the other. if someone has worked hard towards something, it is possible to see the rewards at the time of a strong saturn transit and etc, but it isn’t a sure thing. i don’t think they win it here.. mercury retro on the day of the election might bring some surprises and changes that make it even harder to predict.

  3. James,
    I agree that we have many tools and sometimes it’s hard to know how to interpret all the findings. In this case I was struck by the primary directed Saturn crossing the IC at almost the same time that transiting Saturn opposed natal Saturn. I think all astrologers would agree that this combination means something very significant going on in the career, but whether that important event is positive or negative is open to interpretation. I tend to see an opposition to the MC as spelling career difficulties, especially since natally his Saturn is involved in a T-square. On the other hand, one would have to consider the preponderance of evidence to draw a reasonable inference. I haven’t looked at a lot of factors or considered the charts of the other candidates to venture any conclusion.

    • james says:

      a primary direction isn’t the same as a transit.. some charts will never have a pd saturn to the ic, or midheaven as in ryans case.. on the other hand, anyone who lives 30 years will have a transit to both.. to draw the same type of meaning off transit data – saturn to midheaven or i.c. – and extend it onto primary directions doesn’t work for me. i see a connection being made with saturn to the midheaven axis thru the primary direction data, but i wouldn’t draw the same meaning i would from a transit to either end of the axis..
      the fact he has been picked as romneys running mate is a huge boost to his position in an obvious sense which fits with the primary direction saturn to midheaven axis regardless which end it hits. the natal chart has a close 135 aspect between saturn and midheaven as well.. the transit phase of saturn emphasized by the other astrologer who did this research is good info. how does it differ each time is an open question.

      a few other passing observations are the degree of both saturn and midheaven close to the sun/moon midpoint by hard aspect which suggest a real drive to succeed. it suggests an ambitious and worldly nature where position and status are considered important. that is what i get from the saturn/midheaven at the sun/moon midpoint by hard aspect. saturn is again moving thru this area(the whole pattern to his chart that has many points tied together), while the minor progression and solar arc direction of saturn are emphasizing the same emphasize the importance of the transit of saturn, whether it be dovetailing it with primary directions, or these other techniques.

      on another note – what is the program you are using to generate the primary direction data? i have the morinus free software which is great. it appears you are doing zodiacal positions as opposed to mundane positions which is one of the many options to choose from when doing primary directions.


      • James,
        You make a good point. Transits are not directions. I thought the direction of Saturn to the meridian axis might be stressful because Saturn is involved in many hard aspects in the nativity.
        These calculations were done in Janus software. I also use the Morinus software, which gives the same results last time I checked. I did use the zodiacal positions rather than the mundare.

      • james says:

        tony –
        unfortunately finding a time line of important events in ryans life that is anything more specific then giving the year is impossible to do for me so far.. the only concrete date i can find for anything on ryan is him being chosen as the vp nominee on aug 11th.. if you look at the transit chart for aug 11th, mercury is at 2 leo having turned direct a few days before, and right where his saturn is via square – midheaven via 45 semisquare. this is also where the primary directions are too that you have highlighted.i think this is a good example of a particular transit dovetailing or supporting a particular event in a persons life. mercury rules his midheaven.. natally it is in capricorn which is ruled by saturn. i wonder if more transits to this axis will help to define the nature of the primary directions you have highlighted as well.. i think they will.
        another transit that is interesting to consider for this aug 11th vp nomination is jupiter at 12 gemini which is exactly conjunct the descendant in ryans relocation chart to washington dc.

  4. james says:

    …”i think this is a good example of a particular transit dovetailing or supporting a particular event in a persons life” in combination with primary directions – is what i meant to add.

    • James,
      I understood the point you were making. In Morin’s system transits are the final step in prediction. They serve as timing devices to show when the promise of the natal chart, the current primary directions and the current returns come to fruition.

      • vik34589 says:

        Hmmm..all I know is it’s all about free will. And in my humble experience with Saturn it wasn’t about winning or losing, but lessons learned which have me a “aha” moment which helped me to decide which direction to go. The transit and/or progressions didn’t compel me…just opened my eyes. However if I chose to remain blind then I wouldn’t have been able to see. Hopefully, P. Ryan will be conscious enough to know what direction to take…I believe he will. That’s my humble opinion not my astrolological one. Peace!

  5. Vik,
    Thanks for your perspective on Saturn. I guess I’ve been reading so much Morinus that I tend to see Saturn as always doing nasty things to the native. In Ryan’s natal chart Saturn opposes his Jupiter in the 11th and bears an inconjunct relationship to Neptune in his natal 12th of undoing. I don’t see his natal Saturn as particularly supportive of his 10th house aspirations, so when the opposition of Saturn reaches the MC by primary direction it may mean a professional defeat. Your take is no doubt true on a psychological level. I was looking more at what events might unfold under this symbolism of Saturn.
    Take care,

  6. With Paul Reyan’s reported birth data (29 January 1970 at 02:37 AM, Janesville, Wisconsin) he get’s Scorpio lagna and If we look at Ryan’s chart from Vedic Mundane Jyotish perspectives, he doesn’t look to succeed either in 11’th Oct 2012’s debate or in election, However, Studying his face, physical attributes and reputation and most importantly alphabets of his name, He looks to have born with Libra as lagna from Vedic Jyotish viewpoint, In case, he is truly born with Libra as lagna, he is going to outwit Joe Biden with his style of speech and arguments full of fireworks.

    Lalit Mishra,

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