Sylvester Stallone’s Half-Sister Dies At 48

In a previous post I looked at the Solar Return for Sylvester Stallone just prior to the time his son Sage died unexpectedly this summer.  In today’s news I read that his half-sister Toni-Ann Filitri had just died of lung cancer.  This was not surprising astrologically because the recent solar return had highlighted 8th house issues (matters related to death and dying) as a major theme for this solar return year (Aug 2012 – Aug 2013).

It occurred to me that the Lunar Return for the current period (she died on Aug 27, 2012) should clearly symbmolize the event.  I’m not certain where he spent his lunar return so I cast it for Beverly Hills as a close approximation to his place of residence at the time of the return.  Here are the charts: his lunar return with his natal chart superimposed and vice versa.

Stallone Lunar Return with natal superimposed

The Moon in the lunar return chart closely conjoins the 12th house cusp, suggesting that themes of grief and loss dominate the month.  Stallone’s natal MC also conjoins the LR 12th cusp, suggesting that his grief will be on public display.  Stallone’s natal Venus falls on the MC of the LR chart, highlighting issues symbolized by Venus this month.  Venus rules the LR 12th cusp of grieving and undoing and the LR 7th cusp of conflicts and partnerships.

Here is the natal chart with the lunar return superimposed:

Stallone natal chart with lunar return superimposed for time of half-sister’s death

Siblings are shown by the 3rd house.  Natally Stallone has Pisces on the 3rd cusp, so Jupiter is the traditional ruler of his sibs, Neptune is the modern ruler, and Venus is almuten of the 3rd cusp.

Venus rules the natal MC, which is also the derived 8th cusp of the natal 3rd house of siblings.  The LR MC conjoins natal Venus in the natal 8th house of death.  SR Venus conjoins the natal Sun, which rules the natal 8th cusp of death.  The LR Sun, ruler of the natal 8th of death, applies from the natal 8th house to oppose LR Neptune, modern ruler of the natal 3rd of siblings.  The LR ASC conjoins the natal 11th cusp, which is the derived 8th cusp of the natal 4th house of family, implying a death in the family.  The LR Uranus/Pluto square closely connects the natal Part of Fortune in the 3rd of siblings: misfortune regarding a sibling or other 3rd house matter?

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