A freak bus accident kills a 16-year-old boy

Last night I heard the news of a strange and tragic bus accident in which a teenager was killed after sticking his head up through the top of a bus just after it crossed the Washington Bridge into Fort Lee, NJ.  Apparently the security officer on the bus had warned the kids not to open the hatches while the bus was in transit, but they ignored his repeated warnings.  According to news reports, the 16-year-old boy who died was was riding on a bus full of teenagers Friday “when he stuck his head out of a roof hatch on the bus and hit the Fletcher Avenue overpass near the George Washington Bridge.  He was pronounced dead at Hackensack University Medical Center around 7 p.m.”  According to Google Maps, it takes a car in normal traffic 12 minutes to drive from the site of the accident to the medical center, suggesting that the accident occurred before 6:48 pm.

The majority of news stories report that the accident occurred after 6:30 pm but before 6:45 -6:50 pm.  One report says that his classmates began tweeting their panic at about 6:45 pm, so the accident must have happened just minutes before.   I cast a chart for 6:42 pm, which appeared to be a reasonable time based on the majority of reports.  Here is a chart for the accident within a few minutes of accuracy:

Freak bus accident, Friday 31 Aug 2012, around 6:42 pm, Fort Lee, NJ

Nothing in the chart especially stood out at first glance.  Then I noticed that the ASC was very close to the midpoint of the Uranus/Pluto square, which seemed quite descriptive of the freak event.  Uranus is the modern ruler of the Aquarius ASC and Pluto is the modern ruler of the Scorpio 9th house (with Mars on its cusp).  The bus was traveling interstate from New York to New Jersey, so a 9th house meaning seemed to apply.

Based on this observation, I ran a list of the closest midpoints, which I have reproduced below with some relevant keywords derived from Ebertin’s book, The Combination of Stellar Influences.  Most of them are highly descriptive of the event.  Here is the list (calculated modulus 45, from Janus 4.3):

Ascendant = Mars/Midheaven (-0z02′ S ) – Failures through wrong arrangements or instructions or through premature action or disputes.

Ascendant = Sun/Mars (+0 03′ A ) – Aggressive acts.  Accidents.  Constant activity within the environment.

Ascendant = Uranus/Pluto (+0 15′ A d) – Applications of force.  Accidents.  Acts of violence.  (This midpoint seems most descriptive of the accident and was within 1 degree orb from about 6:40 to 6:45 pm.)

Neptune = Saturn/Pluto (+0 06′ S ) – Instability.  Danger through water, poison, gas, intoxicants.  Shattered nerves.  (He died of a sudden brain injury.  Classmates had tweeted  about the availability of alcohol on the bus prior to the accident.)

Jupiter = Pluto/Ascendant (-0 01′ A ) – A large gain.  A drastic change of circumstances.  Injuries.  Accidents.

Jupiter = Venus/Mars (+0 04′ S ) – A strong expression of feeling.

Jupiter = Uranus/Ascendant (+0 17′ S ) – Cooperation and teamwork.  (Uranus/ASC = sudden incidents).

Venus = Sun/Midheaven (-0 07′ A ) – Artistic and aesthetic interests.  Hobbies.  (The kids on the bus were dancing at the time and headed to a ‘sweet 16’ party.)

Saturn = Moon/Midheaven (-0 11′ A ) – Separation.  Mourning.  Bereavement.

Saturn = Sun/Moon (-0 06′ A ) – Feeling depressed.  Loneliness.  Separation.  Joint suffering.

Saturn = Jupiter/Midheaven (+0 26′ S ) – “the occasional missing of the right moment” – Ebertin.  This lad certainly did not pick the right moment to open the hatch.

Moon’s North Node = Ascendant/Midheaven (+0 22′ S ) – Seeking contacts with other people.  (The kids on the bus were all partying.)

Pluto = Mars/Midheaven (+0 02′ S ) – Unexpected setbacks.  Hindered plans.  The tendency to act rashly or without thinking.  Inclination to become violent.

Pluto = Sun/Mars (+0 07′ S ) – Premature action or hastiness.  Impulsive behavior.  Excitement.  Sudden events.

I don’t know the birth date of the boy involved, but if it is published in the news I will add his chart to this post.  It may be relevant that 16 years ago, Saturn was conjunct Uranus in the accident chart, Jupiter was conjunct Pluto in the accident chart, and Neptune was conjunct the 12th house cusp and square Saturn in the accident chart.

Addendum: Shortly after posting the above comments, I heard another news story of a young man who was hit in the head by a carnival ride and died in Brentwood, Long Island just 24 hours after the bus accident.  According to the NY Daily News, he was hit in the head by the ride as “he was coming off his break at the Feast of Mother Cabrini festival in Brentwood when he reached under the moving machinery of the Scat ride to fetch something for the ride’s operator about 7:30 p.m.”

The stories were so similar that I suspected similar astrological correlations.  The midpoints (modulus 45) for the Brentwood accident revealed Uranus = Pluto = Sun/Mars with Mars semi-square the MC and Uranus square Pluto at the time of the accident.  The common theme seems to be the midpoint of the current Uranus/Pluto square being involved with an angle and or the Sun at the time the accident occurs.

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5 Responses to A freak bus accident kills a 16-year-old boy

  1. Pam says:

    What? No chaperones on the bus?

    • News reports spoke of a security guard. I don’t know if there were chaperons. Maybe someone more familiar with the bus trip can tell us.

      • Pam says:

        Thanks for your response. Was [Mom] moon in Pisces [in denial about the kids’ maturity] perhaps also void of course? Perhaps Dad [Saturn in the eighth house] was
        trying to be one of the kids? Maybe I’m being too judgemental here . . .

  2. james says:

    i like the sun/mars midpoint. it points via 135 to the ascendant, and via 180 to uranus in aries – the sign for the head.. accident to the head – sun/mars = uranus in aries.

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