The Naked Prince (this post is likely to be banned in the UK)

British royal Prince Harry caused quite a sensation in August 2012 when he was filmed cavorting naked with his equally clothing-challenged drunken buddies in Las Vegas, one of whom was later arrested on felony charges for passing fraudulent checks.  The Queen must have raised an eyebrow when she heard about Harry’s exploits and the company he keeps.  Harry is no stranger to scandal.  As an underage adolescent he was caught drinking booze and smoking pot.  In 2005 he made news for his bad taste and insensitivity to millions of Jews when he sported a Nazi uniform to one of the lavish parties he is wont to attend.

Prince Harry with the rest of the Royal Family — models of probity and propriety.  (Be sure to compare this photo with the Saturnalia painting below.  See any resemblances?)

I wondered what might be going on in his natal chart to symbolize this kid’s poor judgment and immature behavior.  His birth data appears to be well documented and the chart below is calculated from data given at

Prince Harry natal chart

Given Harry’s infantile antics over a period of years, it was a bit surprising to see Capricorn rising and Saturn as his Ascendant-ruler.  These are usually symbols of a conservative down-to-earth approach to life.  Saturn also symbolizes delay, however, so maybe he well be a late bloomer.  At age 27 he has not yet gone through his Saturn return, and he still has a lot of growing up to do.

His ASC falls in the Mars decan of Capricorn, and Mars is almuten of the ASC (having equal dignity with Saturn there).  In addition ASC-ruler Saturn lies in Scorpio ruled by Mars, making Mars the dispositor of Saturn and thus a secondary ASC-ruler as Morinus would say.  His natal Mars lies in adventurous Sagittarius along with Uranus in his 11th house of friends, suggesting that he likes to hang out with “wild and crazy guys” who don’t feel bound by convention.

Mars and Uranus in turn are disposed by Jupiter in the 12th house of scandal.  Fortunately Harry has benefic Jupiter in the 12th house of undoing so that he always finds a way to get out of trouble relatively unscathed.  Based on these chart factors, I would guess that his 29th year, that is, his Saturn return year, will be one of major growing up in which he will have to confront the conflict he feels between his conservatism and family background and his innate desire for wild and unbridled adventure.

Harry’s naked photos hit the press on August 21, 2012.  I checked the major transits, secondary progressions, and solar arcs for a couple weeks before and after that date.  Here is the list (from Solar Fire):

I won’t interpret the entire list.  A few items especially stand out.  On the day the news became public (Aug 21) transiting Saturn was exactly semi-square solar arc directed Saturn from the 9th house of foreign travel to the 11th house of friends.  He got in trouble for cavorting naked with friends in a foreign country that day.  Several days later (Aug 27) transiting Saturn semi-squared secondary progressed Uranus in freedom-loving Sagittarius, again from the 9th to the 11th house.   The meaning is similar but now with an emphasis on his desire to unrestricted excitement (Uranus in Sagittarius) running into a snag (semisquare Saturn).

The month-long period we are looking at surrounding this date (Aug 21 when the naked photos hit the news) begins with transiting Pluto conjunct solar arc directed Uranus and ends with transiting Uranus square solar arc directed Uranus.  The basic meanings of these two aspects have to do with extreme restlessness and a desire for unrestricted freedom and excitement followed by the need to face the consequences (the square aspect) of one’s efforts to break the mold of what is expected of one’s behavior.  Harry is moving in lockstep with the aspects in this chart.  It’s amazing how well the astrological symbolism describes the recent events in Harry’s life.

Saturnalia festival in ancient Rome.
Is the guy in the center with the nice tan Prince Harry?  It sure looks like him.

Addendum (Sept 9, 2012):  I was thinking about the prominence of Saturn and Capricorn in this chart and it occurred to me that modern astrologers, myself included, often forget about the mythological association of these symbols with revelry and licentiousness.  In the tarot the Devil trump, whose meaning includes licentious behavior, is typically assigned to the zodiac sign Capricorn.  The early church took the Saturnalia festival of ancient Rome and converted it into Christmas.  The Saturnalia was the most popular Roman holiday.  It consisted of several days of celebration in December in which “the whole mob has let itself go in pleasures,” according to Seneca.  Lucian of Rome, who presided over the festival, wrote: “the serious is barred; no business allowed.  Drinking, noise and games and dice, appointing of kings and feasting of slaves, singing naked, clapping of frenzied hands, an occasional ducking of corked faces in icy water—such are the functions over which I preside” (italics mine).  Prince Harry and his cronies could well have been involved in an early Saturnalia festival, honoring his ASC-ruler Saturn in August instead of December this year.

Devil card from Waite-Smith tarot (1911) is linked to Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.

If the Queen had done a one-card tarot reading about Prince Harry in August, this is most likely the card she would have pulled “randomly” from the deck.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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3 Responses to The Naked Prince (this post is likely to be banned in the UK)

  1. james says:

    fun. thanks for sharing. harry has the saturn conjunct midheaven in scorpio just like his grandma and might be why some folks think he is the likely successor to his grandma to the throne.. saturn in scorpio has a problem with sex.. they are not quite sure where they are at with anything around sexuality given this position.. they have to figure it out the hard way, lol. that is my theory anyway. at the same time harry would probably like to throw off a lot of the formalities around an aspect of his life having been born into royalty, especially with that mars/uranus conjunction in saggy – his father had the opposition with mars also in saggy, uranus in gemini though.. both of the men having moon in taurus applying to the north node as well, which to me symbolizes the special connection, especially for charles to his mom.

    t jupiter at the exact midpoint to the mars/uranus will open up a greater possibility of recklessness for the moment.. combine that with the ongoing deep need to understand intimacy and nakedness better with that pronounced saturn in scorpio and one can get a very public event like this for the royal kid. the planets most directly connected to sexuality are venus and mars together. the midpoint of these two is on midheaven, the transiting midpoint of venus and mars is on his natal mercury… t node is exactly opposite it’s natal position which motivates one to wonder about midpoints that include the nodal axis.. the one most interesting to me goes back to include that same saturn – saturn/node = moon which would be re-emphasized in this aug 21st area.. for me harrys moon is most interesting in taurus and a focal point to the chart.. his mom was taken away from him at a younger age, while his grandma is the embodiment of steadiness in all of her actions in maintaining the facade or face of royalty depending on how you want to describe it.

    figuring out one’s path in life is never easy, and i think on an internal level that would be especially true for harry. financial security is not an issue, but emotional maturity is and that would be reflected in the growing relevance of that saturn at the top of his chart in scorpio.

    16th harmonics for those interested – mercury to saturn in harrys chart is 67 degrees 38 minutes or a 45 aspect with 1/2 a 45 degree aspect.. that transiting venus/mars midpoint would also be hitting on his saturn if cares to consider 16th harmonic aspects.

    • James,

      As usual, your posts are very insightful and add a lot to the discussion, especially your comparison of Harry’s chart to those of his relatives. This kid has had a rough period with the death of his mother so early in life. I think his Saturn return is likely to be quite a doozy because he really needs to grow up.


      • james says:

        thanks so much tony. i think signs are over-rated. one needs to pay more attention to planets beyond the signs they are in.. it has taken me over 30 years to get to this position. i also think harry’s jupiter/neptune conjunction is close enough to his ascendant to cloud his judgement when it comes to his actions.. i think it over-rides the capricorn themes and his natal saturn hasn’t fully kicked in yet either. combine that with the mars/uranus which is essentially the same midpoint as midheaven/ascendant and the capricorn theme remains secondary. i like the connection of janus to the sign capricorn.. janus is the god that looks forward and back. one has to have gained some experience in order to do this and it is not something that young people typically have. he is getting it here. one other feature of his chart that i think is relevant to this event is sun at the mars/neptune midpoint.. to me this suggests a type of confusion over his sexual identity as well. it must be confusing being one of the most eligible bachelors on that planet too!! i can’t remember if he is in any kind of relationship or not, but i don’t recall he is.

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