Proof that horary really works?

Today on his Facebook page, John Frawley posted a comment about a horary question that was asked on Sunday 16 September 2012 in Dusseldorf, Germany.  He went to lunch with some colleagues who were attending an astrology conference when one of the women mentioned that she thought she had lost her eyeglasses the night before. A friend of the woman quickly cast a chart for the moment she understood the question. Seeing that the ruler of the 2nd house (possessions) was in the 11th (friends) in Libra (a sign ruled by Venus who likes girly things), she deduced that either she or her friend must have put the eyeglasses in her purse the night before. After rummaging through her oversize purse, she managed to find and return her friend’s eyeglasses.

A lucky guess?  Or proof of the validity of horary astrology?  It’s hard to say.  Either or both women were at least subconsciously aware that one of them must have put the eyeglasses in the purse.  Or else a complete stranger saw the glasses and put them in a purse that he or she assumed they belonged in, which seems very unlikely.  It is not uncommon for us to put something down without thinking and then not to remember where we put it at a conscious level.  Our unconscious is still aware, however, and can usually retrieve such a memory under hypnosis.  So there are perfectly logical and ordinary explanations for this seemingly remarkable event.  It would be more convincing if she called a friend in another country who told her where to look with no other information than the time of the question.  In the case at hand it is quite possible that the woman who found the eyeglasses is the one who put them there in the first place.  Are we surprised when a bank robber leads the police to the stolen loot after denying any knowledge of its whereabouts?

Frawley does not give the precise details of the chart, but it is possible to construct an approximation.  Using William Lilly’s approach with Regiomontanus houses, we can deduce that the question was asked sometime between 1:41 pm and 2:23 pm Sunday afternoon in Dusseldorf because only during that interval did Saturn, as ruler of the Capricorn 2nd house, occupy the 11th Regiomontanus house.  The midpoint of this time span occurred at 2:02 pm, so a chart cast for 14:02 is a reasonable approximation to the actual horary for the question.

Horary question about eyeglasses missing in Dusseldorf

It is a Sun day during a Mars hour. Jupiter rules the ASC. Is there agreement between the hour ruler and the ASC-ruler? It depends on which system of dignities you prefer to use.

Sagittarius rises, so Jupiter rules the querent — the woman with the missing eyeglasses.  Jupiter in Gemini occupies the 7th house of the horary astrologer with its Gemini cusp.  The querent is having a conversation over lunch with her astrologer friend.  The symbolism seems appropriate.

Capricorn rules the 2nd house of possessions and movable goods. Saturn rules the 2nd house cusp and Venus is almuten there (using Lilly’s system of dignities).  Hence, Saturn and/or Venus may represent the missing eyeglasses.

Saturn falls in the 11th Regiomontanus house with Libra (ruled by Venus) on its cusp.  Lilly regarded houses to begin 5 degrees before their cusps.  If Saturn represents the missing glasses, then they are with a friend.

Venus lies in Leo (ruled by the Sun) in the 8th house of the horary astrologer’s possessions (2nd of the 7th).  If Venus represents the eyeglasses, then they are with her horary astrologer’s valuables but her horary astrologer is also her 11th house friend.  Hence the glasses are with her friend-astrologer’s movable goods.  Leo likes to do things in a big way, so she carries an oversize purse.

Venus (the missing glasses) applies to trine the Part of Fortune in the 1st (the querent), then squares Mars in the 12th (sunseen things), and goes on rapidly to sextile Jupiter in the 7th (the horary astrologer).  Mars rules the 12th, which is the 2nd of the 11th, that is, the friend’s valuables.  The eyeglasses will be recovered among the unseen valuables of her astrologer-friend, and so they were.

Maybe there is something to this horary stuff after all.

Essential dignities for missing eyeglasses horary


Here is the verbatim quote from John Frawley’s post on his Facebook page today:

“So over lunch on Sunday she asked the question ‘Where are my glasses?’ Her friend, Chrissie, had an iPad with an astro-app on it, so was able to cast the chart and judged it herself. Lord of the 2nd house was in the 11th: they are with the friend – Chrissie herself. In Libra, ruled by Venus: in girlie-stuff. With the friend in girlie-stuff, so Chrissie opened her very large and very crowded handbag and rummaged through it. Aha – here are the glasses!
Yes, this horary stuff really works.”

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