The stressful transiting Uranus square Pluto aspect

Much has appeared in the astrological literature recently about this year’s transiting Uranus square Pluto aspect which currently becomes exact on September 19, 2012, one day after Pluto turns stationary direct.  There are seven exact Uranus/Pluto squares between 2012 and 2015.   Among other things, the current unrest in the Middle East has been blamed on it.

Today I got some upsetting news from a colleague who learned that her cousin was found dead in his apartment this morning.  He had been despondent over the summer and had a history of mood swings.  When he did not show up for work this morning, concerned friends went to his apartment where he had apparently hanged himself.  Knowing that today was the day of a Pluto station, I wondered what Pluto might have activated in his chart.  My colleague gave me her cousin’s birth date but she did not know his time of birth.  Below is the natal chart with the Sun on the ASC and the Noon positions (actual time of birth is unknown).  Superimposed around the natal chart are the current transits for the approximate time of death according to the police report.

The transiting Pluto/Uranus square closely aspects his natal Mars.  If he were born close to midnight, transiting Pluto would have stationed exactly conjunct natal Mars with transiting Uranus exactly square it.  In the solar chart, Mars rules the 12th house of suicide and undoing (Pluto is the modern ruler of the Scorpio 12th).  Also striking is that transiting Uranus closely opposes his natal Saturn/Jupiter conjunction.  Actually transiting Uranus almost exactly opposes the natal Saturn/Jupiter midpoint, a configuration that Ebertin interprets as: “strong emotional tensions, a frequent change of mood, irritability, a sudden loss of consciousness (through illness, shock or death)…”

It is quite striking how the astrological symbolism plays out in this tragic event.

Addendum (20 Sep 2012):  After reading Moira’s comment, I went back and looked at this young man’s solar return for the current year (using the Noon positions for his birth date).  Here is the SR chart with his natal positions posted around it.

Solar Return for current year with natal Noon positions around it.

In the Solar Return Mars squares the Sun.  SR Pluto almost exactly conjoins natal Mars.  SR Saturn conjoins natal Pluto.  SR Pluto squares natal Saturn.  SR Venus conjoins natal Mars and square natal Saturn (I don’t know if he was having problems in his love life.)  All-in-all his solar return looks like it portends a very stressful year.

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3 Responses to The stressful transiting Uranus square Pluto aspect

  1. Note the Moon’s conjunction with transiting Saturn, which had conjuncted n-Pluto while rx, then stationary/direct during May – July, finishing a cycle that began last November. Alienation from the usual peers/groups/activities is indicated. Saturn’s conjunction to Pluto is a profound event. Those born in ’85ish with Pluto in early Scorpio will be enduring an early “Saturn return”, as Saturn soon enters Scorpio. We’d best keep our guardian eyes on their lives.

    • Moira,

      Good point. After reading your post, I went back and looked at his solar return (which I added to the post). See comments in addendum above.


    • PS: Sept 28, 2012. My colleague told me today that she learned from one of her cousin’s friends that he had broken up with a girlfriend in early February of 2012 and tried to kill himself by overdosing with medications and alcohol in mid-February. He survived the overdose and kept it secret from his family.

      If we progress (secondary) the solar return, we see that progressed SR Venus enters 6 Capricorn at that time and conjoins SR Pluto and natal Mars. In addition, progressed SR Moon conjoins SR Neptune (drugs, alcohol, secrets).

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