Missing College Student

The local news has been reporting about a student who went missing after a party last Friday evening.  The following appeared on Facebook:

“9/25/2012: The FBI is assisting with the search for missing Northwestern University student Harsha Maddula (18) last seen on Saturday, 9/22/2012, leaving a party in the 2000 block of Ridge Avenue about 12:30am.

William Lilly describes a horary method for locating a missing person.  Horary astrologers typically cast the chart for the time the missing person was last seen.  In this case it would be at 12:30 Saturday morning in Evanston, IL:

New Hyde Park college student goes missing at Northwestern University

Lilly uses the Ascendant, ruler of the Ascendant, and the Moon to represent the missing person.  Here the Moon rules the ASC and occupies the 6th house of illness in the sign Sagittarius.  According to news reports, the young man is diabetic so perhaps his state of health played a role in his disappearance.  The 6th house suggests he will be found in a direction WNW of where he was last seen.

The ASC-ruler Moon is separating from an opposition to Jupiter, ruler of the 6th.  Lilly tells us: “If the Lord of the Ascendant be separated from a bad Aspect of the Lord of the 6th, you may say the absent hath been lately sick.”  This is more evidence that the student’s state of health probably played a role.  Jupiter lies on the cusp of the Regiomontanus 12th house of self-undoing, an unfortunate placement suggesting grief and sorrow.  (Lilly says of the 12th: “he hath been lately much troubled in mind …” – see below.) Today’s news (27 Sep 2012) reports that the student has not yet been found and the family is fearing the worst since he has been without his diabetes medication for 5 days now.  CBS News reported:

“Madulla’s parents are losing hope as the search turns up nothing. His close-knit family worries that Madulla’s disappearance could be medical and related to his recently-diagnosed diabetes.”

The ruler of the 8th of death is Saturn, which occupies the 4th house of endings.  The Moon applies to sextile Saturn from the 6th to the 4th house in just under 7 degrees, suggesting that perhaps we will learn of his fate in about 7 days from last Saturday, that is, around Friday (28 Sep 2012) of this week.  The Moon/Saturn sextile occurs in signs of long ascension, which Lilly would interpret as equivalent to a square, suggesting an unfortunate outcome.

The medieval Part of death lies at 15 Sag 11 (8th cusp + Saturn – Moon) where it conjoins the 6th house cusp of illness and opposes Jupiter, ruler of the 6th.  The Anareta, another indicator of death (ASC + Asc-ruler – Moon), is the Ascendant, which also symbolizes the missing person.

All-in-all, the chart looks rather unfortunate.  I hope that this college student will be found alive and well, but Lilly’s horary rules suggest some time of health problem led to his disappearance and the fact that he is still missing without a trace is not a hopeful sign.

When will he be found?  Lilly says that if he is alive ” you may heare of him … when the Lord of 11th and the Lord of the Ascendant come to a Trine or Sextile Aspect.”   Here the ruler of the 11th is Venus, and the Moon will trine Venus on Sep 30 and sextile Venus on Oct 5, 2012.

Here is a verbatim quote from Lilly’s Christian Astrology about his method:

Whether One Absent be Dead or Alive.

 If a Question be demanded of one absent in a generall way, and the Querent hath no relation to the party; then the 1st house, the Lord of that house and the Moon shall signify the absent party; the Lord of the 8th House or Planet posited in the House or within five degrees of the Cuspe of the 8th House shall shew his death or its quality.

 In judging this Question, see first whether the Lord of the Ascendant, the Moon and the Lord of the 8th House or Planet in the 8th house be corporally joined together; or that the Moon, Lord of the Ascendant and the Lord of the 8th are in Opposition either in the 8th and 2nd, or 12th and 6th, for these are arguments the party is deceased, or sick, and very neer death.

 See also if there be any translation of the light of the Lord of the Ascendant unto the Lord of the 8th, especially in degrees deepe, lame or deficient; or on the contrary, that there be any translation or carrying the vertue or influence of the Lord of the 8th unto the Lord of the Ascendant; or if the Lord of the 8th be posited in the Ascendant, or if the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon be placed in the 4th house, these are testimonies the party absent be dead.

 If the Lord of the Ascendant be separated

  • from a bad Aspect of the Lord of the 6th, you may say the absent hath been lately sicke;
  • if from the Lord of the 8th, he hath been in danger of death, but is not dead;
  • if from the Lord of the 12th, he hath been lately much troubled in mind, in feare of imprisonment, arrests, &c.,
  • if from the Lord of the 2nd, he hath been hard put to it for money, or in distresse for want;
  • if from the Lord of the 7th, in some quarrell or contention;
  • if from the Lord of the 9th or 3rd, he hath been crossed in his journey (if he was at Sea by contrary windes or Pyrats) if at land by Theives, bad Ways &c., and so of the rest.

 In judging this question, I have ever found, that if the Lord of the Ascendant be in the 9th, 10th, or 11th (though many reports went the absent was dead) yet I have found him to live.

 Now if you find the absent alive, and you would know, when happily you may heare of him; see in your Ephemerides when the Lord of 11th and the Lord of the Ascendant come to a Trine or Sextile Aspect and about that time, if not that day, newes will be had of him; or if the Moon apply to a sextile or trine of the Lord of the Ascendant See how many degrees shee wants of the Aspect, and give dayes, weekes or moneths, viz. For every degree

  • in MOVEABLE Signes — DAY,
  • in COMMON Signes — WEEKS,
  • in FIXED Signes — MONTHS.

Addendum Friday 28 September 2012:  This morning’s news reports that the body of the missing student was found:

“Body of missing Northwestern student Harsha Maddula found in Lake Michigan’s Wilmette Harbor, authorities say

Maddula, of Long Island, was last seen leaving an off-campus party with a few other people at approximately 12:30 a.m. Saturday, according to police at the Evanston, Ill., school.




As mentioned above, the timing of the discovery of the body correlated with ASC-ruler Moon (the missing student) sextile Saturn (the ruler of the 8th of death) in signs of long ascension.   The sextile became exact in 6 degrees 32 minutes of arc, suggesting a timing of about 6 1/2 days after Saturday morning Sept 22, which would be Friday of this week.  He was actually found late on Thursday night.  Transiting Moon conjoined Neptune in this chart on Sept 27, the day he was found, and Neptune rules the 10th house of public reputation.

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4 Responses to Missing College Student

  1. Grace Wilson says:

    New horary student here, I am unsure about a couple of things: what does Lilly mean by corporally joined? Does this mean conjunct? I can’t understand him! Thanks!

    • Hi Grace,

      Yes. By “corporally joined” he means that the zodiac positions of the planets are in the same location on the zodiac circle (“bodily joined”).

      According to Lilly’s rules, if he is dead, we should know according to the timing of Moon sextile Saturn (6 1/2 degrees = about 6 1/2 days, or on Friday 28 Sept).

      If he is alive, we would find out on Sept 30 or Oct 5 when transiting Moon trines or sexiles the ruler of the 11th. Unfortunately, in this case the missing person had died and the news came out today on 28 Sept 2012, as Lilly would have predicted.

      The house position of the Moon suggests he will be found in a WNW direction but he was found in Wilmette harbor, which lies NNW of Evanston. The sign position of the Moon is Sagittarius, which suggests and easterly direction. Direction can be difficult in horary and is not always reliable.

      A horary astrologer whom I know uses the direction supplied by the house postion first (Go WNW) and then has the querent search in the direction suggested by the sign (Look E). In this case going WNW and looking east would have us looking toward Wilmette harbor.


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  3. Murder? says:

    Was Harsha murdered and thrown into the water?

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