An interesting planetary alignment over the pyramids at Giza

An image on Facebook illustrates an artist’s conception of a planetary alignment that will occur at 9:51 a.m. on December 3, 2012 in Giza, Egypt.  The artist took a nighttime photo of the pyramids and superimposed a daytime astrological event above them:

In this artist’s conception the planets Mercury, Venus and Saturn each align with an adjacent pyramid.  At sunrise the alignment will be more vertical than horizontal when seen from Giza Egypt.  The image above is an artist’s conception, set at 9:51 a.m when the alignment will be more horizontal and directly over the pyramids,but obscured by the light of the sun.  I have no idea whether this particular alignment is as rare as claimed on Facebook (it may be that the artist had in mind the spacing of the planets being roughly equivalent to the spacing of the three pyramids).  A Sky Safari image for Giza shows a sunrise depiction of the alignment at 5:31 in the morning:

Sky Safari image for Dec 3 2012 in Giza at sunrise

Here is the astrological chart for 9:51 a.m. on this day in Egypt (note that the alignment is more horizontal in mid-morning):

Whatever astrological significance this alignment may have is open to speculation.

A Discovery Magazine article critical of the artist’s conception (because the alignment will not be visible over the pyramids in mid-morning) concludes:

“Don’t get me wrong: it would actually be pretty cool to see this planetary/pyramid alignment.  Someone putting themself at just the right place to the northwest at just the right time might be able to get the three planets aligned with the three pyramids.  That would be very pretty, and I’d love to see it personally!  But I wouldn’t assign any spiritual significance to it beyond that.”

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3 Responses to An interesting planetary alignment over the pyramids at Giza

  1. Denise says:

    Cairo 5:25 a.m. chart will be spectacular with Mercury, Venus, Saturn rising, as it is still dark with the Leo Moon over the Sphinx. Note that the previous Lunar Eclipse 6Gem conj Cairo Ascendant has Mars-Pluto conjunct in LE 8th, ruling the Scorpio Mercury, Venus, Saturn in LE 6th. Mars sextile Saturn and both quincunx Cairo Asc-LE, so Lunar Eclipse = LE Ma/Sa, so something quite extraordinary will happen in that place, and the LE square Neptune on Zenith in Cairo. So I do not agree with the Discovery Magazine article that there will not be a spiritual significance in this place around this Lunar Eclipse and 3 December 2012 (which is 18 days from Capricorn Ingress).

  2. Charles Marcello says:

    To read the original blog that the artist used for his or her inspiration please go to this link:

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