Girl missing in Wales

According to the BBC, a week ago today April Jones, a 5-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, was playing  with friends near her home on the Bryn-Y-Gog estate in Machynlleth, Powys, Wales, when she was abducted by a man in a van or a four-wheel drive vehicle.  A reader (Russ from the UK) of my post about a missing student in the USA brought the case to my attention.  I posted some comments about the girl’s “last seen chart” at the end of that “Death by Drowning” post but, because the girl is still missing, I thought it worthwhile to devote a separate post to the incident.  Most news reports say that April went missing at 19:00 (though at least one report said 19:30).  Here is the chart for the 19:00 event as appears in the police poster appealing for information about the abduction:

April Jones abducted in Wales

Lilly (CA, p. 151) writes: If a Question be demanded of one absent in a general way, and the querent hath no relation to the party; the first House, the Lord of the first House and the Moon shall signify the absent party.”

Briefly, the ASC and 1st house represent the missing girl in this chart.  Possible signifiers of the girl are ASC-ruler Mars, Moon in the 1st, and Venus as ruler of Taurus intercepted in the 1st.  The Sun, as almuten or most dignified planet at the ASC, could also represent the missing girl, though Lilly gives more weight to the ruler of the ASC than to the almuten.  The Moon and Venus are feminine planets whereas Mars and the Sun are masculine.

Venus appears to be the most descriptive of the missing child.  Venus is feminine, in an obscure cadent house, in the 6th house of illness (the girl has cerebral palsy and needs medication).  Venus rules Taurus, which is intercepted in the 1st, and the police suspect that the girl has been abducted and hidden (intercepted) by the kidnapper.

Three of the possible signifiers are in the western half of the chart but the Moon lies on the eastern side of the chart.  As for signs, according to Lilly (CA, p. 204):

Moon in Aries = East

Venus in Leo = East by North

Mars in Scorpio = North by East

Sun in Libra = West

Initially, I was struck by the significators being on the western side of the chart, but Lilly pays more attention to the signs than to the directions of the houses (CA, p. 204).  Following Lilly’s lead, we see that the predominance of significators suggests that the girl will be found in a northeastern direction (not west as I initially supposed.

Fire signs are mainly east.  Venus (ruler of Taurus intercepted in the 1st) in Leo (outdoor parks and forests where wild animals reside) suggests that the kidnapper took the girl to a large wooded area east and to the north of where she was abducted.  Venus applies to oppose Neptune in Pisces (a water sign) on the cusp of the 12 house of kidnapping.  This again emphasizes the water element and suggests that she may be found in a place indicated by Pisces.  Lilly says that Pisces suggests “grounds full of water, or where many springs and much foul are, also fish ponds and rivers full of fish…” (CA, p. 99)

Water signs are mainly north.  Mars (ruler of the ASC) in Scorpio (a water sign) suggests that he took her north and to the east of where she was abducted.  Lilly says that outdoor places related to Scorpio include “places where all sorts of creeping beast use…, gardens, orchards, vineyards, … muddy moorish grounds, stinking lakes, quagmires…

I have previously commented that the chart suggests she was killed by her abducted and hidden in an outdoor watery place (see below).  I was expecting news about her whereabouts on Saturday, but that expectation did not come to pass.  After reflecting on the chart more carefully with Lilly in hand, I have revised my thoughts about where she will be found from west to northeast of the site of the abduction.

Police have arrested a 46-year-old man, Mark Bridger (born 6 Nov 1965), and charged him with child abduction, suspected murder, and attempting to pervert the course of justice: “The latter charge refers to the unlawful disposal and concealment of a body.”  I don’t know where or what time he was born, but here is a sunrise chart for the accused man set at the site of the abduction:

Mark Bridger sunrise birth chart at site of abduction


Here are my initial comments to Russ about this chart, which I have revised somewhat after more thought (see above):

October 5, 2012 at 9:15 AM


I was not aware of this missing child case. Did you set up a chart for the time she was last seen? That appears to be at about 19:00 on October 1, 2012 according to the BBC: “19:00 BST: April Jones is playing on her bike with friends near her home on the Bryn-Y-Gog estate in Machynlleth, Powys, when she goes missing. According to children, she is taken away in a van or a four-wheel drive vehicle and there are no apparent signs of a struggle.”

If I set up the chart correctly, 17 Aries rises, which makes Mars and possibly the Sun (almuten at that degree) signifiers of the girl. Moon in the 1st also represents the girl. Mars and Sun are on the western side of the chart, so I would expect her to have been taken in a westerly direction. Mars disposes the Moon.

Using Regiomontanus houses (as Lilly did), Mars is about to enter the 8th house. Because the time is approximate, it is not clear whether Mars is already in the 8th house at the time of abduction, which would have been the case at 18:50 (just 10 minutes earlier than the reported time). Mars (the girl) applies to square Neptune in the unfortunate 12th of kidnapping. The involvement of Neptune could suggest that she was drugged and possibly drowned by the kidnapper.

The Moon (another signifier of the missing girl) applies to oppose Saturn, a natural ruler of death. Saturn rules the unfortunate 12th house. Jupiter, ruler of the 8th of death, applies to sesquisquare Saturn, ruler of the 12th, which will also be opposed by the Moon (the girl).

Pluto at the Midheaven disposes Mars in Scorpio through modern rulerships. Pluto squares Uranus in the 12th house (kidnapping), making the transiting Pluto/Uranus square prominent as it was in the case of the drowned student I reviewed in a recent blog. The Sun (which rules the girl through being almuten of the ASC) separates from the Uranus/Pluto square — an ominous sign.

The police fear the girl is dead. The chart appears to concur with the police and suggests that the kidnapper drugged and perhaps drowned the girl, or hid her body in a water place (either a body of water or a marshy area) because Mars occupies Scorpio.

It will be interesting to see how this chart plays out. With Mercury (ruler of the 3rd of news) applying to conjoin Saturn (ruler of the public MC) in 5 degrees, I would expect some more definitive news about what happened to the girl in 5 days (angular house, cardinal sign), that is, by 19:00 on Oct 6, 2012.”

I just read a news release, dated 11:34 AM, FRI 5 OCT 2012: “Police officers now have until 5 pm on Saturday to question the suspect. At that time officers will need to charge or release him.” ( This timing is consistent with my last comment that “some more definitive news about what happened to the girl in 5 days (angular house, cardinal sign), that is, by 19:00 on Oct 6, 2012.” I suspect the police will get some sort of confession that will be announced before 7 pm on Saturday.

In looking again at the chart, I realized that Taurus is intercepted in the 1st house so that Venus is another potential signifier of the missing girl. Venus occupies the 6th of illness, square ASC-ruler Mars, and applies to oppose Neptune in the unfortunate 12th.

Today I read that the girl was last seen around 7:30 pm, not 7 pm as originally reported. This would put Taurus on the ASC and make Venus her primary ruler. In the 7:30 pm chart Venus conjoins the 6th Regiomontanus cusp, has just squared Mars in the 7th, and applies to oppose Neptune at the cusp of the 12th. Jupiter still rules the 8th of death but is not conjunct the Medieval Part of Death and also conjunct Emerson’s Death Point. Overall the meaning is the same as the 7 pm chart. The kidnapper (Mars in Scorpio in the 7th) abducted the girl, may have drugged and drowned her, and then hidden the body outdoors (Venus in Leo, “where the wild things are”) and possibly in a marsh, steam, or body of water (Neptune in Pisces in the 12th). Leo often refers to a wooden area or a large outdoor park.

Horary astrologer Alphee Lavoie suggests that if the significator is in Leo and you are looking outdoors:

“Look for the item in a park, playground, forest, desert, high steep hills, front yard, public beach, resorts, area close to a sandbox, gym, corner of a year where games are setup, terrain with rocky area, jungle-like areas, outdoor fireplaces or barbecue pit.

If Leo denotes the direction then go West by North toward a yellow, gold, or orange room or structure.

CORRESPONDING COLORS ARE: shades of bright gold.”
[ from his article at ]

Addendum: The majority of news reports give the 7 p.m. time as the “last seen” time. Today I read that the man accused of abducting and murdering the child was born on Nov. 6, 1965. [ ]

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10 Responses to Girl missing in Wales

  1. oxeaxe says:

    There are a few additions one could make, it seems that every time one looks at a chart new ideas occur! One that struck me about the chart I cast came as I was reviewing chapter 12 of your book, namely that location by earth sign includes bridges. Given the recurrence of water in all these charts, is a bridge a likely location? Direction by house (in my version) gives north. Also, cadent houses suggest hidden, difficult to find.

    It does seem as if all indications involve water and north. Beyond that, I wouldn’t personally want to comment on the state of mind of anyone involved, motive, etc, though clearly this may well be in the charts somewhere. My initial question was simply about the outcome and we can only wait and see what unfolds now. I’m certainly following your blog with interest.



    My thoughts have been continual, and in the same areas. A vehicle switch once the child was taken, then a drive in the latest vehicle towards the coast, a 2hour road journey. A stop briefly at a snack shop, where the accused got some chips and took them back to the vehicle. The child was not visible at this time, but was in the vehicle and alive. A 20 minute journey later the vehicle was parked and they both walked up a hill onto a sort of nature walk area. A path along the coast for hillwalkers etc. At one point there is a wooded fence because it is a danger point and the fence enforces that fact, at that point there are lock gates where cyclists would have to dismount and walk through that section of the path, because of the danger there. The accused sat talking to the child about his love life and HIS worries, child was anxious and wanted to go home. His idea was to commit suicide at the same time but he didnt, obviously, and only the child passed. Fisheries, Fisheries I keep getting, I do not know wales at all. Maybe it was an old fisheries station, but its at the coast very near the Dylan house.

  3. Mountain Misst says:

    Hi Anthony, Have just entered the room… Do you have/can you share the child April Jones’ birth data please? cheers from Aus, MM

  4. Jules says:

    The cctv showed the car leaving at 7.20pm from the estate, I dont know if this will change the event chart much, rgds

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