Hurricane Sandy, the “Frankenstorm”

The east coast of the United States was predicted to be battered by hurricane Sandy, dubbed a Frankenstorm, during the period October 28 – 30, 2012.   The brunt of the storm was to be felt from Monday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon. The media had been warning the public about its dangers for several days in advance.  Having lost power and suffered falling trees during past storms, I asked a horary question about the local effect of the storm on Friday 26 Oct 2012 at 6:34 PM at my home in Connecticut. Here is the horary chart:

Horary: How will the hurricane affect me and my area in southern Connecticut?

Here is the horary report for this chart from Solar Fire:

Dignity report for above horary chart.

The chart appears radical.  The question was one of pressing personal concern.  News reports indicated that the impending Taurus full moon on Monday 29 October 2012 would dramatically enhance the tides and significantly increase the risk of coastal flooding in southern Connecticut.

It is a Jupiter day during a Moon hour.  The Moon, of course, rules the tides.  According to Lilly (CA p. 64), Jupiter “governeth the North Wind, that part which tendeth to the East.”  Hurricane Sandy was slated to combine with other weather systems to become a monstrous and extremely dangerous nor’easter.

According to Lilly, the Moon governs the earthy triplicity by night (CA p. 80).  Earthy Taurus, the exaltation of the Moon, rises.  Lilly regards a chart to be “radical” and capable of judgment when “the Lord of the hour at the time of proposing the Question and erecting the Figure, and the Lord of the first House, are of one Triplicity, or be one, or of the same nature.”  (CA p. 121)  Clearly Lilly would regard this chart as radical.

As the querent, I am primarily signified by ASC-ruler Venus, which lies in Virgo and conjoins the 6th house cusp.  My natal Sun lies in the 2nd decan of Virgo, ruled by Venus — another suggestion that the chart is radical.  Venus will exactly conjoin the cusp the unfortunate 6th house in 3 degrees, suggesting that in 3 days (on Monday) I will be dealing with 6th house repairs and adjustments to my environment.  Venus is mutually applying to an opposition of Uranus in the unfortunate 12th house, suggesting I will suffer a power outage.

I usually take the ruler of the 4th house to signify weather conditions.  Here the Moon rules the 4th house Cancer cusp.  Jupiter, which occupies the 1st house, is exalted at the 4th house cusp and thus rules the 4th by exaltation.

The Moon (the storm) is separating from squares to Mars and Jupiter (a fierce monstrous storm) and will oppose Venus in 8 degrees.  Mars rules the unfortunate 12th house cusp and Jupiter rules the 8th cusp, the traditional house of death.  Not only will my area lose power (Venus applying to oppose Uranus) but the negative effects of the storm will last well into the coming week after the storm hits.  Deaths caused by the storm are a real possibility.

As I write this on Monday afternoon (29 Oct 2012) the storm is beginning to hit hard.  We have not yet lost power or suffered other damage, but I expect those events to be coming within the next 24 hours.  I will add an addendum to this post after the storm has passed and my power has been restored.

Photo posted by Jason Otts on Facebook: the storm approaching New York City (29 Oct 2012  – I don’t know if this is for real or a doctored photo)

Addendum 30 Oct 2012, Tuesday:

The storm raged all yesterday afternoon and through the night.  We lost power late in the day.  Many trees and power lines came down in my neighborhood.  I managed to drive to a local diner this morning so my wife and I could get some breakfast.  Our house was spared any significant damage.  There were two deaths caused by falling trees reported in Connecticut.  My friends in NYC (Greenwich Village) are without power and the Hudson River overran with West Side Highway in Manhattan near where they live.  My friend in Fairfield,  CT, not far from where I live, emailed me this photo of his neighbor’s house through his back yard:

Tree falls on my friend’s neighbor’s house in Fairfield, CT

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes.  I think it will be several days before we get out of this mess.

Addendum 5 Nov 2012:  One thing I should have noticed in the horary (but it’s hard to be your own client) is that ASC-ruler Venus is entering the 6th house, suggesting illness for the querent.  As a result of living in a dark cold house for several days due to the storm, I came down with bronchitis and an ear infection for which I am now taking antibiotics.  If I had studied the chart more carefully, I might have seen it coming!

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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6 Responses to Hurricane Sandy, the “Frankenstorm”

  1. Eric says:

    Best of luck to you and yours. Late October seems to have become a bad time for those of us in the Northeast.

  2. Pam in LR says:

    Well, I just can’t resist . . .
    8th house: Looks to this newbie like you’ll be filing a big insurance claim and perhaps taking on some debt to remodel the house. Scammers are already out there! 7th house, sextiles: This could result in improved relations with your spouse, who will have ideas about improving it, making it into your dream/ideal house. 12th house: Of course, you know to watch out for downed power lines and [Merc sq moon] not to drive on flooded streets (that may not be there anymore). 6th house: Nasty stuff washes into flooded houses, be careful not to breathe the mold or splash bleach in your eyes, and make sure your food and water are within their “best by” dates, and clean their containers before opening them. Your kids will help, and be careful not to hurt your back moving stuff, cleaning up stuff, etc. Eat well; potato chips, oreos and other comfort foods will give you indigestion and cloud your thinking.

    I bet we’ve all been looking at the storm chart. Every element is lfe threatening, air/winds, earth/mud and its slides, fire/electric,candle, make-do heater accidents, and, of course, water.

    I lived on the Gulf coast for a long time. Moved inland after Hurricane Andrew. As storms get bigger and bigger, though, “inland” gets farther and farther away.

    Wishing you all the best on the other side!

  3. Hi Anthony, I hope you emerge unscathed. Have been watching the dramatic coverage on CNN here in the UK.

  4. Charl says:

    Wow Anthony what a truly impressive frankenstorm, glad to hear you escaped relatively unscathed from so much devastation but wonderful stories being relayed on the news, bravo to all you resilient east coasters. I enjoyed your analogical reasoning post, you write real clearly about complex ideas. We shall soon see which astrological prediction most resembles the outcome of the election. I’ve read Glen Perry’s masterful examination of the mutual reception of Saturn and Pluto, it augurs well, he feels, for the US and for someone with the business acumen of Mr. Mitt Romney.

  5. Tarot says:

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  6. horoscopo diario says:

    Thanks for this precious information i really appropriate it.

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