Latina singer/actress dies in tragic plane crash

Mexican-American singer and actress Jenni Rivera, age 43, died in a plane crash in Mexico early on Sunday, 9 December 2012.  The plane she was flying on crashed shortly after the 3:15 AM takeoff, leaving no survivors.  One news source estimated the time of death to be 3:25 AM.

Ms. Rivera was born in Long Beach, California, on 2 July 1969, time unknown.  Her sunrise chart is cast for 5:50:36 AM PDT.  The birth place Solar Return of the natal sunrise chart is quite telling:

Jenni Rivera 2012 Solar Return (sunrise natal chart, birthplace)

Jenni Rivera 2012 Solar Return (sunrise natal chart, birthplace)

The Sun in the 2012 lies in the 9th house of long-distance travel, which includes air travel.  Scorpio rises, making Mars and Pluto the planetary rules of the solar return Ascendant.  Pluto opposes the Sun from the cusp of the 3rd house of transportation to the 9th house of foreign travel.  Uranus (sudden disruptive events, accidents) very closes squares the Pluto/Sun opposition from the cusp of the unfortunate 6th house.  The possibility of sudden upsets or accidents while traveling, especially by air, to foreign countries, is clearly symbolized by this powerful T-square involving Sun – Pluto – Uranus and the 3rd, 6th and 9th houses.  Furthermore, Mercury — ruler of the solar return 8th house of death — is highly emphasized as it conjoins the Midheaven and squares the Ascendant of the solar return.

Interestingly, at the estimated time of death (3:25 AM on Dec 9, 2012), the solar return Ascendant of 5 degrees Scorpio is rising at her birthplace in California, with transiting Saturn closely conjunct it. Saturn rules the Aquarius 8th house of her natal sunrise chart.  I am always amazed how the astrological symbolism plays out in the dramatic news events.

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5 Responses to Latina singer/actress dies in tragic plane crash

  1. james says:

    hi tony,

    i find your strong focus on houses intriguing given that you’ve set an arbitrary time of sunrise in absence of a birth time for jenni rivera.. are you implying that one no longer has to acknowledge not having a birth time for a person, or that ‘sunrise’ charts are a special window into unraveling meaning from projected solar returns off only a sunrise birth time? it is a curious approach if so.. houses are the most transitory of all the elements to astrology and rely most heavily on a time in order for them to hold value. on the other hand the t square in the chart you point out – is going to be happening for the day, or more depending on how wide an orb one wants to use for aspects.. houses are the most tenuous ingredient to astrology for this very reason – without an actual birth time one can’t use them.. setting an arbitrary time of sunrise might seem to get around this, but it doesn’t change that the time may have no bearing on reality, even if the symbolism looks great.. i am curious to know what you are thinking here..

    • James,

      Sunrise is not an arbitrary time. I regard the sunrise chart for the location where the person is born to be a generic chart for that person. The actual time is more specific but the sunrise chart usually produces meaningful houses for the birth location of an individual. My use of the sunrise chart is based on years of experimentation and it regularly appears to work. When a birth time is unknown, I use a sunrise chart as a next best alternative. Try it for some people you know well and you’ll probably be surprised how useful it is.


      • james says:

        hi tony,

        i have worked with sunrise charts for natal astrology where no time is available.. it is an arbitrary time, just like the popular use of noon is arbitrary.. nothing wrong with that in itself, but when one goes to the next level using predictive techniques off this same chart, as you do here, it gets that much more tenuous and meaningless – all as i see it.. i suppose one could see parallels using a sunrise time and primary directions, sec progs or whatever other predictive technique one wants to use too, but for me personally the data, especially with regard to the angles and house position would be irrelevant.. and we are not even considering relocation data, which in this particular example might have to be applied as well, if you were given over to it’s relevance and as pam in lr lightly touches on. cheers – james

  2. Pam in LR says:

    I’ve read that astrologers often travel to change the house configuration of a solar return chart. Also, R & N Reagan were very fussy about the departure time of Air Force One. It looks like Jenni could have had a pretty good year if she’d stayed home to write/publish on the web instead of touring.

    • Pam,
      To do electional or relocation astrology, I would want a fairly accurate birth time. As James point out, the sunrise chart is a symbolic chart for the individual and has its limitations.

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