Tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut

I live in Connecticut, not far from Newtown, so the news of the December 14th killing of so many innocent children, teachers and other adults just 20 miles from my home was particularly disturbing.  I began to wonder who could commit such a deed.  It seemed that the 20-year-old suspect must have been mentally ill, and later news reports bore out my suspicion.   Not surprisingly, neighbors described his as a “deeply disturbed kid.”   I also wondered what could be going on astrologically in the chart of an individual who could perpetrate such a massacre.

As the news began to report more details about the alleged killer, Adam Lanza, I learned that he was born on April 22, 1992, in Kingston, New Hampshire, time unknown.  My usual practice with unknown birth times and insufficient data to rectify the chart is to use a sunrise chart for the birth place, which acts as a generic chart for any individual born in that location on that date.  Over the years I have found sunrise charts to be quite revealing and tend to use them in conjunction with natal chart even when the actual time is known.

Here is Adam Lanza’s sunrise chart for this birth place:

Suspect Adam Lanza sunrise chart

Suspect Adam Lanza sunrise chart

Immediately striking is the close Uranus/Neptune conjunction on the sunrise Midheaven, with Uranus stationary.  This conjunction closely square Venus, which rules his sunrise Ascendant and disposes his natal sun.  ASC-ruler Venus square Neptune can indicate unrealistic expectations in relationships with others.  There is often a tendency to feel misunderstood and sorry for oneself, and  to blame others for one’s difficulties (here probably father figures would be blamed as shown by the Sun closely square Chiron).  ASC-ruler Venus square Uranus can indicate eccentric and quite willful behavior.

Proneness to violence is not immediately apparent.  Mars (male drive) is well aspected.  On the other hand, Saturn disposes the powerful Uranus/Neptune conjunction at the Capricorn MC and squares Pluto, powerfully placed in Scorpio.  The personality difficulties reflected in Venus square Uranus/Neptune find and outlet in Saturn square Pluto, so that at least vengeful fantasies would be a common manifestation of this combination of aspects.

Not surprisingly, Pluto is extremely prominent when we compare his natal chart to his solar return for 2012 and to his solar arc directed chart for the date of the massacre:

Sunrise chart, 2012 solar return, and solar arc directions for Dec 14, 2012

Sunrise chart, 2012 solar return, and solar arc directions for Dec 14, 2012

The inner wheel is the solar arc directed natal sunrise chart to the date of the violent event.  This middle wheel is the native sunrise chart for the alleged perpetrator.  The outer wheel is his 2012 solar return for Newtown, CT, where he was residing.  Note especially the prominence of Pluto on the horizontal axis of the solar arc directed chart and on the vertical axis of the solar return chart, making Pluto doubly angular this year and activating the natal Pluto/Saturn square whose importance was mentioned previously.

Important transits for the young man in effect at the time of the shootings included:

  • Transiting Saturn square natal Chiron in early November and square solar arc directed Chiron in mid-November, 2012, which serve to re-awaken old childhood emotional wounds (related to Sun square Chiron at birth).
  • Transiting Jupiter opposing solar arc directed Pluto at the end of November, which often manifests as feeling frustrated by others and desiring revenge.  Jupiter/Pluto combinations suggest a lack of restraint, a tendency to excess, and the potential for an explosive abuse of power.
  • Transiting Saturn square solar arc directed Uranus on the exact date of the killings (Dec 14, 2012), which represents a strong conflict between feelings of restriction and a desire to break free of all restraints.  The role of Saturn and Uranus in this young man’s natal chart have already been described in detail above.
  • Transiting Saturn opposing solar arc directed Venus in mid-December, 2012, which greatly stresses personal relationship.
  • Transiting Saturn square solar arc directed Neptune of Christmas Day, 2012, a time of great inner confusion about one’s direction in life.  Saturn aspects predominate this list, and transiting Saturn triggers his most sensitive natal aspects during November and December of 2012.  In addition, Saturn rules the ASC of the Solar Return chart in Newtown this year, giving Saturn (along with Pluto which Saturn squares) special prominence at the end of 2012.
  • In the comments (below) Val in Boston noted that the total solar eclipse of Nov 13, 2012,  at 21 Scorpio 56 closely conjoined his natal Pluto and closely opposed his secondary progressed Sun.  In addition, Uranus of the eclipse chart conjoined his secondary progressed Mars in Aries.  Mars is dispositor of the total solar Scorpio eclipse.  Pluto of the eclipse chart squares this Uranus/Mars conjunction.  Here is the chart:
Nov 13, 2012 total solar eclipse around secondary progressed natal chart to Dec 14, 2012

Nov 13, 2012 total solar eclipse around secondary progressed natal chart to Dec 14, 2012

An odd coincidence:

As more details of the massacre became available, I looked over the transits for the day (Dec 14th).  The daily transit in effect closest to the time of the shootings was Sun at 23 Sagittarius semi-square Saturn at 8 Scorpio, which became exact at 9:38 AM.  Coincidentally a news story in the New York Post reported that at that very moment:

“The shooting appears to have stopped,” the dispatcher radioed at 9:38 a.m. “There is silence at this time.  The school is in lockdown.”

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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15 Responses to Tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut

  1. Pam in Little Rock says:

    Hope you’ll post a natal chart for Nancy, Adam’s mom. I can’t locate a birth date for her from here.

    • Pam,
      If I find the birth data, I’ll post it.

    • james says:

      unique astrology, or bob over at skyscript is giving some data on nancy.. here is his post
      The Vital Records of Kingston, New Hampshire, 1694-1994 by Judith A. Arseneault via for Nancy Lanza, on pg.109:

      LANZA: Peter J & Nancy J champion (sic): Adam Peter, 22 Apr 1992 (E)

      on pg.92 for Nancy J Champion:

      CHAMPION: Donald R & Dorothy C Huse: Donald Richard, Jr, 23 Apr 1959; James M, 26 Jun 1962; Nancy Jean, 06 Sep 1960 (Salem, Ma)

      I have come up with speculative times for Adam and his mother. Progressing her natal to the date and time I postulate for his birth has her progressed Mars at 98°39′. On Nov 27, 2012, transit Mars was conjunct transit Pluto at 278°39′, both exactly opposite to her progressed Mars position my work shows at his birth. On Dec 14th transit Moon was at 278°39′ at 5:38 am, EST. At 7:10 am the Moon had moved past by 1 degree.

      If his mother was born at 0 hours on her date of birth her progressed Mars could not have been more than 2 minutes of arc less than the position I have and if she was born at 11:59 pm it could not have been more than 26 minutes of arc more than my work shows.


  2. ananur forma says:

    I noticed that trans. Uranus was on his prog. Mercury. My intuitive sense is that he was addicted to watching video games like so many other kids these days. I believe that dvd’s and video games program the minds of off balanced kids/people. This very sad situation hopefully will bring some improvements somehow someway to our society. Trans. Neptune was in a close sextile to Adam’s Sun in Taurus which may mean that he got fantasy mixed up with reality. We don’t know his time so we really don’t know where his natal Moon was at birth. Perhaps trans. Pluto was close to his natal Moon during the week leading up to the shooting/murders and so he became obsessed and could not quit the idea of what he was to do. very scary. when my home was robbed when I was in high school I was fearful that the robbers was come back for me because I could not stop thinking about it and because I was constantly going to the police station to see if they figured anything out yet? It turned my mind into absolute fear for quite awhile. I needed to be with someone all the time because I thought the robbers would return and hurt somebody. The children who survived need close tending to so that they can heal. It is extremely traumatic what they experienced much much more so than what I experienced from having our home robbed. that’s nothing compared to what they are experiencing right now. But it does help me just a little have a sense of what they are going through and I feel very sorry that such young children are faced with such terror at such a young innocent age.

  3. ananur forma says:

    here’s some more info: on Friday, December 28 the Full Moon will take place at 5:23 a.m. east coast time zone with the Moon at 7 degrees of Cancer and the Sun directly opposite, close to Pluto, both at 7-8 degrees of Capricorn. Dealing with fears and perhaps how to love each and make it known? This Full Moon relates directly to the murders of the children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Ct. I believe that the killer, Adam Lanza, was obsessed with learning from video games and DVD’s. When Pluto and the Sun are conjunct as they are on this day, there is emotional obsession that is hard to break free from and figure out what is real and what is not for those who are fragile emotionally. Something profound will come about to help us all heal. The Sun and Pluto are nicely aspecting Saturn until Sunday (Dec. 30) night offering some sane responses which can bring about positive changes. Here are some facts: The Oklahoma Murrah building bombing took place on 4/19/1995. The Columbine School shootings took place on 4/20/1999 and Adam Lanza was born 4/22/1992. In someone’s mind who is obsessed, these details mean something more than just coincidence. Hitler was born 4/20/1889.

  4. Pam in LR says:

    I’ve been meaning to get out the Fixed Star chart for weeks . . . and your comment, Ananur, gave me another reason to do so. There is a star at 3 degrees Taurus named Sharatan which is associated with violence,defeat, accidents, injury and danger, but also with honors and good fortune. This star is opposite a star named named Princeps at 3 degrees Scorpio, associated with resourcefulness, profundity, and good research, beneficial for business, government, law, science and the arts. At 7 degrees Taurus is another scarey star, Hamal, associated with violence, cruelty and suffering in love. Saturn is making strong aspects to these stars now.

  5. Val in Boston says:

    Hello, I’ve found your blog via Google. Did you notice that the eclipse of November 13th fell right ON his Pluto in Scorpio… opposing his Solar Arc Sun? How telling is THAT!
    I also believe that Pluto has likely been going over his real natal Moon very closely as at the hour of murder transitting Moon was with transitting Pluto — meaning he was having his lunar return around that time — and how much more symbolic could it be than to have Pluto to the Moon — and be killing your mother!

  6. oxeaxe says:

    It would be interesting to know more about the mother. It seems from press reports that she had some strange beliefs i.e. survivalism, not to mention a gun collection. Wouldn’t she have been a bigger influence than video games? After all, astrology teaches that everything is connected and no one acts in isolation from the wider (astrological) environment.

  7. Maureen says:

    Nancy J Lanza’s birthdate is (1960-09-06) according to
    You can first look up Zabasearch for people’s addresses and get middle initial and then cross check it with

  8. Al says:

    The description of the Sabian symbol for 7-8 Scopio is “A calm lake bathed in moonlight.”
    9:38 a.m. occured during the first hour of the Saturn Dec 14th. The preceding hour was the
    first hour of the Moon which ended at 9:28 a.m..

  9. Al says:

    During the Newtown shooting, the Moon was situated situated at
    21* Scorpio 56′.

    “19. Mansion: al-Saula, The Tail of the Scorpion, 21* Scorpio 25’
    to 4* Sagittarius 17’.

    Signification: Favourable for hunting, curing menstrual disorders
    and personal ideas.”

    The Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter were in detriment. Mars was
    exalted. In other words, this is a stage with Mars a key player.

    Jupiter conjunct Aldebaran:
    “With Jupiter: Great ecclesiastical honor and high military preferment.
    [Robson*, p.121.]”

    The MC (22 Scorpio 17′) is conjunct UNUKALHAI (22 Scorpio 05′) a fixed star
    in the neck of the snake Serpens (The Serpent’s Heart). The MC is also conjunct
    the North Node (25 Scorpio 52′) which is sextile to Mars (21 Cap 05′). This
    arrangement suggests Lanza aspired to commit a great act of violence and was
    acting on this aspiration.

    “Influences: According to Ptolemy, Serpens is like Saturn and Mars.
    It is said to give wisdom, craft, deceit, malice, a feeble will and
    danger of poison. [Robson*, p.62.]”

    “With Mars: Violence, quarrels, lying, crime, violent death probably
    by poison. [Robson*, p.214.]”


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