Sex Addict?

While grocery shopping last week I  noticed a tabloid which referred to Tiger Woods as a “sex addict.”  It got me to wondering whether there was anything in Woods’ natal chart to suggest a more than average interest in sex.  Here is his birth chart with Placidus houses and Chaldean decans:

Tiger Woods natal chart, Placidus Houses, Chaldean decans

Tiger Woods natal chart, Placidus Houses, Chaldean decans

The planets’ generally accepted symbolic ties to to sex include:

  • Mars, the phallic war-god who loved conquest of all types, including sexual conquest.
  • Jupiter, the sex-crazed king of the gods who sought to copulate with every mortal who tickled his fancy.
  • Pluto, the sexually greedy god of the underworld who abducted and raped Persephone, much to her mother’s dismay.
  • the Sun, the great and potent father symbol.
  • Venus, the goddess of love and sexual delight.

Interestingly, Tiger’s natal Mars is the most elevated  planet in his chart.  His Mars occupies the 9th house and lies in the Mars decan of Gemini where it is approaching the MC in the Sun decan of dextrous, variety-loving Gemini.  Mars falling in this part of the chart is common in the nativities of athletes and others known for their masculine prowess.  Mars also happens to rule his Aries 8th cusp, which modern astrologer associate with raw sexuality.  The 8th cusp sign Aries happens to contain lusty Jupiter, which expands the assertive, “me first’ attitude of “I want what I want when I want it” Aries.

His natal Venus, the goddess of love, happens to fall in Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars.  Thus, Venus in this chart must do Mars’ bidding and please him sexually whenever he desires.

Natal Pluto, ever rapacious and willing to take what he wants without consent, falls in the 1st house of the chart and thus influences the personality.  Jupiter in Aries in the 7th house of relationships opposes Pluto in Libra in the 1st and tends to fan the flames of carnal desire.

Finally the Ascendant in Virgo is ruled by Mercury and also falls in the Mercury decan of Virgo.  The Ascendant has to do with one’s basic motivations in life.  Here Ascendant-ruler Mercury occupies the 5th house of love, romance, games and sport.  Mercury closely conjoins the 5th house cusp.  In addition, Mercury resides in Capricorn, the sign of the horny Sea-goat or Mountain Goat, known  in traditional astrology for his great delight in carnal pleasure.

Woods’ 12th house of scandal and self-undoing is ruled by the Sun, which is the decan ruler of his MC.  Furthermore, the 12th house decan-ruler is Mars, the most public and prominent planet in his chart.  It is no surprise then that he would appear in a tabloid headline described as a “sex addict.”  Whether or not this appellation is valid is up to Tiger, his partners and his shrink to decide.  Here we are only considering the symbolism of the natal chart.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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2 Responses to Sex Addict?

  1. Extremely interesting. Love your use of the Chaldean decans. Appears that Venus in Scorpio (fairly closely opposition NUMEROLOGICALLy the Weeping Sisters – or at least even more closely numerologically opposition the Mercury (ruler Asc-Trine Asc & dispositor of Mars, with Venus probaby at – again numerological – midpoint of Mercury/Asc midpoint) at the midpoint of the Weeping sisterrs and Caput Algo (to lose one’s head), as well as Pleiades/Mercury mdpt numerologically = natal Venus in 28 Scorpio. Lusty (as you have mentioned) Mercury in Capricorn is disposited by Saturn in its detriment, so corrupted by both this and retrogradation as an influence on his Asc-ruler Mercury and, in turn, therefore, on both his Mars and Virgo Asc. A Virgo rising person “needs” to be meticiulous, pristine – or else they will be frought with problems that are “real.” But with a Saturn from Hell ruling the 5th House and disposing of Mercury, itself in turn the dispositor of the runnaround Mars in Gemini (most elevated planet in the chart, how is this to be done? Also think that the rays of the Jupiter energy out of Aries you spoke of IS being carried by Mars, seemingly the last planet Mars aspected, does what you say it does, in additon to this being a rather closely applying doubly applying aspect (given that Jupiter is in detirment in Gemini, even though strong in Aries – dare I say “adolescent”) we cannot expect that carriage in the sign of Gemini to be in the best interest of best workings of Jupiter (strength [Jupiter in Aires] gone bad (now carried in Gemini [almost “cognitively dissonant”] – although, let’s face it – it is a good aspect – for an athlete, again as you mentioned. Though corrupted as shown, Saturn in Leo would be helped perhaps by mutual reception – Saturn in Leo going into Capricorn, where the Sun is, and the Sun in Cap going to Leo. But I forget the rule here: can we have a a mutual reception with one of the planets being in its detriment? Besides, Sun and Saturn are a psychological inconjunct.

    Now, we also have the Moon in Sag (good for athletes), disposed of by the above-discussed Jupiter with carriage of its rays now transported by Gemini (bad for Jupiter rays, one would have to think), most recently opposed Mars (at birth), and, before that, those of Neptune as well (inevitably suggesting a Neptune-Mars contact now injected into the soup, and as far as I can tell, Void of Course (the Moon) – although we are told that things can still work, because Moon in Sag is disposed by Jupiter, the Great Benefic. And in Tiger’s case, with all the money he’s made, he can still get around on the big stage….which would not be the case with 999 out of a thousand of us. So this must work to some extent. Actually the confidence of Sag combined with the concentration of Cap, as well as the attention to detail of Virgo is a pretty good combo. It may just be with VOC Moon he goes off from time to time in “lost places.” Certainly it is understandable how a many with the Sag-Cap combo likes lots of woman, along with the Gemini (different women) themes mentioned by Anthony. It’s also another stage to perform (Cap) on. However, there must be a huge conflict going on all the time between being serious and responsible (Cap), and just letting it all hang out and going where it goes (VOC Moon in Sag)…as well as many variations on this theme.

    Finally, I note that by age 31 or 32 Saturn, ruler of Asc-ruler Mercury (we must assume that aside from getting heretofore really easy [the trine of Mercury to Asc and its sextile to Venus in Scorpio] “goat-bang”), that his primary motivation with Mercury on cusp of V in Capricorn must be to really achieve monumental top-of-the-mountain stuff and be recognized for it – Cappies like to set records; gee whiz – maybe hat’s part of the horny goat thing) goes retrograde now in the sign of detriment, Cancer, though in 28 degrees – therefore trine his natal Venus in Scorpio by secondary progression (MC moved by SA); at approximately the same time (32-33) Mercury goes direct by sec progression, and just a little over 31 progressed Venus conjuncts his natal Sun. So was 31+ about the age his heretofore amourous career came to light? Did the direction of formerly progressed Mercury by the time of 31-33 start to turn his life around into a more “appropriate” direction? Right now Tiger is about 37.5 y/o, by no means old for a golfer. Secondard progressed Venus in Capricorn is more or less square natal Jupiter in Aries from 15+ Jupiter. Confidence. Overconfidence. He recently won a not-so-big tournament and declared that he “was back!” Progressed Mars, Rx when he was born, now direct, is within about a degree of conjuncting natal Mars, that Anthony talked about so nicely. Mars will be exactly conjunct its natal position when he’s about 42. Uranus goes retrograde in 7Scorpio09 when he gets to about 39-40. Haven’t looked at SA directions or anything else. Most golf dilettantes think he’s got to win a Masters or PGA or both to be really back. The big question is when will he “back” to around these periods. Undoubtedly thiis will be news worthy. I expect he’ll really be “back” by around 39-40. Have no idea about 42, except that it probably WILL blow minds./Jeff Geist

    PS: If you’ve gotten this far and you want to know why this is so interesting to me, note that Tiger’s Mars is exact conjunct my Asc, his Moon in Sag is 3+ dg short my own Moon in Sag and, in fact, exact opp my natal Venus-Uranus Asc (which opposes my Moon-Jupe in Sag; Tiger has Moon in Sag opp Mars.

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