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Boston Marathon Terrorist Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

This morning (April 19, 2013) one news source posted a birth date and a link to a social media page of the younger of the two Boston Marathon terrorists.   People are known to lie on their social media sites, … Continue reading

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Explosion at West Texas Fertilizer Plant

Astrologers have been writing recently about the explosive nature of the Sun/Mars conjunction in Aries which became exact at 7:20 PM CDT (8:20 PM EDT) on Wednesday, 17 April 2013.  (The more precise time is 7:19:50 PM CDT.)  On a … Continue reading

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Tweaking the USA Gemini Rising Chart to 2:13:43 a.m.

The bombings at the Boston Marathon got me thinking about the USA Gemini rising chart.  In yesterday’s blog I used the Jacobs version of the USA chart instead of the slightly earlier time which I usually use.   About a … Continue reading

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Explosions at the Boston Marathon 15 April 2013

This afternoon (Monday, 15 April 2013) the news came that at least two explosions had injured and killed people at the Boston Marathon.  As I write this at 5 p.m., reports are still coming in and the information about what … Continue reading

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On dying young

Today I had a conversation with a young acquaintance who had recently lost his best friend.  Sadness was evident in his face and posture.  It was the first time in his life that he had lost someone close to him. … Continue reading

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Tarot cards, the new pope and the road to salvation

The newly crowned Pope Francis was recently misquoted by the press as warning that tarot readers can’t save you.  This is not what he actually said, but this misquotation has been repeated in the media.  A typical misleading headline, like … Continue reading

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Is Kim Jong Un going nuts?

Kim Jong Un, the infantile leader of North Korea, has been issuing a series of threats for the past several weeks.  Unfortunately, an accurate birth date of the bizarre boy is not available because of the paranoid secrecy of his … Continue reading

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