Explosions at the Boston Marathon 15 April 2013

This afternoon (Monday, 15 April 2013) the news came that at least two explosions had injured and killed people at the Boston Marathon.  As I write this at 5 p.m., reports are still coming in and the information about what happened is at best sketchy.  Around 2:50 p.m.  there were two explosions near the finish line of the marathon.  At least two people are confirmed dead and 23 were injured.  These figures are preliminary and the death toll may rise.  The currently available information makes it sound like a terrorist attack.

Explosions at Boston Marathon, 2:50 PM, 15 April 2013

Explosions at Boston Marathon, 2:50 PM, 15 April 2013

I wondered what was going on the the chart of USA at the time of the explosion.  Although many charts are suggested for the United States, one of my favorites is the Gemini rising chart.  The one that has been most thoroughly tested by Don and Jayj Jacobs is set for 2:14:14 a.m.  Here is the Jacobs chart of the USA with the Boston Marathon explosion chart around the outside.  I used Regiomontanus houses because I favor that house system for mundane events.

Transiting Pluto opposes the USA sun within just over a degree of arc.  This is an ongoing stressful aspect which affects the USA for an extended period in 2013.  [As an aside, at the time of the Newtown massacre on 14 December 2012, transiting Pluto was quincunx the USA Uranus within 10 minutes of arc.  In addition, transiting Pluto was closely sextile transiting Saturn and together they formed a yod from the USA 6th and 8th houses with the USA Uranus at the ASC as its focal point.]

USA Gemini rising chart with Boston explosion chart around it.

USA Gemini rising chart with Boston explosion chart around it.

There are several other striking features.  Transiting Neptune is the most prominent planet.  Neptune is the most elevated planet in the superimposed chart and Neptune is the only planet close to an angle in Boston at the time of the explosion (it opposes the ASC in Boston within 1.5 degrees of arc).

Mercury rules the ASC of both the USA chart and the explosion chart.  Transiting Mercury at 2 Aries 29 almost exactly squares the natal USA Venus at 2 Cancer 20.  Venus rules Taurus intercepted in the 12th house of secret enemies and Libra on the cusp of the 6th house of illness and injury.  Venus rules the MC of the explosion chart.

The ASC of the explosion chart lies in the 3rd house of local travel (which includes running) of the USA chart.  The MC of the explosion chart lies in the 12th house of the USA chart (secret enemies, misery, hospitals, etc.)  In fact, the USA 12th house is the most highly populated located by the transiting planets and points at the time of the tragic event in Boston.  A powerful transiting Sun/Mars conjunction in fiery Aries conjoins the USA 12th house cusp — what could be a more apt symbol for a subversive explosion?

Transiting Saturn at the time of the explosion is very closely mutually applying the Uranus at the ASC of the USA chart by quincunx, a stress aspect often associated with illness.  Transiting Saturn occupies the 6th house of the USA chart.  Saturn also happens to rule the USA 8th house of death and anguish of mind.

Transiting Jupiter is closely trine the USA natal Saturn.  Unfortunately, Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini and rules the 8th house of death of the explosion chart.  On the other hand, without this trine present there might have been a greater number of casualties.

Let me stop here.  I just feel a need to post something as I’m listening to the emerging story from Boston this afternoon.


In the comments below Nate asked, “Is there a way we could do a horary and determine if this was done by a home grown attack or a foreign attack?”  I read his question at 8:04 PM on 16 April 2013 and posted the response (below) that from his horary question chart, it appeared to be “home grown” terrorism.  I was not confident about the answer because I have never been asked this type of question before from a horary chart and do not experience to go on.  The answer turned out to be correct so I decided to post the horary chart here.

[Beth Turnage also feels the attacks were “home grown” as the horary suggests. Here is the link to her discussion: http://astrologyexplored.net/home/?p=4342

Nate's horary question, "Is there a way we could do a horary and determine if this was done by a home grown attack or a foreign attack?"  Chart cast for 8:04 PM 16 April 2013 CT when I read and understood the question.

Nate’s horary question, “Is there a way we could do a horary and determine if this was done by a home grown attack or a foreign attack?” Chart cast for 8:04 PM 16 April 2013 CT when I read and understood the question.

I assumed that terrorists would be represented by the 12th house of secret enemies.  The ruler of the 12th is Venus, which lies in Taurus closely conjunct the 7th house cusp.  Symbolically Taurus is associated with gardens and home-grown plants (here home-grown terrorists).  Angular houses in horary are places that are in the home or publicly visible, thus have more to do with being “home grown” than foreign or at a distance.  Venus is separating from the Sun/Mars conjunction, which could symbolize an explosion of energy or a bombing.  Venus conjoining the 7th cusp could be seen as a hidden enemy (12th house) becoming an open and public enemy (7th house).  Venus, covert in the cadent 6th house, at 2 Taurus 05 will conjoin the over DSC at 3 Taurus 55 in 1 degree 50 minutes (almost 2 degrees), suggesting that the terrorist(s) will become publicly known and perhaps be caught within the next two days (by April 18).  In addition, Venus by transit reaches 3 Taurus 55 at 10:30 PM on Friday April 19, 2013, so perhaps all will be revealed and settled by late Friday evening.

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9 Responses to Explosions at the Boston Marathon 15 April 2013

  1. Laura says:

    I thought it was interesting that Moon’s (populace) position of the first Boston Marathon (birth) was at 04 Sag 39 (noon). The position of Neptune today is 04 Pisces 39 (2:55pm). Neptune also is in prominent play in Boston’s Natal Chart as it is 22 min applying to the conjunction of Sun (05 Pis 01) and 62 min applying to a conjunction to Venus (05 Pis 40). Neptune is also departing from the square to the North Node of Boston’s natal chart (04 Sag 26) Sag (sporting event). Any comments

    • Nate says:

      Is there a way we could do a horary and determine if this was done by a home grown attack or a foreign attack?

      • Nate,
        Good question. I’m not sure how I’d go about trying to answer it from a horary chart. Maybe one would look at the ruler of the 12th (secret enemies) to see where it lies in the horary chart. I looked at the chart for the time I read your question (8:04 PM, 16 April 2013). Four degrees of Scorpio rise at my location, and Libra is on the 12th cusp. Venus, ruler of the 12th, lies at 2 Taurus 05 conjunct the DSC from the 6th house side. Essentially Venus is considered a 7th house planet. The symbolism seems more ‘home grown’ (Taurus and an angular house) than foreign (which I would assume to be a cadent house and perhaps Sagittarius). I am simply playing with ideas about your ‘horary question’ and have no confidence that this method will give an accurate result as regards the origin of the terrorist since I have never used horary to answer this type of question before. Based on the symbolism of the chart for your question, I would say it is “home grown” terrorism. If any horary astrologers read this, please post what you think.

      • Nate,
        I just read a post by Beth Turnage who also feels the attacks were “home grown” as your horary question seems to suggest the the Taurus and angular house emphasis. Here is the link: http://astrologyexplored.net/home/?p=4342

  2. Pam in Little Rock says:

    As you say, the Pluto/Uranus square is going to be with us for a long time. Might the natal and progressed charts of various cities yield some clues about which ones should be on guard, and when? Boston’s natal Chiron is at Aries 13, Mars at Libra 14. I used the date for naming the city. My software or computer is misbehaving right now. Otherwise, I’d say/ask a little more.

  3. Hi Pam,
    I didn’t look at the chart for Boston, but you make a good point. The story has such national prominence that I decided to look at the USA chart instead since it’s a chart I’m much more familiar with.

  4. Kathi says:

    I was pondering the ‘who’ in this event, and ran a Horary at 10:18 am EDT from my local area in Florida, asking that question. The chart’s Gemini ruler, Mercury, indicating youth, is elevated in the 10th house, in the self-absorbed, youthful and reckless sign of Aries, applying to Uranus in the 10th….impulsive behavior, fast, loud, unexpected. Mercury made just one aspect in this chart, and it was to Uranus. With a Gemini asc. we are looking at 2 explosions, and possible several people involved. Mercury last passed over Neptune in the 9th house (secret plans, foreign). Mercury conjunct Pisces on the MH is not indicative of one who will ‘step forward’ to reveal their identity.
    My hope however, with Mercury in the 10th can indicate an ultimate reveal in this horror show.
    There was more to comment on in this chart, but I have found it simpler to keep Horary on point with only the question asked.

    • Nate says:

      Thanks for the informative view on the horary chart. Would a chart run for the time of the bomb blast be a cross reference? Could this narrow the people involved? You seem to indicate foreign in your chart. Can we ascertain home grown or does the chart clearly mean using foreign, from outside of our country? Thanks, Nate

  5. Kathi says:

    The horary for 2:50 pm in Boston has a Virgo Asc, and again signifies the lightning-quick, trickster planet, Mercury, as the chart significator. Mercury conjuncts explosive Uranus in Aries in the 8th house of death, so the goal was achieved. Horary also uses the 8th house to indicate losses through foreign persons. The 7th cusp (other person(s) ) is Pisces, with Neptune sitting there in exact conjunction, indicating the ‘who did this’ had disappeared into a sea of smoke. ( so Neptunian). Jupiter in Gemini (all things foreign, and more than one person or event) is intercepted (hidden implications) in the 10th house. Taurus is on the MC and ruler Venus is in the 9th house of foreigners and strong belief systems; both religious and political. Venus is conjuncting destructive and firey Mars. So Nate, if I was a bettin’ gal …

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