Tweaking the USA Gemini Rising Chart to 2:13:43 a.m.

The bombings at the Boston Marathon got me thinking about the USA Gemini rising chart.  In yesterday’s blog I used the Jacobs version of the USA chart instead of the slightly earlier time which I usually use.   About a year ago I posted on this blog about the USA Gemini rising symbolic chart:

“Over the years I have used the Gemini rising chart with good results and have tweaked it to about 2:13:48 AM LMT (a 7 Gemini 27 ASC).  Other astrologers, like  Don and Jayj Jacobs, have rectified this chart to 2:14:14 AM LMT (a 7 Gemini 35 ASC) and also reported excellent results.”

It occurred to me to use the Boston explosions to further tweak the time of my favorite USA chart, which has 7 Gemini 27 rising.  My hypothesis was that transiting Pluto must have figured prominently in the bombings.  I adjusted the ASC of the Gemini rising chart to make an exact quincunx between transiting Pluto at the time of the explosions and the ASC of the USA solar return chart.   If the 2:13:48 AM LMT time is adjusted by a mere 5 seconds to 2:13:43 AM, then the ASC moves by 1 second of arc from 7:27 Gemini to 7:26 Gemni , and the quincunx from transiting Pluto to the return ASC is exact at the time of the explosions.

Here are the charts:

USA 7 Gemini 26 rising chart for 2:13:43 a.m.

USA 7 Gemini 26 rising chart for 2:13:43 a.m.

USA Solar Return for 2012-2013 for Gemini rising chart at birthplace

USA Solar Return for 2012-2013 for Gemini rising chart at birthplace

In the 2012 – 2013 USA solar return, a few factors stand out.  Jupiter and Venus are angular at the ASC.   Venus is closely associated with the natal 6th and 12th houses (illness, undoing, sedition, secret enemies).   Pluto, which rules Scorpio intercepted in the natal 6th and on the cusp of the return 6th, conjoins the cusp of the SR 8th house of death and anguish of mind.  The angles of the year are very close to the angles of the natal chart, signifying a highly significant and memorable year.  The most angular planet in the return is Venus, ruler of the 12th of hidden enemies.  The return Sun is part of a very stressful T-square formation with Uranus and Pluto (which lies right at the cusp of the 8th house).  When I first looked at this chart, I wondered whether this T-square could signify an assassination attempt against the president of the United States this year.  I certainly hope that this is not the case.

Current USA Solar Return superimposed on natal chart.

Current USA Solar Return superimposed on natal chart.

Return Venus closely conjoins natal Uranus near the ASC.  As mentioned, Venus has ominous 6th and 12th house associations in both the natal and the return charts.  Uranus is the planet of sudden disruption.

Boston Marathon bombings chart superimposed on current USA solar return.  Note transiting Pluto exactly quincunx the SR ASC from the 8th house.

Boston Marathon bombings chart superimposed on current USA solar return. Note transiting Pluto exactly quincunx the SR ASC from the 8th house.

Finally, below is all three charts.  Innermost the the USA natal chart.  Next is the current solar return, and outermost is the chart for the Boston Marathon bombings.  Note how the current transiting square from Uranus is stressing Pluto in the 8th house, and in turn Pluto is forming a stressful quincunx to the natal USA Gemini ASC and natal Uranus in the 1st house.

all 3 usa charts

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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9 Responses to Tweaking the USA Gemini Rising Chart to 2:13:43 a.m.

  1. james says:

    how many charts are floated for the usa? a lot. gemini and sag rising are 2 of the more favourite ones.. the truth is astrologers can see and make connections with just about any chart which doesn’t really say much about the validity of the chart so much as the fact astrologers are quite confused as to which chart they ought to use.
    how does the sandy hook killings, the oklahoma bombing, of this boston marathon bombing connect with one’s favourite chart for the usa? it is hard to get excited about this.

    does any astrologer today really think something significant happened at about 2:13am in the morning of july 4th 1776 in philidelphia? i doubt it myself. that said, the gemini rising chart seems about as good as many of the others suggested, which is to say no one has a definitive chart for the usa, lol..

    • James,
      In response to your question “does any astrologer today really think something significant happened at about 2:13 am in the morning of july 4th 1776 in philidelphia?”, I said that the 2:13 AM chart is a symbolic chart that over the years has produced good predictive results in questions about the United States. You raise an interesting question about what constitutes a “valid” chart. In natal astrology one could argue that the chart for the exact moment of conception should be a valid chart. Why should the moment of birth or the moment of the first breath be any more or less valid than the moment of conception?

      Several years ago I was trying to rectify the chart of a friend who was born in a city in which three times zones were in effect simultaneously. I looked at three charts, exactly an hour apart. What was remarkable is that all three charts seemed to “work” when tested again key events in his life. It was as if the charts cast exactly an hour before or after the birth chart resonated harmoniously with the “actual” birth chart and were valid for predictive work.

      I have come to the conclusion that astrology is basically a form of divination. The chart is more like a rabbit’s foot than a piece of scientific evidence. Some rabbit’s feet are luckier than others. Who knows? Maybe Benjamin Franklin woke from a dream about the future of the nation at 2:13 AM and we are looking at a horary chart for his vision of America and how it would unfold. Would the chart for such a dream be any more or less valid than the time someone signed the declaration of independence? What if the intention to sign occurred at 2:13 AM but the actual signing occurred at 5:13 pm later that day. Which chart would be more “valid”? Is that even a meaningful question?

      In any case, I’ve been using the Gemini rising chart for several decades and find it to be useful for following events of the USA in astrological terms. The father and son Jacobs team has had a similar experience with this chart. As a young astrologer, I was impressed by the work of Don Jacobs and have great respect for his opinion on this matter.

      Take care,

      • james says:

        hi tony,

        i like the concept of divination in relation to astrology and we have talked about geoffrey cornelius’s book ‘the moment of astrology’ before!~
        you might enjoy seeing the parallels with a chart that i was introduced to earlier today on the battles of lexington and concord – april 19 1775 – 502pm, lexington, mass. this chart has 10 libra 26 on the ascendant. check the many parallels to the time of boston marathon bombings with this chart if you are interested. also there is a chart for the boston marathon itself at astrodatabank that shows the very close conjunction of transiting saturn on the angle of the earth exact less a minute at the time of the bombing/s.

  2. supat says:

    Please try out a time correlation between the great depression and the subprime crisis, another between the civil war and the WWII, if it is a point, then the birth of USA might be formed within Sag.

    • There are many charts for the USA and they all have evidence which supports them. I like the Gemini rising chart but the Sagittarius rising chart also works quite well. We are dealing with a symbolic chart and not with a birth chart.

      • supat says:

        hi Anthony Louis, i use a differ way of astrology (eastern way) to identify a rising of usa. please ignore if you are not interested. i believe that your country have already been passed for 3 main life cycles and now is the trasition period to enter the forth one. the sign of ending and starting a new cycle has come firstly when you had declared the independence from your mother or ruler, the great britain in a hard way, secondly when you had decided not to have any slaves in your country, thirdly when you had the great depression and lately the subprime. the transition period take between 10 and 15 years and end up with any thing in the meaning of war either physical or non physical. i found that your cycle time is somewhere between 75-80 years. this is based on a sagittarius rising either call symbolic or birth, i use an estimated time at 18.00-18.30. in our divination astrology, we found 6 stars including mydas ascendant in the opposite, gemini, rahu in the cancer, saturn your nation spirit in virgo, moon in the begining of aquarius and uranus in taurus, we don’t have neptune and pluto. sorry for my english, i am not the english mother tongue.

  3. Richard says:

    Sag rising is so obvious to me, with a 7th house mars in the 21st degree. Instead of focussing only on meaningful events, you can also look at prominent people. Just look at the presidential candidates of ’92, Clinton(prominent uranus) and Bush sr.(the sun) shared this on the US-mars degree.

  4. Onex says:

    I would like to know what charting software you are using which grouped three different yearly time frame events on one wheel. Much appreciated!

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