Missing for Years, Three Cleveland Women are found; Ariel Castro is accused

A May 6th tweet by the Cleveland police states:  5/6/13  7:31 PM  Confirmed Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry & Michelle Knight found alive, talking, appear to be ok.

The news of the discovery of these three young women after a decade or so of captivity quickly spread around the world.  I was wondering what we might learn about astrological symbolism from the charts of these women when I saw a poster in the news with the birth date of one of them:

Poster for one of the missing women

Poster for one of the missing women

I don’t know where Georgina was born or the time of her birth, but we do know the following:

  • Date of birth: 13 Feb 1990
  • Date of abduction: 2 April 2004 (last seen around 3 pm)
  • Date of escape: 6 May 2013 (police tweet at 7:31 pm)

In this post I would like to look at charts for the above dates and also the chart for the police tweet that the three women had been found.  Let’s start with the police tweet chart:

Police tweet that three women had been found.

Police tweet that three women had been found.

In this police announcement chart Scorpio rises.  Scorpio is the sign associated with Mars, Pluto (Hades) and the underworld.  Mars was the god of war who liked to rape the women of the lands he conquered.  Mars is also a symbol of police and the use of arms and penetrating instruments.  Pluto/Hades abducted Persephone and carried her to the underworld in his chariot.  Pluto lies at the cusp of the 3rd (Placidus) house of news and information.  The news is about the abduction and release of three women captives.

Pluto is closely squared by the Moon, a feminine symbol.  In the tarot the Moon is linked to the Female Pope or High Priestess trump, which symbolically represents Persephone of the mysteries of Eleusis.   When Hades abducted Persephone, her mother because so distraught that in her grief she brought on the season of winter.  No doubt the families of these three women felt like Demeter bereft of their daughters.

The Moon here closely conjoins Uranus, the planet of freedom, liberation and independence.  Uranus also symbolizes sudden breaks with the past.  The Moon conjunct Uranus and square Pluto aptly describes in symbolic terms the events of the day.

According to CNN: April 2, 2004 — Georgina DeJesus stops at a pay phone with a friend around 3:00 p.m. to ask the friend’s mother if the two can sleep over at DeJesus’ house. The answer is no. It is the last time she is seen for more than nine years. Below is the chart for the time she was last seen with her natal noon positions around it:

DeJesus last seen around 3 pm 2 Apr 2004 in Cleveland

DeJesus last seen around 3 pm 2 Apr 2004 in Cleveland

In this chart the transiting Sun opposes her natal Moon and almost exactly squares her natal Neptune.  If she was abducted shortly after this phone call, transiting Neptune would have been quite powerful lying on the horizon.  Natally, she has a stellium in Capricorn.  The transiting Sun squares this stellium and is most exactly square her natal Mars/Neptune conjunction with Uranus not far behind.

Below is a list of the transits and progressions to her natal chart a month either side of the date of abduction:

Transits and secondary progressions at time of abduction

Transits and secondary progressions at time of abduction

Perhaps the most striking feature of this list is the Saturn/Uranus opposition of April 22, 2004.  Saturn rules her natal stellium in Capricorn and by transit is debilitated in Cancer, the sign opposite the one it rules.  In her natal chart for sunrise, Saturn rules the 12th house of exiles and confinement.

Transiting Saturn makes a station on March 7th and perfect the opposition to natal Uranus on April 22nd.  Keywords for transiting Saturn opposing natal Uranus include deprivation of freedom, restricted independence, inability to break away and so on.  In the middle of this 6-week period she is abducted.  Transiting Saturn then moves on to systematically oppose all the planets in the stellium before moving into Aquarius where Saturn will oppose natal Mercury and finally her natal Sun.

Thus, beginning in April of 2004 she will undergo a series of seven stressful Saturn oppositions that will last for a period of several years until the summer of 2007.  An astrologer looking at her chart before this period would have counseled her that the time from April 2004 through the summer 2007 would be an extremely challenging time in her life during which she would need to confront feelings of being restricted and inhibited in pursuing her desires.

Finally, let’s look at the Solar Return for this year of her escape to freedom:

Solar return for her year of re-established freedom.

Solar return for her year of re-established freedom.

Because I am working with a noon birth chart, the position of the Moon may be off by about 6 degrees from the actual position.  Most striking in the solar return is the almost exact conjunction of transiting Pluto to natal Mars in Capricorn.  Transiting Saturn in Scorpio favorably sextiles this Pluto/Mars conjunction.  There is a nice mutual reception between Saturn in Scorpio (ruled by Mars and Pluto) and Pluto and Mars in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn).  Natally, she has Saturn in Capricorn sextile Pluto in Scorpio.

There is a nice trine between SR Mars and SR Saturn.  SR Mars also sextiles natal Mars and SR Pluto.  SR Jupiter closely sextiles SR Uranus, the planet of liberation.   SR Jupiter is also trine her natal Moon.   All in all, the solar return for 2013 is consistent symbolically with her escape from bondage.

A similar analysis could be done for the charts of the other two captive women.  The birth date of Amanda Berry can be deduced from the CNN report:

April 21, 2003 — Amanda Berry is last seen after finishing her shift at a Burger King restaurant on the eve of her 17th birthday. Later that month a man calls her family from Berry’s cell phone, saying he has taken her and that she will be home in a few days.

August 22, 2002 — Michelle Knight is last seen. The next day, she is reported missing. She is 21 at the time, Cleveland police say.

Addendum (May 9, 2013):  The birth data of the alleged kidnapper Arial Castro has become available.  Here is a solar chart for the noon positions of the planets in Puerto Rico on the day of his birth:

Ariel Castro, time unknown, noon chart for Puerto Rico

Ariel Castro, time unknown, noon chart for Puerto Rico

The most striking feature of this chart is a T-square involving a Moon/Uranus opposition in square to a debilitated Mars in Taurus (opposite Scorpio which Mars rules).   One possible manifestation of this aspect is a difficult relationship with the early mothering figure marked by hostility and sudden separations, which would have make relationship with women difficult later in his life.   With Saturn opposing his Sun, a certain frustration by a father figure is also present.  He may have felt restricted from doing what he liked to do as a child.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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2 Responses to Missing for Years, Three Cleveland Women are found; Ariel Castro is accused

  1. Grace Wilson says:

    Tony, Amanda Berry’s last known sighting before her disappearance was 7:40 pm, on April 21, 2003. This was from her website.

  2. The alleged kidnapper’s birth data has become available.
    Michelle Young posted it in KISS:
    Ariel Castro’s personnel file has his birth date and year as July 10, 1960. He was born in Puerto Rico and moved to the United States to the house in which he was living at the time of the arrest this week in Cleveland, Ohio:


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