A horary question about dying

A woman was quite distraught to learn that her brother-in-law was being admitted to the hospital for a heart-related problem.  Because he had suffered a serious heart attack in the past, she was worried that he might die during this hospitalization and asked whether he was likely to expire this weekend during his hospital stay.  The question was asked on Wednesday May 8, 2013.  Here is the horary chart with Regiomontanus cusps (which Lilly preferred).

Horary: Will my brother-in-law die this weekend?

Horary: Will my brother-in-law die this weekend?

The question was asked on a Mercury day during a Jupiter hour.

Libra rises, so Venus rules the querernt who happens to be born with her natal Sun in Taurus, ruled by Venus.  Retrograde Saturn in the 1st appropriately reflects her distraught state of mind.  The ASC in the Via Combusta probably has a similar significance.

Her brother-in-law, who lives at a distance, is shown by the Gemini 9th house, which is the 7th of partners from the 3rd of siblings.  His house of death is the Capricorn 4th of the horary chart because the 4th is the 8th of death from the 9th of the brother-in-law.

Thus, Mercury rules the  brother-in-law and Saturn rules his potential death.  Because Jupiter lies in the 9th and closely conjoins the cusp of the 9th, Jupiter could also represent the  brother-in-law.

The question becomes in what way Saturn (death) affects Mercury or Jupiter (the  brother-in-law) in the horary chart.  There are no aspects forming between Saturn and either Mercury or Jupiter.  In fact, Mercury is about 7 degrees past an opposition to Saturn and the two planets are mutually separating.  There is no suggestion here that he will die the weekend.

Emerson’s Point of Death (Saturn + Mars – MC) lies at 24 Leo 18 and makes no aspects to any significant point in the chart.  I often find Emerson’s point active in charts where death is the outcome.

The only troublesome aspect appears to the the Moon mutually applying to an opposition with Saturn in 1.5 degrees.  The Moon rules the 10th house (2nd of the 9th), so it may have some connection with the brother-in-law’s possessions or income.  Perhaps the hospitalization will be quite costly for him.  The Moon also represents the querent’s emotional state, so she is likely to feel quite distressed in about 1.5 days (1 degree per day).

The  brother-in-law lives out of state and she was planning to visit him in the hospital on Friday morning (the question was asked on Wednesday at 5:40 pm), so Moon opposing Saturn seems to have more to do with the querent’s distraught state of mind on Friday than with the brother-in-law’s health.

I told the querent that she was likely to find this weekend very stressful but that there was not an indication in the chart that her brother-in-law would die this weekend, which was the specific horary question she had asked.

I will update this post next week when I know the outcome, and I certainly hope that my interpretation of this chart is accurate.  Any readers’ comments or observations about the chart are welcome.

OUTCOME (12 May 2013):

I heard from the querent today.  Her brother-in-law in out of the hospital and doing well.  His diagnosis was atrial fibrillation but the doctors were worried that something more serious was going on because of the severity of his original heart attack.  He had a diagnostic procedure under anesthesia in which a probe was inserted down his esophagus to help visualize his heart chambers.  Though there was extensive damage from the initial heart attack, nothing particularly new was going on.  He was cardioverted with electric shocks to get his rhythm back to normal.  He is now out of the hospital and doing fairly well, all things considered.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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8 Responses to A horary question about dying

  1. Also Venus representing the querent in the 8th house and last degree of Taurus indicates worry about the matter of death. The Moon and Venus however are heavily fortified.

    • Thanks for the observations. As you point out, Venus and Moon are well fortified. For readers who may not be conversant with horary, let me spell this out a bit.

      Venus is ruler of Taurus and lies in her own Ptolemaic triplicity. Moon is exalted in Taurus and in mutual reception by face with Mercury. Saturn (death) is not well fortified, as it has no Ptolemaic dignity and would be considered peregrine. Mercury (the brother-in-law) lies in his own terms and is in mutual reception by face with the Moon. Mercury and the Moon are disposed by Venus, which is the most dignified planet in the chart.

      As I write this, I notice that Mercury is applying to conjoin the Sun. Mercury is combust, which probably reflects his poor health. Leo is intercepted in the 10th, the 2nd of possession the 9th of in-laws, so maybe he will end up needing a pacemaker inserted in his chest.

  2. Pam in Little Rock says:

    Here’s another view: The astrologer is represented by the 7th house, the lord of which is Mars, which is opposite Saturn in Scorpio in the 1st (querent’s fear of death). Pluto in the third (communication) is trine Mars, a good aspect, and Pluto reveals something good. Jupiter in Gemini in the 8th is trine the Ascendant, representing good news regarding death. And in the end, the astrologer quells the querent’s fears. Good job!

  3. Pam in Little Rock says:

    Oh, and the surgery also looks likely to me, too. Mars rules the house of allies (7th) and is, as Chris says, heavily fortified. Surgeons are ruled by Mars, and in this battle are fortified by cardiologists (Sun), record keepers/communicators/dexterous craftsmen (Mercury), the south node (past experience), by Pluto in Capricorn (changes in the institution). Last, but not least, the nurses/caretakers (Moon) who will make contact with all the other planets through the weekend. The moon’s last aspect before going void of course is a conjunction with Venus in the 8th house. My take here is that upcoming events will be very hard on the women involved, iespecially the Querent. They, and especially the she, should make a point to take good care of themselves.

  4. I’d be hesitant to pronounce death in any case. There was a situation recently with the women in Cleveland (Amanda ?) who were abducted around 10 years ago and a psychic in 2004 said she was dead and her mother died of a broken heart in 2005. Now she has just been released (alive) and the Castro brothers arrested. The psychic had no comment.

    • Curtis,

      If the chart clearly indicated death, I’d have to find a way to be honest without painting a hopeless picture. We can never be certain about our interpretations. I think the “psychic” you referred to in your comment is really a person who does it for show to make a lot of money from a gullible public. If we are thinking of the same so-called “psychic,” her work has been largely discredited by independent investigators and anything she says must be taken with a large grain of salt. I don’t pretend to be a psychic in my work and I personally have never met anyone who calls themselves “psychic” who gave me an accurate prediction about the future. I’d like to believe that genuine psychics exist, but I haven’t personally come across one yet.


  5. Pam in Little Rock says:

    Thanks so much for letting us know. I’ve been worrying about this family for days.

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