The power of the quincunx, a drowning accident

I woke up this morning (May 10, 2013) to the news that British Olympic yachting champion Andrew “Bart” Simpson had died after a 72-foot-long sailboat capsized in San Francisco Bay while he and his crew were training for the America’s Cup.  Simpson had won gold at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and silver during London 2012 in the Star class.

According the the  “At around 1 pm PDT yesterday (May 9, 2013), the Artemis Racing’s AC72 catamaran got into trouble near Treasure Island, the former naval station located in the bay, and Mr Simpson, who was team strategist, got trapped underneath the boat for up to 10 minutes.”

Wikipedia lists his birth information as 17 December 1976, Chertsey, Surrey, UK, so I cast a sunrise chart for that location and superimposed the transits for the time of the accident around it:

Yachting champion Andrew Simpson with chart for accident superimposed.

Yachting champion Andrew Simpson sunrise chart (time unknown) with chart for accident superimposed.

What struck me on looking at this chart was the prominence of the quincunx.  Ptolemy did not consider the quincunx an aspect because it occurs between signs that have nothing in common.  The 1st house bears a quincunx relationship to the 6th of illness and infirmity and the 8th of anguish and death, thus modern astrologers have come to regard the quincunx as a difficult aspect related to matters of illness, anxiety and death.

In this chart comparison we see the following quincunxes:

  • Transiting Uranus in the 3rd of local travel quincunx natal Uranus in the sunrise 10th of public standing.
  • The stellium of transiting Mars-South Node-Mercury-Moon-MC-Sun, in the 4th of endings and the grave, lies quincunx the natal Mars/Neptune conjunction in the sunrise natal 12th of undoing and misfortune.
  • The above stellium has a fairly exact quincunx between transiting Sun in the 4th and natal Mars in the 12th, and also between transiting Mars and natal Neptune in the 12th (an apt symbol for a boating accident).
  • The transiting MC at the time of the accident is quincux his natal Mars.  This MC/Mars quincunx becomes exact at 1:05 pm PDT, which might well be the exact time of the accident or the drowning.
  • Transiting Sun and Moon will form a Solar Annular Eclipse at 5:28 PM PDT at 19 Taurus 31.  The eclipse in the 4th will closely quincunx Mars in the sunrise 12th.

Other significant aspects include:

  • A debilitated Jupiter in Gemini in the 6th opposing natal Mars in the 12th.  Jupiter expands and Mars takes chances, which often involve risky behavior.  Solar Fire interprets this as “you are in danger of going over the top in your efforts to achieve your personal goals.  You may be impatient, even explosive…”
  • Natal Saturn debilitated in Leo in the 8th of death square the entire transiting stellium in Taurus in the 4th of endings.  Natal Saturn is almost exactly square transiting Mercury and the South Node of the Moon where the eclipse will take place.  Having a solar eclipse square a debilitated natal Saturn in the 8th house is certainly a stressful aspect.

The symbolism of this chart comparison is quite striking.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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2 Responses to The power of the quincunx, a drowning accident

  1. Pam in Little Rock says:

    Even the natal chart has very firm “live by the sword = die by the sword” symbolism!

  2. Susan says:

    I had several exact inconjuncts by transit as well as the progressed moon inconjunct mercury one night at 11pm.
    I was in my car stopped at a red light.
    It was a clear night, plenty of street lighting, no traffic and a car came out of nowhere and plowed into me at full speed.
    Ever since then I watch inconjuncts.

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