Tornado devastates Moore, Oklahoma

The major event in yesterday’s news was a devastating tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.  Dozens of people died and the final mortality report is not yet completed.  A funnel cloud was spotted forming in the sky near Moore about 2:52 PM, touched down about 2:53 PM, and “roped out” about 3:36 PM CDT.  Although I am not an astro-meterologist, I was curious about what the charts for this time period might reveal.  Here are the charts for the beginning and end of the tornado:

Tornado reported by police to have touched down at 2:53 PM CDT in Moore.

Tornado reported by police to have touched down at 2:53 PM CDT in Moore.

Astrologers had been awaiting 20 May 2013 because it was the date of the exact square of Uranus in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn, a fairly rare astrological event.  The non-lunar transits for the day were:

Transits in Moore, Oklahoma on 20 May 2013.

Transits in Moore, Oklahoma on 20 May 2013.

In the above chart the angular (most powerful) planets are Moon in the 1st, Jupiter in the 10th, Uranus in the 7th and Pluto in the 4th.  Significantly, the 4th house is associated with weather in mundane astrology.  Here the 4th house cusp lies in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter which lies in detriment in Gemini (a sign associated with wind) near the MC.  Jupiter is also afflicted by a sesquisquare from transiting Saturn earlier in the day.  The funnel cloud formed as the MC over Moore Oklahoma came within 2 degrees of transiting Jupiter.  The tornado touched down when the MC was 1.5 degrees away from Jupiter.  The MC at Moore conjoined Jupiter at 2:59:30 PM CDT when the devastation had already begun.

Having looked at the ruler of the 4th of weather conditions, let’s turn our attention to planets in the 4th.  Pluto in Capricorn is the only occupant of the 4th house.  Pluto is stressed by the impending exact square from an angular Uranus in Aries.  This is an extremely powerful aspect.  Pluto is also stressed by a quincunx from Mercury in Gemini in the 9th.  Mercury is quite powerful in this chart because it is the ASC-ruler and MC-ruler and lies in the sign it rules, Gemini.  In addition, Mercury disposes Jupiter, ruler of the 4th house of weather.  Needless to say, the symbolism points to a bout of very bad weather.

Years ago Barbara Watters wrote: “Saturn falling in the 4th house may indicate a housing shortage. Pluto there may indicate vandalism or crime waves affecting property; serious afflictions to the 4th from combinations of Uranus, Neptune and Jupiter may indicate loss of property through storms, floods, earthquakes…” (bold mine).  In the above chart Jupiter opposes the 4th house cusp, Uranus squares 4th house Pluto, and Neptune squares Mercury which in turn quincunxes 4th house Pluto.  Neptune is disposed by Jupiter.  All in all, the 4th house is highly afflicted and meets Watters criteria for loss of property through storms, floods, earthquakes…”

Funnel cloud in Moore, Oklahoma 20 May 2013.

Funnel cloud in Moore, Oklahoma 20 May 2013.

Here is the chart for the end of the tornado:

Tornado dissipates or "ropes out" at 3:36 PM CDT.

Tornado dissipates or “ropes out” at 3:36 PM CDT.

The tornado dissipated as the ASC and MC both changed signs.  The ASC moved from Virgo to Libra and the MC moved from Gemini to Cancer simultaneously at 3:35:19 PM CDT.  The weather service reported that the funnel cloud “roped out” at 3:36 PM.  Mercury was no longer the ruler of the ASC or the MC at that moment.  Beneific Venus now ruled the ASC.  The Moon now ruled the MC, closely conjoined the ASC, and trined the Sun at the very end of Taurus.  The Sun in Taurus had exactly trined the ASC over Moore at 3:35:09 PM CDT.  With all these favorable astrological aspects in effect shortly after 3:35 PM, the storm came to an end.

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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3 Responses to Tornado devastates Moore, Oklahoma

  1. james says:
    a couple of links saying 256pm was touchdown which will move the angles ever so slightly.. puts saturn at the ascendant/ic midpoint – 135 to the jupiter/midheaven conjunction..

  2. Anthony Louis says:

    Thanks. I used the times that were in the news yesterday. Several sources said 2:53 PM for touchdown, but today 2:56 PM is being reported. Even yesterday there was some variability in reports, so I went with AcuWeather which is staffed by meteorologists who make a living tracking storms. AcuWeather reported 2:53 PM as touch down (see Given the variability in people’s watches and clocks, it’s not surprising that reports could be a few minutes different from one another. As you point out, it does not make much difference in the chart. It would be nice to have a precise time of touchdown, however.

  3. james says:

    tony i don’t know if you know of marjorie orr, but she is an astrologer who has focused more on mundane astrology over the course of her life.. she said some interesting things that you might enjoy reading and which i will share here which come directly off her website.

    “Oklahoma – back in the twister’s path From: Marjorie. (21 May 2013 12:26):
    The Oklahoma tornado with winds up to 200 mph is thought to have killed over 90 people.
    The recent Eclipses all had planets on the angles for Oklahoma – May 10th Solar Eclipse had Saturn on the Asc opposition Mars Desc. Lunar Eclipse 25 April had Neptune Desc; and Lunar Eclipse May 25th has Pluto Asc and Saturn MC.
    Plus the Eclipses were in hard aspect to the Oklahoma City, 23 April 1889, Sun and Mars in Taurus; as well as the Oklahoma State, 16 Nov 1907, Sun Scorpio square Mars in Aquarius.

    Looking at the previous tornadoes in 1999 and 1984 there seems to be a sensitivity around 6/7 degrees Taurus Scorpio. Saturn is at 6 Scorpio at the moment and in 1999 was at 7 Taurus. In 1984 the Sun was exactly opposition Pluto Saturn in Scorpio on the latter’s midpoint at 6/7 Scorpio. The other sensitive spot appears to be 24/25 Scorpio which appeared in 1993 and 1984 tornadoes. At the moment the transiting Sun/Mars midpoint at 26 Taurus is exactly square the Uranus/Pluto midpoint. All minutiae but interesting.
    The worst ever USA tornado hit on 18 March 1925 with Mars at 26 Taurus. So maybe it is a significant tornado/disaster degree and not just for Oklahoma.”

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