Astrology and the Bridge Collapse in Washington State

On Facebook astrologer Jeffrey Geist wondered whether the recent bridge collapse in the state of Washington was related to the astrological conditions at the time of the recent earthquakes around the world.  His comment got me wondering, so I looked at the chart.

On Thursday 23 May 2013 the Interstate-5 bridge over the Skagit River in Mount Vernon, Washington, collapsed around 7 p.m. , dumping two cars and their occupants into the water Fortunately there was no loss of life.  Apparently a truck crashed into at least one girder.  The accident raised concerns about the safety of the nations ageing bridges. Using google maps, I located the coordinates of the accident:

Latitude Longitude
48.44378 -122.34118

or 48 N 26′ 38″,  122 W 40′ 28″ In mundane astrology the fundamental starting point is the Aries Ingress chart.  Below is the Aries Ingress chart of 2013 at these coordinates, surrounded by the chart of the accident (set for 7 PM, according to news reports).

2013 Aries Ingress surrounded by bridge collapse 7 pm 23 May 2013 at Skagit Bridge, Mount Vernon, WA.

2013 Aries Ingress surrounded by bridge collapse 7 pm 23 May 2013 at Skagit Bridge, Mount Vernon, WA.

This combined chart is so striking is hardly needs comment.  Saturn rules the ASC of the ingress chart and conjoins the MC, where it is the most elevated planet.  Pluto lies on the ASC of the ingress chart.

At the time of the accident, Uranus is square ingress Pluto and square the ingress ASC.  The accident ASC has just crossed over ingress Saturn and is tightly conjunct the ingress MC.  Transiting Saturn is exactly quincunx ingress Mars from the 9th (journeys) to the 3rd house (local travel).   Ingress Mars is closely conjoined to Uranus, so that the conjunction receives the quincunx from transiting Saturn.  (Saturn rules heaviness and gravity; Mars rules iron vehicles and accidents; Uranus rules sudden unexpected events.)

Transiting Neptune is conjunct ingress Mercury near the cusp of the 3rd of transport.  Mercury rules the unfortunate 6th and 8th houses.  The transiting Moon  is quincunx transiting Mercury and Venus at the time of the accident.  The Leo MC of the accident (near the ingress 8th house cusp) was triggering the ingress Venus in Aries by quincunx.

Let me stop here.  I’m sure readers will see other symbolism of a transportation accident in the charts.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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5 Responses to Astrology and the Bridge Collapse in Washington State

  1. Pamela Gibson says:

    Ienjoy your analyses – learn a lot from them. Also learn a lot when others comment. I guess I’ll go first again. I like the good news from the water triplicity and from Jupiter in Gemini, on the cusp of the 6th in the event chart. In all this year’s disasters, casualties and injuries have been remarkably light – even in the OK tornado, an F-5! Jupiter is about to change signs, though, and may lose some “influence” as he squares the ingress Aries conjunctions. He’ll move to a water sign. NOAA is predicting a very busy hurricane season . . . I hopeJupiter’s Aries ingress position still helps!


  2. twosides4 says:

    Thanks also…very informative. Also interesting is the angularity of the lunar nodes in the event chart and all the gemini/venus/ pluto (sun in gem in the 7th, mercury conjunt venus in 8th and scorpio rising). the news did a very thorough job reporting including the ‘national need to look at our bridges substructure and above(saturn scorpio rising in event chart) need for faith/miracle with sun square neptune
    I was wondering Anthony how you came to use the march 20 Ingress time and date? I do not know what an aries Ingress chart is. can you explain that please?

    • The Aries Ingress chart is cast for the moment the Sun enters Aries at a particular location. In mundane astrology this chart is considered a fundamental chart for the year ahead based on the belief in modern Western astrology that the astrological year begins at the spring equinox.

      • twosides4 says:

        Thank you! So, it must be a similar date every year. I mean it will be about March 20 give or take a day or two each year. It is very interesting the dynamics between the two show here.

  3. Ujagar Singh says:

    Good. But it will be better if you can predict major events week by week, month by month for alerting the people. Interpreting past events alone is not that useful.

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