Asiana Flight 214 and Electional Astrology

On Saturday 6 July 2013 at about 11:27 AM PDT, Asiana Flight 214 from Seoul, South Korea, made a crash landing in San Francisco.

The Christian Science Monitor reports: “Flight 214 left Seoul’s Incheon International Airpost earlier Saturday and flew 10 hours and 23 minutes to California, according to FlightAware, a website tracks private and commercial air traffic.”  Based on the duration of the flight, we can estimate the time of departure in Seoul to be about 1:04 AM PDT, which corresponds to 5:04 PM JST in South Korea.  Here is the chart for take-off, accurate to within a few minutes.

Asiana Flight 214 take-off from Seoul

Asiana Flight 214 take-off from Seoul

From the point of view of electional astrology, was this a good time to initiate a flight?

The ASC represents the initiation of the activity.  Thus, Jupiter as ruler of the ASC represents the flight itself.

The ending of the activity is shown by the 4th house, which has Pisces on the cusp and Uranus contained therein.  Traditionally, Jupiter rules Pisces, so Jupiter rules both the flight and its ending.  Neptune, the modern ruler of the 4th cusp, squares the ASC (the flight) from the 3rd house of transport.

Jupiter is dignified in Cancer where it is exalted.  In electional astrology it is good to have a key significator exalted.  On the other hand, Jupiter is being approached by malefic Mars and is applying to oppose Pluto.  Jupiter is also applying to conjoin the 8th house cusp (death, decay, anguish of mind).  Furthermore, Jupiter is under the sun’s beams.  Despite Jupiter’s exaltation in Cancer, there is enough affliction to Jupiter (which symbolizes the flight itself and its ending) that this does not look like a propitious time to initiate a flight.  The dignity of Jupiter in Cancer suggests a favorable protective influence but the many afflictions to Jupiter at the cusp of the 8th suggests a problematic outcome.

In addition, Jupiter is still within orb of its conjunction with the Sun.  The Sun in this chart rules the 9th house of long-distance travel.  The Sun is quite afflicted by an opposition from Pluto and a square from Uranus in the 4th house of endings.

The Moon (which disposes Jupiter) rules the 8th house of death and will soon conjoin Mars before it goes on to conjoin Jupiter.  Mars disposes Uranus in the 4th of endings.

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3 Responses to Asiana Flight 214 and Electional Astrology

  1. Bruce Scofield left this comment on Facebook, so I am copying it here:
    “This chart really shows disaster in terms of planetary pictures. For one, the midpoint of the Asc and Pluto equals the Moon-Mars conjunction. And Jupiter squares the midpoint of Pluto and Moon-Mars and is right at the midpoint of the MC and Uranus.”

  2. james says:

    another way might be to consider the 8th house ruler applying to the 12th house ruler.. interesting mutual reception between the 10th and 8th house ruler as well..

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