The Fall of the House of Usher

Usher in the news, posted August 8, 2013

The singer Usher has been much in the new lately.  His 5-year-old son nearly drowned on Monday (Aug 5) in a pool drain accident.  Fortunately, the boy was rescued and appears to be doing well, according to news reports.  Just a year ago his 11-year-old stepson died of complications of a July 8th Jet Ski accident.  I wondered if something was going on in Usher’s natal chart that might be related to his children and water accidents.

Usher was apparently born in Dallas, TX, on 14 October 1978 at 4 AM (according to a biographical source, Rodden rating B).  If this time is accurate, Saturn rules his 5th house of children with Capricorn on the cusp.  Saturn lies in Virgo in the 1st house and is without essential dignity, in other words, peregrine, but Saturn is not otherwise afflicted.

Saturn in Virgo is disposed by Mercury in Scorpio, a natural ruler of young people, so maybe Mercury holds some clue to the danger to his children.  Mercury is also without dignity or peregrine, which puts his children at somewhat of a disadvantage.  Mercury forms two aspects: a square to Jupiter in Leo at the cusp of the 12th Placidus house and a semisquare to Neptune in Sagittarius in the 4th house.

Jupiter is naturally fortunate, but its placement on the cusp of the 12th gives it an unfortunate significance since the 12th rules sorrow and misfortune.  The square from Mercury to Jupiter could be interpreted as signifying sadness and misfortune coming to Usher because of his children.  The semi-square from Mercury to Neptune could be interpreted as some kind of trouble for his children coming through Neptunian matters such as swimming and activities related to bodies of water.  Neptune was god of the seas.

I next looked at Usher’s solar returns to his birthplace for 2012 and 2013.  Because he travels for his career, I don’t know where he spent his actual birthday solar returns during those years.  Both solar returns are rather striking.

Usher, solar return for 2011-2012, Dallas

Usher, solar return for 2011-2012, Dallas

The solar return (SR) for 2011-2012 was in effect during his stepson’s fatal Jet Ski accident.  The angles of the return repeat the angles of the birth chart, so it is a highly significant year.  SR Pluto closely conjoins the natal 5th house Placidus cusp, suggesting a Plutonian event in the life of his children.  Death and near-death experiences are certainly Plutonian events.  SR Uranus closely conjoins the cusp of the 8th house of death.  And very strikingly, SR Saturn sits right on top of Usher’s natal Sun, suggesting a period of loss, grief and sadness.

Usher, solar return 2012-2013, Dallas

Usher, solar return 2012-2013, Dallas

Usher’s  solar return for 2012-2013 in Dallas, currently in effect, is a little less striking than the previous return.  SR Mars is prominent on the IC (home, family).  Neptune is prominent on the DSC.  SR Pluto is still fairly close to the 5th house cusp, suggesting continued concern about his children.   Most striking is SR Ascendant very closely conjunct his natal Mars/Uranus conjunction in Scorpio.

In addition, the solar eclipse of May 10, 2013, closely opposes his natal Mars/Uranus conjunction which is highlighted by the ASC in this years solar return.  Mars rules his natal 8th of death and Uranus currently residents in that house by transit.

Thus, Usher has been going through a rough period for the past couple of years.  Next year should bring some improvement but I don’t think he’ll be out of the woods till 2015.

In his 2013-2014 solar return Pluto is still within 5 degrees of the 5th house cusp.  Neptune is highlighted because the SR MC falls on his natal Neptune in the 4th.  In addition, his SR ASC falls on his natal DSC and an SR Mars/Neptune opposition falls across his natal horizon.  He needs to watch his children carefully next summer as well because Mars/Neptune oppositions can easily manifest as water-related accidents.

Usher, 2013-2014 solar return, Dallas

Usher, 2013-2014 solar return, Dallas

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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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4 Responses to The Fall of the House of Usher

  1. Patrick Ross says:

    Hi Anthony, always enjoy your blogs. Very well researched topics, I learn from every post.
    Thank you,

  2. james says:

    you list his B rated time as 4pm in your comments, but have a chart with 4am – saturn rising.. adb goes give 4am. saturn is rising in the 4am time and it is a nocturnal sect which means saturn is the greater malefic according to the idea of sect. it happens to rule the 5th and 6th houses as you point out with the 5th house having a direct connection to children based on astro theory..

    i know you like working with solar houses.. this saturn in virgo rising is in the 12th solar house. it will also rule aquarius which is the 5th solar house sign. in some astro circles the 11th house is also considered a house to do with children.. the moon is on the south node in pisces in this chart and rules the 11th house.. something karmic is implied by that position in connection with the 11th house if you go along with these different astro ideas..

  3. twosides4 says:

    Thanks very much. I too, always learn something from your posts. I went ahead and did a progressed chart to Aug 5th for Usher based on the birth info you give. Interestingly enough, his prog. Mars, ruler of natal 8th house is about 4.5 degrees away from conjuncting natal Neptune in the 4th. The prog. Saturn in the first, ruler of fifth is one degree away from exact square to that progressed Mars! And I would also say, that little 5 year old must have had a prominent Jupiter somewhere since if the two workers hadn’t been there that day to get him out of the drain, the little boy may not be with us any longer.

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