The Arabic Part of Fatality in a Plane Crash

On Friday 09 August 2013 a small plane crashed into a house near Tweed airport in East Haven, CT.  Four people died in the accident, which occurred “shortly before 11:30 AM” according to news reports.  The exact time was not published, so here is a chart for 11:25 AM, which is my estimate of “shortly before 11:30 AM.”

Plane Crash, East Haven, CT, shortly before 11:30 AM, Friday 09 Aug 2013

Plane Crash, East Haven, CT, shortly before 11:30 AM, Friday 09 Aug 2013

The most striking feature of the chart appears to be the nearly exact opposition of Pluto in the 3rd of local travel and Jupiter in the 9th of long-distance travel.  This Jupiter/Pluto opposition participates in a T-square with Uranus in Aries in the unfortunate 6th house (Pladicus houses used).  In addition, Saturn in Scropio is rising in the 1st house, and it squares Mercury (ruler of the 9th of plane travel) in the 10th.  Saturn and Mercury are both peregrine.  Mars, the lesser malefic, occupies the 9th house of long-distance travel and is in its fall in Cancer.

When I looked at the list of Arabic parts for this chart, I was struck by the Part of Fatality almost exactly conjunct the ASC.  According to, the Part of Fatality is the position of Saturn in a chart with the Sun placed on the ASC.  In other words, if you turn the chart so that the Sun lies on the cusp of the 1st house and erect an equal house Solar Chart with the Sun’s degree as the Ascendant , then “Saturn’s position would mark the Part of Fatality…But for those with a sense of Responsibility….it would mark the Part of Brethren: those for whom the native would feel a ‘Sense of Responsibility’.”

The Part of Fatality is as distant from the ASC as Saturn is distant from the Sun.  Saturn rejoices in the 12th house of misery and misfortune.  Saturn also rejoices in responsible behavior.

In standard notation, the Part of Fatality = ASC + Saturn – Sun.

In this chart, the Part of Fatality calculates to 9 CAP 27, which is precisely conjunct Pluto and opposite Jupiter.  In other words, the zodiacal distance from the ASC to Pluto equals the zodiacal distance from the Sun to Saturn in this chart.  The accident apparently occurred as the Part of Fatality crossed over the Jupiter/Pluto opposition from the 9th to the 3rd houses of transportation.


When I first posted this discussion, I had been unable to find the exact time of the crash.  Since then, I did another search and found the following at the AP website:

“The 10-seater plane, a Rockwell International Turbo Commander 690B, flew out of Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and crashed at 11:25 a.m., the Federal Aviation Administration said.

From this news source it does appear that the Part of Fatality was exactly conjunct the Pluto/Jupiter opposition at the time of the crash.

The plane apparently left Teterboro Airport in New Jersey at 10:49 AM.  The address of the departure airport is 111 Industrial Ave, Teterboro, NJ 07608.

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2 Responses to The Arabic Part of Fatality in a Plane Crash

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  2. Tiffany says:

    I see plenty of plane crashes from that airport. The airline industry is highly unregulated & the government traffics plenty of drugs using charter planes. You should look into the airline crash of the popular female singer, Aaliyah.

    She also has some interesting contacts with fatality in her natal , progressions, directions and some returns. I’d say that Arabic Part is very accurate.

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